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  1. Oddly enough, the Hawks' RR kinda resembles the third jersey from a Drummondville Voltigeurs concept I did back in '09. Not an exact match, but very close. Borrowing @Ted Cunningham's words, the Hawks' RR effort looks like any other hockey jersey ever. Far from the worst they could've done, but...um, yeah, as far as its presence, it's just there. Kinda like the random journeyman player you look at and wonder what the heck he's actually good at.
  2. Small nitpick, the cub is walking, not crawling. The crawling description kinda annoys me, just had to get that out there. Given bears are quadrupedal, walking on all fours is just walking for them. You wouldn't say some random dog you see outside is crawling, would you?
  3. IIRC they did convince the Bears to make a small tweak to the GSH.
  4. I'm not normally a night owl, but since I'm dealing with a family issue today, I wouldn't be able to make it out until either Saturday or next Tuesday. The only post-worthy thing I came across was this... An earlier trip to Ross yielded a view of this sweet Inter Miami shirt. If not for the size, I would've bought it. ...and at Salvation Army, I came across a little blast from the PS2...
  5. Striped sleeves could work...but the Sox are the wrong team for it. The Tigers, OTOH...
  6. On a semi-related note, I've noticed a similar phenomenon in college softball Not as common as it seems to be in basketball but hardly a rarity. As far as I've noticed, button-up jerseys don't get paired with too small wordmarks/scripts too often, if at all.
  7. Went to Ross a couple days ago and came across some Giannis Fear the Deer jerseys. Fanatics replicas, true, but at $25, I figured I'd grab one. Not sure when I'll be able to make it out to Burlington next, as I figure tomorrow's gonna be a long day at work and I gotta take care of a few things on Tuesday, but I'll be on the hunt
  8. Damn, I wish I'd considered that for the Flames.
  9. It's kinda funny, I made a concept a while ago that basically did this, complete with less literal (but still distinct) stripes...and despite feeling the whole thing was some of my better work, I never wanna see the helmet IRL, at least not in Cincinnati.
  10. IMO the Isles looked great in navy pre-Edge. Why they strayed from that look, I have no clue.
  11. Same here, I generally like how the Eagles look...if I ignore that they didn't need to add charcoal when they moved into the Linc. Silver would've done the job just fine.
  12. TFW you forgot to grab a cold one after work 😑

  13. Gotta ask...why is the road set paired with a white cap? Given that you literally use no other white here, it doesn't make much sense to me here. And on the alternate, the star gets lost here, given that the outlines aren't as thick as those of the Angels' similar alt.
  14. Ridiculous...everybody knows they need two Z's to be a proper Utah team. With only one Z, they're just posers, everybody knows that
  15. I know one thing, it's nice to not constantly worry about my PC going bluescreen, or worse, black screen on a constant basis. So first, we got Colorado College. Not exactly the height of creativity, admittedly, but hoops are usually a good bet. A mountainous take on it is the clash. The smaller size is only because I'd used an older 800 x 600 concept by mistake. Bulldoggin like them Georgetown Hoyas. Went with hoops again, though this time out, there's a two tone gray clash for when opponents are in blue or a sufficiently dark color, and navy for when the opponent's in gray/silver or old gold (I remember briefly watching a women's basketball game between Colorado and Texas A&M. The Buffs were in gold, the Aggies in silver. Brutal on the eyes, as far as telling who was who). Lastly, the IPFW Fort Wayne Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Purdue making Fort Wayne change its colors, but it is what it is. (For comparison's sake, of the UW system schools in the NCAA outside of Madison, only Green Bay and River Falls wear red at all). I went with a sash...but truncated it to resemble a mastodon's tusk. The third is blue, their old color, with a take on a classic V that'll definitely be an eye catcher.