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  1. This is from a beta version, so it's probably not everything, but here's the ones all the ones that are confirmed in the game. Spoilers in case you wanted to save for the reveal.
  2. Should be a treasure trove of leaks tonight
  3. First a license plate hot take: Specialty plates shouldn’t exist. One for the entire state please. If you want to support a cause get a bumper sticker. Anyways, this Pennsylvania plate. Slight upgrade, but still far from perfect. I like using the Liberty Bell, but it works way better as a divider like the Bicentennial plates than as something off in the background. Also, “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania” was absolutely adorable and it going away was a crime. So marry those two ideas, clean up the design, maybe get some more interesting colors and you’d have it perfected.
  4. Mostly an upgrade for Oregon State, but I wish they took this opportunity to ditch the “Beavs” across the front.
  5. New Virginia Tech uniforms leaked early in this video. Basically the Vick era ones with the modern font.
  6. Idaho switched back to Yellow after dropping to FCS
  7. Middle Tennessee is also going back to an old striping pattern, albeit swapping the colors and removing the helmet (!!) logo from the sleeve. I like these MTSU and Purdue sets a lot more after knowing they’re old sets repurposed and not just stripes for stripes sake (if there is such a thing). I know I’ve praised the traditional boom this offseason, but it was starting to look like Nike was just reusing the same two templates. Wouldn’t have minded a train-based look for Purdue, but these definitely work. Do think a darker gold would help it pop tho.
  8. I was hopeful Miami would retire the all black look after this happened
  9. MTSU appears content to let the game leak its new set a day before reveal.
  10. If the mascot is evidence, Arizona fixed the away uniforms
  11. FINALLY!! The Commanders home look is actually watchable now. Not sure the gold pants save the aways, but it’s definitely not gonna hurt em
  12. Given recent trends, a recolored version of their throwback set or a plain numbers Michigan like set seem probable. Those would both look good, but would be downgrades from the Stather stripe imo. I really liked how the design was unique, specific, and traditional all at once. I also don’t want a modern look. The Jared Goff uniforms were as good as modern Cal uniforms were gonna get, and they were too tied to a now defunct bear logo to come back.
  13. Matt Brown, the foremost reporter on all things EACFB, says there’s a lot of uniform options, and has hinted at past uniforms being in the game. But we likely won’t figure out what until the game is released (unless TeamBuilder goes up early)
  14. Speaking of the new EA game, anyone else planning on scrolling through every uniform combo as soon as the game goes live?
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