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  1. I feel like it was different in Cincinnati's case as the building was their stadium
  2. They actually have a nice set right now. I'd be willing to bet on striping being removed for another boring, trendy look.
  3. I think they just need to blow up everything that's not Russ/PG/Adams/TFerg and try to get some shooters who'd better compliment Russ' game. Why they didn't go after Wayne Ellington and Wesley Matthews this year is beyond me.
  4. Of course Nike overdoes Michigan State (who's unis I will refuse to believe are real until I see them hit the field) and undercooks Baylor
  5. WV doesn't appear to be hiding anything too fancy, which should work out well for a team like them.
  6. Not to mention the possible Game 6 will feature the Raps in their N O R T H jerseys
  7. Exactly. The tiger decal should have tiger stripes, the block M should have the traditional stripe.
  8. Wish the Falcons used the city flag as inspiration instead. I mean there’s literally a bird on it.
  9. Appears a new Dolphins alternate may be in the works. I’m praying it’s a white version of the throwbacks and not an orange current jersey.
  10. Of course the Thunder cave with arguably the worst most distracting patch in the league
  11. I don't think the shiny numbers will translate that well to the field, but that being said the new look is definitely an upgrade, though I like the Boykin and LaDanian sets more. The comparison to Black Panther is actually really cool, I like that effect.