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  1. It has moved to December 7th, which is a Monday.
  2. Everything I have read in the past seems to indicate that Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston State, Lamar and Abilene Christian have no interest in moving to the FBS, although things could change. All four schools have football stadiums with under 20,000 capacity and three of them are under 15,000 capacity. The smallest FBS Stadium in Texas is Bobcat Stadium at Texas State University which seats 30,000. How much would it cost those four schools to have the same capacity for their stadiums as Texas State? Tarleton State currently seats 12,000 at their stadium. In order to make the FBS move, they would have to at least add 18,000 seats to match Texas State.
  3. This is interesting news regarding the Blue Jays and their ballpark: Blue Jays scrap Rogers Centre reno plans, will look to new ballpark | Ballpark Digest
  4. So what would it take for the WAC to go back to the FBS, even if they bring football back?
  5. One of the main criticisms of Joe Buck is that he's too much of a baseball guy.
  6. This game will probably be the first game moved to a possible "Week 18."
  7. So why did the Lions fire Jim Caldwell?
  8. It should be, but the NFL is probably going to announce a "Week 18" to force this game to be played.
  9. According to their social media accounts, Chargers RB Austin Ekeler is a part owner of an FCFL team. the Wild Aces alongside Kinda Funny.
  10. Shams Charania on Twitter: "Cousins will sign a one-year, non-guaranteed deal, sources said. Houston expressed interest in signing the four-time All-Star before the NBA restart in July. Cousins serves as an upside signing, and has shown focus and drive in rehab through multiple long-term injuries." / Twitter
  11. Are tweets not able to show up for anyone else when they post a new tweet? Instead it shows a link to that tweet
  12. Duane Rollins on Twitter: "There has been some positive expansion movement in #CanPL this month. If 2021 can get off under normal circumstances it is “all but done” that there will be another team east of Ottawa. And Montreal. Usual COVID caveats apply." / Twitter
  13. BYU would be a major draw to the league and give them national attention
  14. the WAC is going to need to bring back the BYU Cougars in order to even get a chance at the FBS. That's not going to happen.
  15. Perhaps, but if that's the case, don't just take ACU, Lamar, SHSU and SFA. Also take Incarnate Word and Houston Baptist. If you want a non football school as well, bring in Texas A&M Corpus Christi.