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  1. Something like this could definitely make sense considering the Bad Boys era imagery. Anything would be better than the lame secondary DP logo...
  2. Can anyone try an updated 2D Senators logo on these?
  3. Tolerable. Best of their set without a doubt.
  4. I know it's not anatomically correct but neither are blue lions, green eagles and stuff... At least this combo looks coherent...
  5. The white pants/orange stripes are horrible, white pants/black stripes only look right with the white jersey while this combo looks absolutely off having barely any orange along orange helmets, black pants look bad as mono black and put too much emphasis on the lack of orange of the white jerseys. I really want to like this update but the only combination that doesn't bother me is orange jersey/black pants/orange socks.
  6. Cream homes, wine as the main color with athletic gold or sky blue accents would fit the Guardians name very well and would be a unique scheme in MLB.
  7. The team that will be formerly known as the Indians could try wine with a hint of navy or yellow like the Cavs.
  8. The White Sox are perfect as is. This looks even worse than Acuna...
  9. Not even worth taking a dump in. As much as I loved New Era back in the days, I think time has come to consider the possibility of dropping them altogether. The current quality of their products is putrid, availability is definitely an issue and their fashion/spring training hats are laughable at best.
  10. Time to drop black from the regular uniforms. This color scheme is stunning.
  11. They could be the Florida Marlins...
  12. Haven't heard the rumors about Amari Rodgers yet...
  13. And the Cards wearing red hats on the road against a red hat team once again...
  14. Was wondering about the Blue Jays navy alt since then. I saw one at Lids yesterday and they're light navy.
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