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  1. If only Metta World Peace was still playing. Then his jersey could say PEACE WORLD PEACE
  2. I’m expecting Red Wolves (the fan favorite) or Redtails so they can keep this logo until they design a fresh one.
  3. You’d think with Mahomes being as popular as he is they’d want to stick with those uniforms longer. Anyways, I like the Texas flag homage in the stripes.
  4. ACC (+ Notre Dame) following suit according to Brett McMurphy
  5. NBA not allowing names of deceased victims of police brutality on jerseys, per Marc J. Spears
  6. They better lean all-in on the Platypus
  7. We need the Mississippi Landsharks ASAP
  8. Seems unnecessary plus I was looking forward to seeing what standard court design the NBA would use for everybody.
  9. If Derek Fisher doesn’t do *that* (or the clock operators don’t start the clock late) Tim Duncan has the signature shot of his career.
  10. Atlanta wins the overtime coin toss in Super Bowl LI and Tom Brady never gets the chance to complete the comeback.
  11. I look at this more of the writing being on the wall, like when the Hornets unveiled their uniforms with the NBA logo above the name
  12. Honestly this number font is worse than my Falcons’. As hideous as that font is, it’s obvious they were riffing on the wordmark they’ve had for over a decade. This number font just reminds me of that period in the concepts section where everybody was using Impact.
  13. Silver announces timetable for the decision^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  14. If they do go the color rush route, I'd like to see some differentiation between them and the Texans' pants
  15. I hope the plain Brown pants don’t end up replacing the ones with stripes