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  1. I narrowed it down to three, but you said one twice and underlined it so I'm going to follow the rules. (my 2 other choices were the blue KG era Timberwolves {since Nike already revived the black version I took this out of the running}, and the original Celtics St. Patrick's Day uniforms {green with gold numbers and striped trim})
  2. You know the old saying; "Look good, feel good. Feel good, plunder good."
  3. They played in Utah last night actually, I know that wasn't clear from the original post, just clarifying that fact.
  4. Celtics vs Timberwolves tonight is one of the more visually pleasing matchups I’ve ever seen. Maybe the Wolves light blue uniforms don’t fit their brand (or court), maybe they don’t look good to you on their own, but up against the Celtic green uniform I think it’s a fun matchup. I’m on my phone so uploading a picture is unnecessarily difficult, light blue and white vs green and white.
  5. Whatever they do with patches, number changes, special Laker uniforms, new league logo, number retirements, dedications, etc. I’m totally cool with. Just like life will go on if they don’t update the logo, life will go on if they do. You don’t hold off on honoring someone if it has player and fan support just because you’re waiting for the next tragedy IMO. Their first step should be to name the ASG MVP trophy after him, as he and Bob Petit have held that trophy more than anyone. The rest is up to them and I’m all for it.
  6. Why do I like that Cavaliers jersey? I shouldn’t. The number font doesn’t fit the old school feel of the script and stripes, and the V waistband logo needs to be anything else because they don’t need to emphasize the letter V. If they swapped the V out for the ‘70s musketeer logo and subbed in a regular block font I’d like them even more.
  7. For those curious about Charlotte...
  8. They’re slated to wear this jersey against Red, Navy, Black, and Purple jerseys, plus at least one that’s most likely yellow. All but guaranteed to be white NASA inspired. Maybe light gray with moon texture?
  9. I wonder what they'll do on March 11th when they play the OKC Thunder while wearing their mountain classic jerseys. Sonics logos?
  10. If the Celtics City jerseys were black then this matchup wouldn't make much sense- I'm guessing the black jersey you've seen might be the statement? They're only slated to wear their statements vs white and red jerseys so far. EDIT after more research- Black statement jersey from last year is available for purchase with new Celtic Kemba Walker's name & number, so I'm guessing they'll just be keeping that design.
  11. Celtics Breakdowns if anyone is keeping score at home: Home: Association-20 Icon-2 Statement-9 City-10 Home: Association-11 Icon-15 Statement-8 City-7 Association total-31 Icon total-17 Statement total-17 (of jerseys released, they are wearing these vs. red twice and white 6 times) City total- 17 (of jerseys released, they are wearing these vs. black once, gold once, and white 8 times) Statement probably staying black. City won't be white, black, or gold, could be another green jersey. Hopefully nothing too wild.
  12. I'm guessing it's this?
  13. Similar one here from Boston, worn by Mike Napoli ('13-'15) but with no box around the team name and swoosh on collar instead of further down.
  14. While they do seem boring and uninspired, I'll wait to judge until seeing them on the field because of the "custom accessory design standing out" quote. It might be exactly what they're looking for. Bright, unique, colorful, personalized gloves, cleats, undershirts, sleeves, etc. will stand out against these for sure. Whether they had to go full white vs full black remains to be seen. I think it might work.