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  1. I want to see that Flyers jersey but with the shoulders white. That would basically be the jersey they wore in the 80s and 90s, which is their best set.
  2. Now they almost look charcoal.
  3. Two stripes are better anyway.
  4. Also, the pants back then had a metallic shine. Now they are just brown.
  5. This was true with the last uniform set... the current one just sucks.
  6. The bottom one has to be the worst example of piping in NFL uniform history.
  7. I wish these were purple, but I like them. However, why not have a TORONTO wordmark? Toronto happens to not only have an odd number of letters, it also has the exact number of letters as RAPTORS. It would fit perfectly on this jersey.
  8. I definitely disagree with this. Working in an oil field would be tough, gritty work, and these colors represent that. On top of that, the shining moment for these uniforms was upsetting a bunch of teams en route to almost winning the Stanley Cup out of nowhere. No matter which uniform set you prefer for the Oilers, this one does match the team.
  9. Kenan and Kel theme song, Kenan is wearing a Flyers jersey with a different logo and Kel is wearing a Canucks jersey with a different logo
  10. YESSS this is exactly what I wanted, that gold fabric is beautiful.
  11. You have to love when a team picks the good Adidas collar design.
  12. Yeah I love that uniform set, but the helmet is trying really hard to ruin it.
  13. Matte helmets are usually terrible and this one is indeed terrible.
  14. Did he say tarred and feathered?
  15. There are shadows all over the field, it is very much like watching an indoor football game.
  16. Ravens best uniforms are easily Black/Purple/White and Black/White/Purple. You would think Black/Purple/Black would work, but it just doesn't. Everything else is a major downgrade.
  17. Ignoring all the weird changes they did, the Whalers 80s uniforms are by far their best and arguably the best in league history. I'll never understand the love for the 90s Whalers uniforms.
  18. One thing I have to say is that it's impossible to find good pics of the Senators from the early 90s. But I really like the first Sens uniforms because they remind me of a suit, and I love that. Similar to the 92-93 penguins road uniforms, but even better in that regard.
  19. The Browns look fantastic. They need to be wearing orange pants all the time.
  20. I really like the Dolphins aqua but I wish they didn't wear aqua socks with aqua pants.
  21. I stand by this. I see people in this thread saying the Rams look like an Arena league team or like they are wearing practice uniforms. Well I think this is a major reason why. Navy over royal looks professional.
  22. Makes me sad that their home games are essentially indoors from now on.