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  1. If the Celtics City jerseys were black then this matchup wouldn't make much sense- I'm guessing the black jersey you've seen might be the statement? They're only slated to wear their statements vs white and red jerseys so far. EDIT after more research- Black statement jersey from last year is available for purchase with new Celtic Kemba Walker's name & number, so I'm guessing they'll just be keeping that design.
  2. Celtics Breakdowns if anyone is keeping score at home: Home: Association-20 Icon-2 Statement-9 City-10 Home: Association-11 Icon-15 Statement-8 City-7 Association total-31 Icon total-17 Statement total-17 (of jerseys released, they are wearing these vs. red twice and white 6 times) City total- 17 (of jerseys released, they are wearing these vs. black once, gold once, and white 8 times) Statement probably staying black. City won't be white, black, or gold, could be another green jersey. Hopefully nothing too wild.
  3. I'm guessing it's this?
  4. Similar one here from Boston, worn by Mike Napoli ('13-'15) but with no box around the team name and swoosh on collar instead of further down.
  5. While they do seem boring and uninspired, I'll wait to judge until seeing them on the field because of the "custom accessory design standing out" quote. It might be exactly what they're looking for. Bright, unique, colorful, personalized gloves, cleats, undershirts, sleeves, etc. will stand out against these for sure. Whether they had to go full white vs full black remains to be seen. I think it might work.
  6. Compression gear? Socks?
  7. I think they should keep the chevrons but put "RAPTORS" on each one. Conveniently, with that design the "T" would be placed right in the middle at the top. They'd be representing their city and nickname at the same time.
  8. ooo, I'll play! 1. Knicks 8. Sixers 2. Magic 9. Suns 3. Mavericks 10. Hornets 4. Warriors 11. Timberwolves 5. Pistons 12. Clippers 6. Cavaliers 13. Pelicans 7. Nets 14. Kings
  9. I'm curious if anyone knows anything about the Knicks jerseys in this picture. Googling only resulted in this other, relatively low quality image. I can't find anything else about them. I know that isn't what this thread is for but I cannot for the life of me remember them, and I'm interested.
  10. I always thought it had to do with Nike/adidas/NBA/whoever not wanting to just suddenly have jerseys on the shelves that were not correct. Something to do with the manufacturer needed time to stop production and sell what had been made before making the switch. Maybe I was always misinformed. But if it is the case then I don't think anyone is worried about having too much stock of old Landry Shamet jerseys.
  11. I'll post the same photo of the Celtics bench that was posted earlier, but including their feet because that is the part that brings me back. White jerseys, black shoes at home on the parquet. Also, I was a huge Hakeem Olajuwon fan for some reason and this look, complete with all the knee and elbow pads gets me right in the heart. And my only non-basketball one, Ryne Sandberg and his Cubbies. I loved Ryno for a reason I can't remember. I collected his baseball cards and watched him whenever I could. Seeing this makes me feel like a little kid.
  12. ???? Wasn’t doing anything of the sort. Quite the opposite actually, I was pointing out how you had given us info on this unique color months ago. Not everyone is out to get you. I’ve pointed out multiple times how your info has proven to be real. Carry yourself how you want to carry yourself, though.
  13. For everyone wondering if the Warriors city set is Navy, Royal, or Gray.
  14. Completely forgot about the Cavs/Goodyear/Wingfoots possibility. Totally hope that it's a throwback to their '90s look, but a full sponsorship jersey is probably on it's way.
  15. It will probably be said that the pinstripes are in reference to business suits, which Magic wears, and also he sold some as part of an Earvin Magic Johnson suit collection. They'll probably say that "Los Angeles" is added to the jersey to because he is truly part of the city, not just the Lakers. Will we buy it?