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  1. I think single digit numbers look totally appropriate on WRs *shrug*
  2. They wouldn't have felt the need to make as strong of a retro push as they did.
  3. I'm not sure if this counts (1994-1999), but these are my favorite Astros uniforms and I feel like if they had stuck with them they would still be wearing them today.
  4. I just want to say that the idea of a giant football player in New York City makes for a great logo. This wouldn't be a good primary logo today as is, but it could definitely be simplified and made into a modern classic.
  5. This is the best Reds uniform
  6. Too much teal. They got it right with their second set.
  7. The Browns should wear orange pants by default.
  8. From 2002 to 2004, the New York Giants road uniforms had blue socks (they also had blue collars, number outlines, and names from 2000 to 2004)
  9. If they introduce silver pants at home, their uniforms are basically modernized versions of the old set. It would be a better set in every way, but I will always have nostalgia for those classic uniforms when they were the team to beat.
  10. I disagree. They both look good, and this is arguably the most defining look of the 2000s vs. the most defining look of the 2010s.
  11. The Expos logo is the only one I agree with being both bad and feeling right.
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