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  1. White on silver. Why would it count... Still silver...
  2. It's pretty incredible that the Falcons took over right after this way too long five year torment...
  3. Perfect classic Browns uniforms paired with a gigantic douchey number font like the Falcons would be like a perfect 10 missing a front tooth...
  4. You can see right of the sleeve end that it's simply laying on a yellow backdrop.
  5. Do you want to know the brand of his jock strap? The name of his father?
  6. They just came out with a gradient jersey and you're calling the throwbacks high school looking ones? What am I missing here?
  7. Take away the gradient set and these are still a mess... The helmets, gigantic and ugly number font, side shadows, huge wordmark, stupid three letter name, non contrasting socks, color rush looks that should be worn 90% of the time, Jets/Broncos love child panels... Bitching is one thing, analyzing and pointing out that not much is looking good about this set is another and a lot of people around here are doing just that. Even if we wanted to positively describe a turd, it'd still be a turd.
  8. Falcons next year : Hey Nike, we really want to dig even further into Fubu catalogue for this year alt. Nike : Say no more.