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  1. -Ugly collars -Ugly Edge piping -Different shade of light blue in the logo and striping -Different width of the bottom stripes where navy is way thicker while the sleeves still feature equal width ones These are a mess. They should just go back to pre-Edge jerseys like a lot of other CHL teams have been doing...
  2. I thought the Browns disaster was enough to keep contrasting stitching away from the NFL for a long while. I was obviously wrong, these road hats are absolutely horrible.
  3. Was actually talking about the useless Edge piping on the front... The barberpole shoulders are a timeless classic indeed...
  4. These vertical stripes definitely have to go...
  5. I own about forty of these (standard regular season) all 7 1/4 and they're all incredibly different. I have bought every single one in store trying several before settling on the right one. You can't take a chance online at all, sizing is always a gamble, at least 25% are off center and stitching issues are also pretty common. My hat stretcher has been an incredible investment so far...
  6. Bruins vs Blues without a doubt. The "lighter" Sharks uniforms are way too plain and the Canes are no match for the Bruins near perfect set (gold socks at home would make these a 10).
  7. Because the NBA is a :censored:ing trainwreck aesthetically...
  8. I saw these live in Atlanta last week in a night game. They're not good at all under the sun and neither are under the lights. They might be a tad better in a dome situation with ideal lightning but honestly they really feel like plain black jerseys from a short distance.
  9. I'm pretty sure these 2019 cheerleaders uniforms are kinda related to the actual team they're representing... The abundance of black, the addition of neon green, the skyscrapers theme.
  10. Totally agree. Also this whole thing feels like the BFBS Mets...
  11. I did. Always mostly white with a bit of green last season.
  12. I'm never expecting anything great when clicking on a minor league baseball rebrand/new uniforms thread and these are no exception... Gradient sleeves, shoulder yokes, weird piping, gradient sleeve stripes? No thanks.