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  1. Thought these were transparent...
  2. Atlanta seems like a long shot... Flavortown makes more sense if he's indeed a mayor.
  3. As much as I like the Brewers uniforms, I simply can't stand the gold panelled hats... Considering that their navy alts seem like the go-to away uniform, these caps are worn way too much. This feels like the Pirates ugly and unnecessary gold and white outlined P hats that shouldn't see the light of the day more than once a week (or never but I know this won't happen).
  4. Just thought about this... What if the cream became the home alt and used royal instead of navy? Royal is still part of the package and it could definitely become a hot commodity for folks who prefer it to navy... It'd be different enough to the previous pinstripes throwbacks and the other current unis to make it less redundant and sell well enough to keep it around.
  5. Pretty much what I was also hoping for from the scratch, the thick piping definitely looks way out of place. As for the fact that no one seems to buy it, I still don't think that modified sleeve piping and added neck piping would make it way different to "regular" folks (which is too bad). I honestly thought it'd be selling fairly well despite the affection for pinstripes...
  6. Same here but I'm curious, how would you tweak it? The only change I could see is matching the sleeve piping to the pants/road jersey but would it make it much more different/popular? Retro wordmark? Make it white? There's not much that can be done without changing the whole thing...
  7. Still can't believe the Athetics copied Subway for their old school alts. What a bunch of :censored:ers...
  8. Should be ditched right away...
  9. These are absolutely stunning with high socks and gold accessories like Tatis.
  10. Watching them play the Friars right now and I keep telling myself how great it is not having to endure their clown suits anymore...
  11. The Rangers uniforms and new logos are such a mess. The Rangers script is absolutely brutal... With the D-Backs having dropped their gimmicks, the Rangers might very well have the worst set in the majors.
  12. Those sleeves are atrocious...
  13. The new Rams unis are worse than any other NFL team.