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  1. I saw these on twitter, wish they did this
  2. Eh, they're alright. Could have been better, definitely could have been worse. They are an improvement over the last set, and are better than Jets new uniforms IMO.
  3. Buccaneers 2.0 is definitely #1 for me. The Vikings stripes are weird and the matte helmet just kills the uniform.
  4. Now the NFL needs to introduce the two helmet rule and the Buccaneers need a creamsicle throwback and everything will be right again.
  5. The best criticism of the new (last) logo that I've seen is that it's way too clean. The old logo looks like a flag that pirates would actually fly, the new (last) looks like a sterilized version of that. But either way they should bring back Bucco Bruce
  6. I love the late 90s Astros set. It's such a shame they abandoned them so soon. It's a modern classic.
  7. The original Florida Marlins uniforms have too much teal. Their next set is perfect.
  8. I think the Cardinals should make the sun a major part of their identity, adding yellow into their color scheme as well. If they just went back to their previous uniforms it would be fine, but they would basically be the Red Colts with a much less illustrious history (and it's not like the Colts have a very illustrious history to begin with).
  9. So the Ravens officially admit they "became" the Ravens and aren't an expansion team.
  10. Patriots just have to remove the side-piping and they would have one of the best uniforms in the league. They are already really good and underrated on this board.
  11. Another example of a facemask not matching the helmet or jersey and looking great:
  12. Pewter and creamsicle orange just don't go well together. And the creamsicles are much better, as good as the Super Bowl era uniforms are.
  13. You can totally see the difference in the Lakers yellow here. The video is really cool as well.
  14. This is better than any official Baltimore Ravens logo/helmet.