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  1. The original Kachinka jersey looks much better. Even the modernized template version looks good. The Roadrunners version looks like a fake.
  2. Perfect Browns uniform:
  3. That's awesome. How many of the people on twitter who commented "actually, that would be Pie-stons" post on this board?
  4. The modern Grizzlies identity is so bad. I wish they went to something inspired by their original uniforms.
  5. Sounds like it's gold. Their sparkly gold is amazing so that's great.
  6. I really don't get the hate for the Orca. "Canucks" can have anything as a logo so a Haida-style orca is a perfect logo for where they are located. If it was their original logo it would be beloved.
  7. I like the logo *shrug* The MS Paint comments are total BS by the way.
  8. I wish this was the name of the Golden Knights
  9. Ark

    NHL 2018-19

    Maybe they should become the Carolina Whalers Just make the C better
  10. Ark

    NHL 2018-19

    Why do the traditionalists get so mad at this? Great gesture/marketing move and even better uniforms.
  11. I like this logo because he looks a lot tougher than the modern Johnny Canuck, but it's also way too detailed to be on a jersey.
  12. Let's Go Hockey Sticks!
  13. Is this the most 90s NFL matchup? 90s Patriots @ Teal Jaguars in 1997
  14. Is this the pinkest uniform ever? Because I love these.