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  1. Because I suddenly have no idea how to alter my sig anymore :rolleyes: I opened a store, you can buy some stuff.


  2. Daily reminder to chew your damn food...almost won a Darwin Award this morning :rolleyes::lol:

  3. Major Announcement: College to Pro returns this weekend!

  4. It has been one crazy week and a half, yall...but paid work stumbling upon you is like that.  In any event, I'm excited...a real team will be using my logo!!! :winner::woot::lol:

  5. North Stars + Seals 50th Anniversary Series: coming November 4.  Unless yard waste plagues me again.:blink:

  6. Starting Tuesday: Blues 50th Anniversary Mini-Series:hockeysmiley:

    1. Discrim


      due to extenuating circumstances, I was forced to delay the Blues mini-series, and I'm now aiming for the coming Monday or Tuesday.

  7. This week: Penguins 50th Anniversary Mini-Series!

  8. Coming soon: College to Pro-Old Faces, New Places featuring Matt Forte, Danny Trevathan, Casey Hayward and Brock Osweiler

  9. Coming soon: I imagine the Cubs in sky blue & brown

    1. Discrim


      it has come to pass...so go check the Concepts forum.

  10. The sun goes down, the stars come out, the sharks come out right here and now, the hockeyverse will never be the same, I'm glad you came, I'm glad you came

  11. College to Pro: Super Bowl 50 Edition is coming!

  12. Better than Reza.  FACT.

  13. it's the thuggish ruggish bone

  14. C2P: Wack QBs coming tonight!