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  1. Looks like a pharmaceutical company that jacks up the price of livesaving drugs by 400%
  2. I’m getting strong video game vibes from this logo/presentation
  3. Another big hurdle in the NBA's path back
  4. All I've been seeing on Twitter is an increased call to return to the creamsicles. If they drop the plain jane red-and-pewter sets right as that's in the news, they'll be looked at as even more disappointing.
  5. Maybe the accessories too, like the Titans and red
  6. Gobert has tested positive, per Shams
  7. He certainly proved a point, although not the one he was trying to make
  8. I'd be willing to sacrifice the Rams if it meant the Browns would finally get a real logo
  9. The logo has made it’s way to Twitter and it is getting absolutely dragged. Have yet to see a single positive opinion on it from anybody.
  10. Exactly. The women’s team got the better end of the deal.
  11. It’s gotten hard to produce a thoughtful memorial patch after Nike and ads took up all the space
  12. Never been a Lakers fan, but I hope they bring back the black mamba jerseys and win the championship in em.