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  1. Well, that and the Bengal head it replaced having been a superior mark. Like many of the rest of you, I'm led to one conclusion...when the old ram head looks more modern than the new one, and the latter is paired with gradient, it's clear to me the Rams overthought this.
  2. The logo's pretty sharp, wouldn't mind seeing it IRL. I figure Clarendon could work for the Pats...just not the variant you used. And there's one thing I know: a handful of NFL teams could make cream legitimately work. Redskins, yes...Bears, definitely...Browns, in their classic style, would be workable...maybe the Niners or Saints (I did a Packers set where the road set was cream years ago...but I'd felt that required a different shade of gold. Maybe I'll revisit it, but use the Brewers' new cream) . At least here, it doesn't seem to work all that well for the Pats IMO. A bit of a shame, a red-heavy look might have made cream more workable.
  3. My local Burlington had been at the South end of the mall, but relocated to a standalone store that was formerly a Toys'R'Us. They reopened on Friday, and I figured I'd go over and see what I could find. Oddly enough, very little in the way of any local teams yet, but a good chunk of SF Giants stuff, so I'm now the proud owner of a $20 Buster Posey jersey.
  4. Well, St. Louis is definitely still here, Stan
  5. Nah, you guys are alright. If Syracuse wasn't already in the ACC, they would've made far more sense than freaking Rutgers. Hell, Texas would've made more sense than Rutgers, distance be damned.
  6. I'll see your Royals and raise the 2003-08 Lions. While the 2009-16 Lions set technically also qualifies for black for black's sake, they clearly put far less thought into the '03 change that wasn't "slap black everywhere you can without alienating everybody in Michigan." ...versus the '09 change, which was a much sharper look IMO. I was actually sad to see this set go.
  7. Honestly, it looks good, but I figure somebody there took a long look or two and realized this didn't fit the Giants at all.
  8. The other directions I was seriously considering for UW were either the '36 Pack or the Powerball uniforms, given that the NCAA's ban on smaller front numbers would make something Acme Packers-based next to impossible. Honestly, that was among the more frustrating parts of College to Pro when I did that semi-regularly: some teams and templates can be surprisingly adaptable (I figure I can make anything involving Tennessee workable), others not so much (or why I never got around to Deion Sanders).
  9. An alt mostly after my own heart though as @MJWalker45 suggested, if this were one of mine, I would've gone with a solid color helmet with the green Texas flag as a stripe, given that I'd done the same with the Arizona flag for a Cardinals third uni concept several years back. Probably a white helmet, given how much I like the pants stripe version you used here. No complaints about the home and away, hell, honestly I'd say this is one of those concepts I'd kick myself for not thinking of it first
  10. Far as the Chicago set, the only question was whether a small chest number would've still been allowed, and that question's been answered (thanks @MJWalker45). Otherwise, I got the look I was aiming for, so I'm not planning on any tweaks. I might do some more neutral site concepts in the near future, though I make no concrete promises. The Wisconsin GB set has been modified to red helmet/pants with black striping, which definitely looks more like Wisconsin, if nothing else.
  11. Yeah, I'll probably go in that direction and see how that works out, given that the fact that there's no home equivalent to worry about slipped my mind for some reason.
  12. So for the first time in a freakin eternity, Notre Dame and Wisconsin will be facing off on the gridiron next season. For whatever reason, instead of holding either game on campus, the 2020 game will be at Lambeau....as part of ND's Shamrock Series, meaning the Irish are the "home" team. I figure nothing like this will happen uniwise, but I figured I'd take a College to Pro-style approach, so the Irish are based on the 40s Packers, as a nod to alum Curly Lambeau, while the Badgers took cues from the Lombardi Pack, though given that they don't typically utilize a third color, I used a light gold similar to the shade used in UW's academic mark...which makes the whole thing look like a 49ers reject. I might have been better off going with a white/red version of the Powerball jersey, tbh. The 2021 game, meanwhile, will be at Soldier Field...where the Badgers will be the home team. Given that a lot of people hated the navy helmets worn in the most recent Yankee Stadium game, I figured sticking with gold domes but using the baseball ND would work nicely. For the hell of it, the jersey and socks are mint green. Wisconsin's set is based on the big V and stripes from the late 20s Bears, though as I'm not sure the NCAA would've allowed for a smaller upper-chest number, the striping is in a darker cardinal, making this something more akin to the late 90s Patriots. I'm not super confident in my ability to make a helmet look like its leather counterpart, so I extended the tonal look to the helmet, using the darker cardinal as the shell color, with a little anachronism with the early 60s front and back W's. You may scream now.
  13. That's what I'm still trying to figure out. Granted, 6 games aint a sweep, but man.
  14. Gotta say, low-key, interesting that there's a zebra whose sole purpose is spotting the ball. If there's something I can see either the NFL or NCAA adopting, it might be this.
  15. If the Bucks had moved, I'd have probably jumped ship to the Knicks... except with the fecal product they keep on insisting resembles an NBA quality team, I'd have either stuck with the devil I know or stopped watching the NBA entirely.
  16. One thing I know, it tends to get shortened anyway, so I'm probably gonna take advantage of this and saw 'hater' off.
  17. I didn't hate the Flames' horse head, but I'd rather see the shoulder crest from the cowboy shirt alt return than that. Nice to know the horse had a lame name, though. And I see the Kings are channeling their inner AS Monaco for the Stadium Series.
  18. I know they don't do it anymore because they share Heinz Field with Pitt, but I'd like to see the Steelers bring back the gold end zones from their last 5 or so years at Three Rivers, at least after the college season ends.
  19. I'd caught on to Tulane's striping being in camo, but had no idea the angry wave was too. Actually looked a lot better than USM's flag eagle, given that it took me longer than it should've to actually identify it as an eagle.
  20. One thing I know, I kinda miss the red pants UW used to have.
  21. I've typically been more partial to the SNES version (which had more accurate uniforms due to technology marching on ), though I do remember the approach taken to the Giants and Jets...the Giants' alternate used black helmets and pants, while the Jets alt was basically the Namath set.
  22. Black helmets with an otherwise black-free uniform looks real dumb. But then we're talking about Iowa State.
  23. One thing I know, there are only two gold helmet teams I thought looked better in white pants: UAB, but only in home green, and the late, great Tampa Bay Storm. And how is black/gold gonna be mistaken for red/gold? The Saints and 49ers haven't ever really resembled one another.
  24. Reminds me of this apparel shop that was in my neck of the woods around that time. Foot Locker and Champs too, to lesser extents, though they usually stuck to the superstars...of course, nowadays only the latter still sells jerseys, at least here.