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  1. Random thought: I figured I'd turn the Texans into the Oilers in one of my Retro Bowl saves.  Decided to see what a red Oilers uni would look like.  Yeah, that thing looked completely wrong, even in pixel form.  Looked way too much like the 70s Patriots.

    The funny thing is a black third would have seemed, to me at least, to be more fitting had the Oilers remained in Houston. 

  2. Just took a look at the Citadel's new logos, and figured I'd take a stab at them. Finished a Nicholls State set a while ago but just realized I never posted it
  3. About a month ago, I rectified a glaring omission as far as my caps go: it'd been a while since the last time I bought a new Bucks cap. So I got a new Bucks cap at Burlington. Earlier today, I figured I'd take advantage of my work day's start being pushed from 9 to 11 am, and looked around Burlington for the hell of it. Came across this... ...and decided I had to snap this up, even if it's a tighter fit than I'd like... Original price: $165. Got it for $30. Granted, the Dortmund shirt would've been cheaper, but damn if this Portugal shirt isn't fly.
  4. The story I recall reading years ago was that this did happen, but not to prototypes. At some point in between their first and second seasons, the Pens' equipment guys forgot where the heck they left the jerseys the team had worn in 67-68, and their condition when they finally found them is partially why their 68-69 uniforms used a completely different design.
  5. In all fairness...back when Giannis was a random mystery man, my reaction to the pick was "ugh, fine, don't let the door hit you on the way to Seattle." I love this snakebitten show of a team, but I was this close to accepting this as the Bucks' death knell. It felt like a repeat of Yi Jianlian at the time. As the old saying goes, though, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, or in this case, smart. That Giannis Antetokounmpo went from a mystery kid on a grainy tape to a franchise savior was, to a certain extent I won't even try to estimate, luck on the Bucks' part. With the benefit of hindsight, it's like when the Bucks drafted Dirk...except this time they got to keep him. Funny thing about MCW, that one year the Bucks were playing the Bulls in the first round, I had the pregame show on, and the camera was focused on him. My mother stared at the screen for a minute, then said, "He looks like a baby!"
  6. And now I'm imagining Anthony Rizzo on deck, ordering the batboy to bring him his wartime epaulettes
  7. I who have nothing, may have nothing, but I'll always have something that you won't. What that is, I'm not sure yet.
  8. About a month ago, I saw a car that, by all rights, should have looked cool...but the guy had decked it out in one of the lamest ways I could ever imagine. Both of the Marlins' identities since going from Florida to Miami strike me as that car whose owner's poor taste doomed it to lameness when it could look so much cooler
  9. Too true Jim Mora's Diddly Poo rant perfectly describes the 2000 Case Eagles in a nutshell. Funnily enough, the only time I ever dropped into coverage was against Horlick that year (I was a nose guard...and lowkey, that was sort of a weird week, it rained practically all week, only to stop a couple hours before the game). If I was either a few inches taller or could actually jump, I would've had an INT instead of merely tipping it. Funny thing, I played more sophomore/JV games at Horlick Field (2) than varsity games (0). I also played against a Pius team whose coach decided to change the football team's name to the Storm (I was told that only lasted the one season)
  10. Holy coincidence...change the collar to green and replace the G's with a green and gold version of the Eagles head, and that's basically what I wore as a high school player.
  11. Yeah, I figure I'd count reversible jerseys (outside of basketball practice) as a short-lived fanwear feature. Never owned one myself, but I knew a few people who had one back in middle and high school. Two of these, coincidentally, were Eagles jerseys-one was green/white, probably Watters, and the white side had both the 96 green sleeve stripe AND the eagle head; the other was green on one side, black on the other.
  12. The Toronto Rock of Hamilton. This would be like the Blackhawks for some reason deciding to move to Milwaukee...and then insisting that they remain the Chicago Blackhawks. The Chi, the Mil, same thing, amirite? Could they not have found somewhere closer to Toronto? As in somewhere where still calling themselves Toronto isn't outright silly?
  13. IIRC it was at least 3 years, maybe 4. Definitely lasted longer than either the Royals or Orioles' gray caps.
  14. So I was reading the NFL changes thread recently, and somebody posted a photo featuring the Chargers' old uniforms. Vs. the Broncos, I think. It was there that I noticed the Chargers' wordmark was on the socks, something I'd known the Dolphins and Bengals used to have, but I'd been unaware the Chargers had done it too...or that they stuck with it into the 2000s (the only team to do so), seeing as the Bengals and Dolphins' sock wordmarks didn't survive their 1997 changes. Not sure how hard I really wanna look, but the one season the Jets did this and the Patriots' two season tour are the only other teams I'm aware of using sock wordmarks. Not sure why this was an AFC only thing, though with the rise of jersey wordmarks, we're probably never seeing these again (at least on the gridiron. OTOH, the fact that soccer clubs have their name or their initials on their socks all the time slipped my mind at the time of posting). Any similarly short lived features (or features that were never widely adopted but somehow stuck around) worth a mention out there?
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