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  1. Can’t stand this new trend of no TV numbers. Makes it look like a youth team that couldn’t afford them.
  2. Hopefully these are modified to have either shoulder or sleeve numbers. This whole change is stupid, if it is the color rush set. If you’re going to keep the same basic look, stick with what you have. If you’re going to change, then just do a wholesale change.
  3. Can we really give Nike credit for Bucs 2.0? The team likely told them to just bring back a previous design that Nike had nothing to do with in the first place.
  4. I think these have the foundation for a really nice modern set. Only changes I would make: 1. Black facemask 2. Eliminate ATL (either leave blank, or go with smaller Falcons wordmark like previous set) 3. No gradient on red jersey Everything else looks really good in my opinion.
  5. You mean the company who has a highly successful female CEO?
  6. Not a fan one of throwback endzone and one current one. Throws off the balance of the field. One great thing about Super Bowl fields through the years, for the most part, was the overall consistency of the field
  7. I thought the Super Bowl endzones were done by the league for consistency. Didn’t know teams could make them anyway they want
  8. Full Nike MLB reveal will be on February 1
  9. Where did you see this at?
  10. Wonder why the Canucks went through the trouble of getting Adizero game quality jerseys just to be worn in warmups. Throwback warmup jerseys have recently been in the old CCM cut with adidas logos added after
  11. Flyers released a schedule for their black 3rd jerseys, and included is the 80’s Night January 18th game against LA. So I guess the surprise 80’s era heritage jersey dream is dead.
  12. Couple of hints in here about possible 80’s throwbacks for the Flyers. She mentions a “darker orange”, which is the color that appears on the tv screen behind her for most of the video. Edit: The game is against LA, who could easily wear their white heritage jersey.
  13. They’re trying way too hard to be different. Gimmick jersey for a gimmick team. At least they’re consistent
  14. It looks legit and it also looks like there’s a navy jersey with orange collar behind it, which is probably the new Oilers 3rd.
  15. If MLB had to have the Yankees in their iconic pinstripes for the London Series, they should have created road gray versions of them as one-offs