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  1. Actually, I think these are pretty good. This is pretty much the best they can get out of this identity.
  2. Yeah, that is the one time ever a team downgraded by switching from a Reebok Edge template to a traditional design. That Reebok Edge gave the uniform a perfect amount of navy.
  3. I wish the Flyers would do a Cooperalls throwback by wearing black socks with their orange jersey.
  4. What is the article's source for calling it quote "corporate-style"? Also, the logo is just a penguin + triangle combination. It's a really simple logo. If that logo is "corporate", what non-cartoony sports logo isn't? And that right there shows that calling it "corporate" is meaningless.
  5. This is just false. The same events would have transpired whether they changed uniforms or not. What you're talking about is a coincidence. And now your argument is that it's too "corporate", whatever that means. That is probably worse than saying it's a pigeon because it has no meaning. Basically you're implying that any logo that isn't cartoony can be considered "corporate". Well a lot of companies have cartoony mascots. Seems to me that the Skating Penguin would fit right in with Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and the Hamburglar. I guess that means it has to go because it's too corporate!
  6. When someone calls that logo the pigeon or robo penguin you know they are very biased and aren't even being truthful. It looks a lot more like an actual penguin than the Skating Penguin logo does.
  7. I think Gretzky looks best with the Rangers The real question is, does he look better with the Oilers or Blues?
  8. LAC have to stick together.
  9. Every number is a square number, but if you only count squares of integers, any uniform with the number 0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 is a uniform with a square number.
  10. Kurt Cobain is rolling in his grave.
  11. The Hornets-Bobcats-Pelicans triangle is probably the worst example of that in sports. I hope the eventual Montreal team is called the Montreal Expos though, and I wish the Houston Texans were the Houston Oilers.
  12. If people who disagree don't comment, it will wrongly seem like everyone agrees.
  13. Good to see the Indians 70s C logo, the Florida Marlins logo, and the Twins World Series logo.
  14. That's what makes them stand out.
  15. More like these for the Patriots
  16. Is that cyan? I thought it was royal blue, but the pink looks like red so the blue could be cyan. Anyway, I think even the Heat know that they should be using the Vice uniforms as their primary uniforms.
  17. If a team plays well or poorly, it's 100% about the players and management, and 0% about their uniforms. If the Browns won the Super Bowl this season, everyone would rightly want them to go back to a traditional design next season. If a team wanted to go back to a previous set, they may prefer one over another because they won more in that set. But to ignore the other because of losing or a "curse" is just stupid. In that sense it really is all about looks. The Red Sox and Cubs broke the most famous curses in sports history wearing essentially the same uniforms for most of their franchise histories. Most people would prefer if the Eagles wore kelly green and the Buccaneers wore their creamsicle uniforms.
  18. This is the same bad argument Penguins fans use. Uniforms are about looks. Full stop. Which reminds me, And this logo in general
  19. The Reds have had such great uniforms throughout the years. Why are their current uniforms so dull and uninspiring?
  20. IMO Randy Johnson looks awesome in the 90s Astros uniforms. I don't think he looks better in another uniform.
  21. *Dislike Post*
  22. Flyers wore this exact home/road uniform for 25 years.
  23. I like it. It is the primary look for both teams, and you can easily tell them apart.
  24. I will take a 1997 throwback, best uniforms they ever wore.