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  1. Might take me a few minutes, but now that we know the direction the 4th jersey program is heading in, going to throw together a prediction post. Wonder if something of the sort will surface on the concepts board
  2. The color scheme on the Avs Stadium Series uniforms is beautiful. Unfortunately, that’s the only positive thing that could be said about them. Their current navy alternate would look 1000x times better if they used that blue instead of the dark navy.
  3. Are there any other expected 3rd jerseys for this upcoming season? I also remember reading something about a 4th jersey/throwback program for this season too
  4. Who was the last team to come out with a 3rd jersey that was just a color swap of their home/away? Feels like it’s been a while. edit: I love that they’re using the white gloves, ties in well with the white on the jersey. Also love that they’re taking the extra step and using charcoal pants to match the helmet and rest of the jersey, instead of taking the easy way out and sticking with the usual black pants.
  5. I like the idea of Reds or Redtails. Can stick with tradition and use this as the logo. Classy look
  6. This is my favorite one yet. Only change I would do is have the top of the triangle be flat, like the original logo, and *maybe* add a realistic looking stick in there. Other than that, beautiful
  7. The Sharks need a Toronto Blue Jays-esque refresh. Not the original logo/uniforms, but a simpler, modified version of them. What they have now with that drab teal, forced orange, over-cartoony logo, and stale number font, is leaving a lot to be desired
  8. There’s no way you could have 2 games under the same roof at once. You could set up a game court in each building at the sports complex and run 3 arenas that way. It’s rumored that the teams would be staying at the Coronado Springs Resort. That facility has 3 huge convention center rooms that could be broken up into 4-5 practice locations. Teams could conduct practice/meetings without ever having to leave their hotel.
  9. Can’t stand this new trend of no TV numbers. Makes it look like a youth team that couldn’t afford them.
  10. Hopefully these are modified to have either shoulder or sleeve numbers. This whole change is stupid, if it is the color rush set. If you’re going to keep the same basic look, stick with what you have. If you’re going to change, then just do a wholesale change.
  11. Can we really give Nike credit for Bucs 2.0? The team likely told them to just bring back a previous design that Nike had nothing to do with in the first place.
  12. I think these have the foundation for a really nice modern set. Only changes I would make: 1. Black facemask 2. Eliminate ATL (either leave blank, or go with smaller Falcons wordmark like previous set) 3. No gradient on red jersey Everything else looks really good in my opinion.
  13. You mean the company who has a highly successful female CEO?