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  1. New York Rangers get #1 overall pick in the NHL Draft.
  2. I like the unpredictability this bubble Stanley Cup playoffs have been.
  3. FC Dallas doesn't even have 5,000 in attendance for regular games.
  4. The NHL restart has been interesting but the games have been fun
  5. I am a big fan (in all sports) of teams looking for their first ever championship. I have watched the last two Stanley Cup Finals for that reason alone. In 2018, I didn't care who won because there were 2 first time teams and last year, I was rooting for St. Louis. Also the reason I watched the NBA Finals and World Series last year.
  6. I have not been watching much of the NHL since it has resumed, so is there a clear cut favorite to win the Stanley Cup or is the field wide open for yet another first time winner?
  7. NBA PA Director thinks that the NBA should continue with the bubble next season:
  8. Good the lesser teams in the bubble, the greater the chance there will be an NBA Champion.
  9. So when do these regular season games wrap up?
  10. That is stupid. What they should have done to start with is have the winner of their bubble tournament be MLS Champion as well instead of just winning a spot in CONCACAF
  11. New York Rangers are the first team out.
  12. Adam Silver is getting a lot of praise for the NBA's bubble.
  13. The number of NBA teams in the bubble will decrease soon, which is a good thing