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  1. It's nothing I'd wanna see full time, but I absolutely love the way the red gloves pop on that UL uniform.
  2. It's terribly distracting, but I can't even tell what it's supposed to say so that makes it easier to ignore for me.
  3. Did Utah State get new uniforms? The sleeve pattern they’re wearing is really unique and I like it.
  4. UMass keeping things simple with their uniforms, not a bad look at all even if having two sets of helmets is very unnecessary.
  5. New look for Wake Forest. Really sad to see them go away from one of the most unique and creative sleeve patterns in college football.
  6. Those Troy unis are amazing. One of my favorites in G5.
  7. Wear the regular helmets or make the N red and you've got the perfect Nebraska alternate. Hopefully they'll stop switching it up every year cause I like this.
  8. I hope that means we stop rotating alts every year and keep this one for multiple years instead of us wearing this 2/3 times a year, but seeing how NU treated the all white road unis a few years ago I'm pretty worried it's the latter.
  9. No 150 patch seems strange, but I’m sure it could easily be added on the actual product once it hits the field. It seems weird to have a logo for the defense represent the whole team, though if only the Blackshirts got to wear that logo that would be awesome, but I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules. Also the logo is wearing a helmet that doesn’t match the helmet but other than that it’s fine for one game.
  10. That's something that could certainly fly today if it didn't have the side panel.
  11. Well, Bowling Green's new look appears to be Nike's newest stock option as Toledo's using it too. Compared to past options it looks a lot better and I like how Toledo used it in the pants design as well.
  12. New look for Bowling Green. Pretty sharp, but I wish they changed the pants design too.
  13. Like the move from the Citadel. I think it matches their logos better and gives them a brighter and more classic look.