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  1. I know lol. I was more or less making fun of all of us for obsessing over details like that to the point that it’s brought us all together here.
  2. Also I’m still trying to figure out why Lou has say on these like this. He’s a hockey ops guy. You’d think ownership would have final say on uniforms/merchandising.
  3. You might be on the wrong message board then
  4. Given the nature of Reverse Retro, is it boring? Sure. But that is a really clean look
  5. Was this a complete surprise? Not a fan of the gold helmets with these uniforms, think it would be better if they only wore them with the gold alternates
  6. Pens kind of mailed it in keeping the pants and nameplates from their current set. Should be all black pants and 2 color names. Jersey probably would have popped more if they flipped the black and gold stripes opposite of what they went with. Also, if they were hell bent on not putting robo pen on the shoulders than they should have just put the primary logo up there. At least they’re using white helmets
  7. These are games that are likely to get the most attention all regular season. Why not use them to help market your newest looks? Especially when that was probably the highlight of the weird offseason
  8. The fact that noone on their opening night is wearing their reverse retro is peak NHL. They couldn’t market their way out of a wet paper bag
  9. Does anyone else find it very NHL that they opened the season with a nationally televised tripleheader last night, and no teams wore their reverse retros, which were pretty much the talk of the league this offseason
  10. Avs blue gloves should have silver cuff and burgundy-lettered branding (Bauer, CCM, etc). Also, hard to tell for sure but it looks like the number stickers on their white helmets are still black.
  11. Reverse retro would work for the Avs-Knights game (white vs red) but I don’t think they could pull off orange vs yellow in the Flyers-Bruins game, especially if both uniforms have black helmets
  12. I love how explaining why teams are putting ads on helmets this season has turned into “supporting billionaires”. [MOD EDIT: No politics.]
  13. I don’t “support” ads on helmets, but I absolutely understand why they’re doing it. The league is facing most likely nearly a whole season without fans in the stands in the majority of their buildings. They need to find revenue to pay their players, coaches, front office, and a whole host of regular people on their staffs that aren’t making millions. Despite what socialists on the internet think, owners don’t have a bottomless pit of money they can just draw from to pay their employees. Cash flow has to come from somewhere. You don’t have to like capitalism, but it makes the world go round. That’s just reality. edit: Do you think I like coming on here and navigating through 5 ads just to read a message board? No, especially when I have to find the little ‘x’ to close them all out. But I understand why Chris does it, and I’d be doing the same exact thing if it was my board.
  14. You do understand how businesses work, right?
  15. It’s possible they haven’t secured a sponsor yet, but no helmet ads for the Flyers at this point. Would hope it somehow stays this way.