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  1. I'm pretty sure these 2019 cheerleaders uniforms are kinda related to the actual team they're representing... The abundance of black, the addition of neon green, the skyscrapers theme.
  2. Totally agree. Also this whole thing feels like the BFBS Mets...
  3. I'm never expecting anything great when clicking on a minor league baseball rebrand/new uniforms thread and these are no exception... Gradient sleeves, shoulder yokes, weird piping, gradient sleeve stripes? No thanks.
  4. With a script instead of the chest logo I could even live with these being worn 90% of the time. It's crazy how much better they are compared to their three "regular" jerseys.
  5. Omaha sounds too much like Canada. No way Gary hands them a team.
  6. Me neither. The Mariners color scheme was perfect as is, no need to throw in light blue for the sake of it.
  7. That'd make sense for sure. I'd even throw in some more athletic gold while we're at it.
  8. That'd be awesome. I asbolutely love columbia blue as a uniform color but I'm still not sure about light blue jerseys on the road. Pairing them with grey pants look like a mismatch of eras... People 30 and under shouldn't really bother but I'm sure some older guys like me find it weird since both are/have been away uniforms base colors.
  9. It's already worn more than the navy at home. As for the road alt, light blue jerseys with grey pants look kinda weird, most probably the reason why they only wear their navy one.
  10. The Rays do have a baby blue alt pretty much exactly like this one...
  11. As much as I hate the Yankees leave them alone, they're perfectly fine. I still can't get over the fact that the Sox won the World Series in their softball tops, I tip my hat to the Yankees for resisting this trend...