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  1. I didn't really like the Flyers Reverse Retros when I first saw them but I've grown to love them. I wish the Flyers would go back to the set they wore in the 90s. And the Reverse Retro would be a better alternate than the one they actually used.
  2. How about an abstract tiger stripes design as the logo
  3. The amazing thing about this uniform is how the bottom of the jersey blends into the pants. It's perfect.
  4. I wonder how many of them will get a TV gig or front office job after they retire.
  5. You are right, they wear burgundy which is the same as the Avs. One thing I will say is that the Phillies would also be the only one of these teams to not have an secondary/accent color (assuming they dropped the powder blue). That would be a big deal for their brand. But having powder blue alternate/throwback uniforms that are separate from their primary uniforms would be good for their brand as well IMO.
  6. I think the Phillies are missing a big opportunity by not using maroon full time. No other team in the Big 4 leagues wears maroon and only three teams are close (Avalanche, Cavaliers, and WFT). The Phillies could easily be known across sports for wearing maroon. They should also wear grey roads, this looks so much better than the powder blues
  7. I know, this feels like something you would have seen in the 70s
  8. That's a something that the original logo wins at. The current logo looks like a corporate logo. The last logo looks like it belongs in a comic book. The original logo looks like a classic sports logo.
  9. The current Lightning logo looks like a Gatorade logo.
  10. I dislike the modernized Sens 2D logo. Something is off about it. It just doesn't work like the old one does.
  11. The Sens logo is also "outdated" but it's still the best logo they've ever used. If they use it for another few decades it will be considered a classic.
  12. These should be their primaries.
  13. The Mark and Marty Howe one is interesting because you HAVE to spell out Mark Howe if you want to distinguish his name. I like full names on jerseys. You don't see it too much anymore.
  14. They need to go back to the 80s-90s uniforms in general.
  15. Yeah, I agree the new one is too detailed.