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  1. The numbers aren't ideal but still not that bad... As much as I usually like throwbacks, the original set Ottawa went with aren't that good especially the modified white jersey that looks really cheap without the black cuffs.
  2. Seeing the Belleville Sens in action tonight reminded me that Ottawa definitely should have went with the faux barber pole look minus the letter logo... Slap the updated 2D centurion on Belleville set and you'd have winner right there.
  3. New Era execs still overloaded with inventory after they couldn't sell any of these abominations last season.
  4. As much as I loathe their uniforms, their logos are absolutely cringeworthy...
  5. Golden State court is absolutely brutal...
  6. Honestly, some New Era hats are looking worse than knockoff these days...
  7. We're mostly uniforms nerds...
  8. It's totally crazy when every single website where you can buy fan merchandise looks exactly the same with the same inventory (usually lack of inventory) and prices.
  9. It's about time. Taking a dump on uniforms common sense is getting absolutely out of hands... The Lakers should be wearing gold at home and purple (minus black) on the road at least 90% of the time.
  10. Don't really think casual fans noticed...
  11. I agree about the top blue part not looking great but these are still way better than lifeless solid whites and at least they match the jersey stripes perfectly.
  12. I've always hated their white jerseys because of this quirk. It usually goes unnoticed as navy is always next to royal. They should drop navy altogether but if they really want to keep it, they should make the white jersey numbers royal outlined in navy and red like the sleeve stripes.
  13. No. These are the standard striped socks and they always wear the right ones whenever they don't wear solid ones...