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  1. It's been a while, and I figured I'd revisit my interchangeable end zones idea. Incorporating that blue putty Loctite sells didn't look all that good and wrecks an unlaminated field, so I went back to the drawing board. Among the many images I've saved are some Cubeecraft sports figures I've never gotten around to printing, but they gave me the idea of copying the tabs used in lieu of adhesives, and modifying them. The slots that go on the field became small green lines, which were meant as a guide to make thin slits in certain areas. For the most part, the folds are more obvious than the slits are. And then, time to see if my idea would actually work. I happened to open an old Lions concept, so they're my example. Here's the goods... ...and here's how it looks in action... Still working out a few kinks, but I feel I'm on the right track.
  2. In order: Aaron Donald sort of resembles a cross between Steph Curry and Jerome Bettis...and agreed, I'd come across some blank football jerseys at a tent sale about 15 years ago, and bought a couple (Tennessee Oilers and 90s Patriots). More recently, I bought a blank jersey from Salvation Army that I haven't figured out what to do with (ironically, I'd have long ago figured something out were it solid color). Football jerseys need numbers in a way hockey, baseball and soccer jerseys don't.
  3. I'd experimented with something of a Bengals overhaul a while back, figuring I'd like to see them in a uniform that was able to stand out and evoke its namesake without the tiger stripes being as literal. The funny thing is I'd rather see your concept IRL than mine (largely because my experimentation led me to go to a white helmet...the way I'm talking, you'd think I hated my own concept...nope, I just think the Bengals would be foolish to leave behind an iconic helmet).
  4. Liam Neeson has a way with delivery, to be fair.
  5. Damn...I probably wouldn't have chosen Kraken as the name, but they knocked it out the park. Salute the general, folks.
  6. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the Senators' 3D logo. Doesn't look like some flat faced lizard man, that's for sure.
  7. I forget which school it was, but I recall a college team with that type of field...using a black mound, of all things.
  8. Well, I ended up leaving work early today due to a power outage that had carried over from a storm last night...and that I had no clue about until I got there and saw my coworkers standing outside for no apparent reason. Anyway, in all honesty I wasn't in need of a speaker...but there's humor in the misspelling, so one return trip to Burlington later, I am now the proud owner of a Wisconson Badgers outdoor speaker...as well as this beaut that I got for $13... If you ever wondered what I look like, there ya go. As might be clear, I don't take all that many selfies.
  9. Burlington Coat Factory's new Racine locale (by that, they simply moved from the mall to where Toys R'Us used to be...gotta say the whole name lest whoever I'm talking to thinks I'm going to the other side of the county)...won't lie, I might grab one for the hell of it if they're still in stock. They also got correctly-spelled Packers speakers atm.
  10. Not a buy, but probably would have been a steal if I had...notice something though?
  11. After taking a look...the only good thing I can really say is they chose the right colors. I think it's fair to say the Rams almost completely botched this one otherwise. It feels like they simultaneously put too much and too little thought into this uniform set...as in apparently so many ideas that they forgot to make the damn thing look good. Honestly, recoloring the St. Louis logos and uniforms and just sticking with gold pants would've been a better choice, but what do I know, I'm not a multibillionaire
  12. Either that, or your buddy tells you about when he went up north the other weekend and almost bagged a deer, or something of the like.
  13. And it's safe to assume, given how putrid the 50s teams were, that throwing back to any of those uniforms is never happening. Hell, those pre-Lombardi white helmet sets don't even really look like anything the Packers should have been caught dead in.
  14. Like you said it's a case by case basis...like, the bear claw sleeve caps Baylor used to have. Honestly looked pretty good on them, but if Chicago ever tried that, I guarantee you'd lose count of how many people would call the attempt too gimmicky or trendy for their usual aesthetic. Then again, for every team that's basically a mass time capsule, you have the weirdo teams like the A's or Bucks that can make almost anything suit them well. One such element I remember well was the pants the Patriots wore in 93, with the stripe mimicking Flying Elvis while remaining a stripe. I've been thinking a shoulder version would work on the jersey, kinda like the 95-99 set but less 90's.