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  1. I’m aware. I don’t understand why it’s difficult to get kids to like sports....for sports, and why we always have to go the extra mile with nonsense.
  2. These helmets are what happens when you try to cater to the Fortnite generation of kids who can’t keep their attention on one thing for more than 10 seconds. Hockey needs to get back to catering to their diehard fans, and not this millenial crap
  3. Really wish the Flyers would modify their uniforms for the darker orange, more accurate logo, and number font.
  4. Flyers have made changes to their alternate jersey helmets. Previously, the helmets were all black, and had white numbers outlined in orange. Starting today, the black helmets have white straps, and black numbers outlined in white, which now match the numbers on the jersey. Not sure of the reason for the change. (Also the team wears orange branded gloves with the black jerseys, but Giroux still wears the standard white branded ones)
  5. For some reason, the more expensive Adidas “authentics” don’t have the All Star patch, but the cheaper Fanatics replicas do.
  6. Then you would have the standard whiners complain that that helmet is unsafe and causes PTSD of a time where the league encouraged concussions and it would probably create another lawsuit. So, no.
  7. Maybe some hints to Braves uniforms here? Doesn’t look like anything changing except the addition of a red alternate.
  8. Guessing the collar, sleeves, and bottom are supposed to be a nod to this
  9. The uniforms weren’t a one off last year. They were worn every Thursday home game.
  10. If it is indeed and orange vs black matchup, can’t have both teams wear black helmets right? Maybe orange helmets for the Flyers?
  11. I think you’ll see that happen some point over the next 2-3 years.
  12. How do you post a picture from the mobile version of the board? Have a pic on my phone of some Flyers Stadium Series merch that could hint at uniform design