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  1. One you add purple and yellow there's no reason to use the modern crown. The classic crown could definitely use some tweaking but there is so much potential there.
  2. It was on a well-designed jersey And paired with the PITTSBURGH road jersey they had an amazing set. They just ruined things when they made that alternate the main road jersey and got rid of the PITTSBURGH one.
  3. I think this can look really good when done right. It was popular in the NBA in the 90s, here are some examples: \ What are some other examples of asymmetrical striping throughout sports?
  4. One day the Oilers will come back
  5. I think these are better than the 80s uniforms. But these are the best uniforms they've ever had IMO:
  6. The Orioles spring training cap
  7. I want a Brewers logo that is a combination of the ball-in-glove logo and the barley theme
  8. I disagree. The original looks like he's looking upward.
  9. This shows how good the Tennessee Titans could look.
  10. The old logo has the cape ends, which could be fixed on the new logo, but there's something else. The new logo is very detailed, too detailed. It's not on the level of this logo for example but the old logo is still works better as a primary logo because it's simpler.
  11. I think they did the right thing. They should have never stopped using this logo. As much as I love the 92-93 Penguins logo and uniforms, the Penguins made so many mistakes before they finally went back to the Skating Penguin, and that change was very much needed and welcomed. The same is true for the Sens.
  12. No question, the haters are blinded by bias unrelated to the logo itself
  13. I think with HD now, old videos aren't really going to be helpful.