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  1. I'm going to go one step further and name the XFL teams after pro wrestling: Dallas Claw (Fritz Von Erich's finisher) Houston Suckas Los Angeles Superstars New York Powerslams St. Louis Vipers (Randy Orton) Seattle Vegans (Daniel Bryan) Tampa Bay Sky Pirates DC Animals (Batista)
  2. The last thing DFW needs is yet another pro sports team in an already oversaturated market. We don't need anymore pro sports teams. We have all of the Big 4, MLS, WNBA, 6 colleges, a bunch of high schools, an XFL team coming soon. We don't need anymore teams. Among the pro teams, the Big 4 get the most coverage, followed by FC Dallas, who get some coverage. The WNBA team gets zero coverage in the local market. Heck, when the WNBA Dallas Wings hired Brian Agler as their new coach, it got zero media coverage. Instead, it was Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, Stars and a little blurb about FC Dallas. We don't need anymore teams.
  3. Yes, although most of us are in support. I want San Diego to succeed out of all of the teams.
  4. So will him and Singletary have a Jeff George-June Jones type nationally televised argument when things go wrong?
  5. Can the Utes Field Markings be painted over? I know they cannot be removed.
  6. Since you live in the Utah area, do you think Real Salt Lake would allow American football to be played on their field? If they move to Rio Tinto, they would get their own graphics instead of having to play in a stadium with Utah's graphics.
  7. I'll be curious to see what the crowd was like in San Diego. I want the Fleet to have a large and rowdy crowd, namely to tell Dean Spanos to go f himself.
  8. I was hoping instead that the AAF sign Ryan Fitzpatrick so that he could play for every team in the league. Instead they signed Manziel.
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick is one more team away from playing for a quarter of the league.
  10. He must have been so desperate to play football in America again that he didn't wait and see if Miami was interested, which was likely a no.