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  1. That game lived up to the hype and then some. What an effort by both sides.
  2. I wanted Utah, but still really happy for the Clippers. Always liked Terrence Mann, so it’s crazy to see him pull a game like this off. Now either Paul George or Chris Paul will be the star of an NBA Finals team, so the WCF should be fun.
  3. Hopefully just a one off. I thought Wisconsin nailed it with their last update and perfectly solved the Nebraska dilemma.
  4. Just when you think bowl game names have jumped the shark and couldn’t possibly get any worse…
  5. There seems to be a pretty big fan push for the Hawks to go with MLK jerseys at home the rest of the way. Given the 11-1 record and the playoff atmosphere during those games, I’d expect this to be the home identity going forward.
  6. New Boston College adidas uniforms. Very plain, but the old school logo on the sleeves gives it a nice touch.
  7. Lockervision lied! Jazz in yellow tonight instead of white as initially noted. First non Black v. White game in the series.
  8. Milwaukee just might have some fight left in em. Nets need good news on Kyrie’s injury badly.
  9. Lockervision finally has Utah/LA on its schedule. Utah going red rocks at home all the way through, and association whites on the road. Clips wearing statement and city at home all the way through as well. If the series goes the distance, every game will have been some form of black vs. white. Milwaukee vs. Brooklyn game 3 is the only non black-vs-white game in that series, with the Bucks wearing earned jerseys in game 3. Denver is scheduled to wear their earned jerseys on the road the rest of the series also. No idea why they’re suddenly huge fans of those. Only notable thing from the Hawks/76ers series is Atlanta cranking out the MLK’s for Game 3.
  10. I really thought this was the year Milwaukee would change and move past its playoff flaws, but nope. Same collapse as the past few seasons, Coach Bud is likely packing after this series.
  11. Ayton and Trae Young are both great and having fantastic postseason debuts. Maybe one of them is the Hakeem to Luka’s Jordan, but I don’t see anything more than perennial All-Star for their ceilings. Even though the NBA doesn’t care about marketing teams that aren’t in LA or New York, this second round is looking like a fantastic showcase for the league’s future talent.
  12. Suns seal the deal in Game 4, reclaim home court advantage. The severity of Davis’ groin strain probably determines the outcome now.
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