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  1. So how soon before we see Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart model the jerseys with the new logo on them? Because the logo looks great.
  2. On the plus side, they won't need to build their own football stadium. They can use the stadium Rio Grande Valley FC is using.
  3. JJ Watt on Twitter: "source: me." / Twitter JJ Watt has signed with Arizona. Source: Himself.
  4. The Zappers (same team as Manziel) have signed Josh Gordon and have Dalvin Cook as an owner.
  5. It will probably be Las Vegas, but Phoenix and San Diego might be interested. It will be interesting to see who the darkhorse would be.
  6. So Phoenix or Las Vegas for team 30?
  7. So are they still going to build the new stadium?
  8. That Cincy stadium is going to look great on TV.
  9. So they are probably going to sell their WNBA team.
  10. So what does that mean for the WNBA team that Mohegan Sun owns?
  11. NFL trying to recoup money lost from Pandemic.
  12. Weren't the Black Wolves owned by the Mohegan Sun Casino? Or were they only minority owners? If they were the majority, it may not be a good sign of their financial strength since they also own the WNBA's Connecticut Sun. Obviously this is due to COVID, but if they are forced to sell the Sun, it may be a sign of serious financial trouble.
  13. Deion Sanders won his first game as Jackson State head coach 53-0.
  14. it is for Philly. But Chris Ballard is one of the smarter GM's right now. He wasn't going to give up any of their first rounders. He told Pat McAfee that they were not going to give up 2 first rounders for Matt Stafford.