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  1. Plus he would add more diversity to ownership in the NFL.
  2. I will be rooting for the Nats during the World Series in the hopes that MLB will join NBA and NHL in having first time champions.
  3. I wonder what the rule is in regard to owning multiple teams in multiple markets for NFL owners if the other team is in an NFL market? I heard the NFL repealed that rule, but I could be wrong about that. I say this because if Spanos is forced to sell, I wonder if Joe Tsai would be interested? I know he wanted to be part owner of the Carolina Panthers in the Michael Rubin group, but would he go at it alone if the Chargers were for sale? He lives in San Diego. If that rule is still in affect, would that affect his ownership of the Brooklyn Nets? I would not think so because they are the "Brooklyn Nets" not "New York Nets" but the NFL could be picky about these things. They allowed Rams Owner Kroenke to transfer The Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche over to his wife and son.
  4. So Las Vegas will go from 0 major league teams in 2015 to potential 4 (NHL, NFL, MLS and MLB) ten years later.......ridiculous.
  5. The source of the rumor comes from Taylor Twellman, who is a soccer guy, so I doubt the validity of said rumor. If it was Rapoport or Schefter, there may have been something to the rumor.
  6. So how long do you think the XFL Is going to last? I am going to say at most a year, although one never knows with Vince McMahon.
  7. Final list of players in the draft pool:
  9. The Western Division is wide open due to a weakened Golden State. That's good for the NBA, a little unpredictability.
  10. Right now, Brady not playing well doesn't matter. It's the defense. It might matter in the playoffs.