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  1. Maybe mono white with white socks? That'd be icy!
  2. I was at the game yesterday. Saw way too much city connect merch at the store and these in action, they're off-white.
  3. Nuggets current branding is awful... Their alt heavy playoffs runs with a home court that doesn't match are incredibly bush league.
  4. White pants/socks combo as awful as always
  5. Arizona in red jersey with white pants and red socks?
  6. Home uniform is awesome, too bad it's gonna be worn with the blue leggings way too much. This set would be a heck of a grand slam without the the Detroit wordmark, the black set, the plain white pants and with some stripes on the blue pants.
  7. Are they being demoted to the UFL or something? Sheesh...
  8. Blue sticking around is confirmed
  9. My guess : Classic silver Blue paired with the black jerseys White for a solid white set to jump on the "icy" bandwagon
  10. We're now pants stripes away from a very good update. Considering the fact that they said mix and match is very important, I'm definitely holding my breath...
  11. So the helmet should have blue and white stripes with the same pattern. We saw the thin white stripe added so it makes sense.
  12. That with block numbers (white outlined in silver also works) would be timeless. A perfect look for the Lions...
  13. Rod Wood was pretty secretive but specifically talked about making the numbers more legible. I don't think they'll just change the outline from charcoal to white while lightening the grey a bit... White numbers, no contrasting collars, very good helmet made even better better with white added, Barry era pants and no black in sight? I'm not as worried as I was...
  14. The blue ones don't seem to have any but the stripe at 0:02 can't be a jersey sleeve. Silver pants with Barry era stripes but plain blue ones to mix and match as they said they wanted?
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