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  1. If the old Titans Columbia jersey had white shoulders this would have been a really nice set.
  2. There was a livestream. It's pretty boring and they didn't reveal any jerseys or anything like that, but if you want to watch it:
  3. Giants white pants match the numbers on the blue jersey. They also have grey stripes on the side which match the facemask.
  4. Maybe the point is Barrelman is drunk and that's why he's batting like that
  5. The side paneling on their home uniform doesn't even match. The tiger striping pattern is a great start but their uniforms need a huge overhaul.
  6. Unpopular opinion but the Seahawks have a great look. Yeah the uniforms aren't "traditional" in any way, but they are still very appealing visually. They are balanced and matching. And the Cardinals uniforms, along with the Bengals and Falcons uniforms, were always bad.
  7. I don't understand why you like the Packers and Bears logos, but not the Giants. Also you love the grey facemask for the 49ers but hate it for the Colts, and apparently the Chiefs logo is so bad that their helmet deserves to be #25, but even though the 49ers logo has a very similar design the rest of the helmet is good enough that the logo doesn't matter. I don't get it.
  8. Ok, that is even worse than not wearing a uniform because you've lost every game it was worn in.
  9. This weird angle shows that a Brewers wordmark with a glass of beer replacing one of the letters would be awesome.
  10. Having Y! stand out should be a thing for Yahoo. The lowercase trend does not work for them.
  11. They look to be more gold, which is great.
  12. How is it an unpopular opinion on here that the Patriots 2000-present uniforms are bad? Actual unpopular opinion is that they are great. Very close to the best they've ever had, and with a few tweaks they would definitely be.
  13. Why I like the Cowboys home uniforms: - If they had silver pants, they would look too much like the Lions - Their blue uniforms look too much like the Patriots - The 90s uniforms are cool, but should only be alternates for a team with as much tradition as the Dallas Cowboys The uniforms as they are a) look good and b) are distinctive.
  14. I think the actual uniforms have too much red, but there are many pics where a lot of the red is hidden and they look really nice. Here are some examples
  15. You prefer the amount of red they used in the mid 90s uniforms? Maybe. I think somewhere in the middle would be best though. That blue/yellow/red really looks good.
  16. The Blues need to permanently include red in their color scheme. This is the perfect amount of red
  17. Rams vs. Panthers is by far the best of Week 1. It was stunning on TV
  18. It looks futuristic, which is what an Epcot logo should look.
  19. I agree, if you go to the second page of the News board half of the most recent posts are from June, May, or April. And the most popular threads are the season discussion threads, as they always have been. IMO there is no good reason why we need two separate boards for Sports Logo discussion.
  20. With the Raptors bringing back their 90s uniforms, I feel like these will be ignored since the original uniforms are so much more popular.
  21. Something I just noticed about the Guardians logo. If you turn it to the side it looks like a hand saying Stop