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  1. Hey I AM colorblind so you may be 100% correct about the look of the photo, but on the NBA store and in multiple articles they are referred to as black. Who knows.
  2. Whoa, I had never heard this before and was even skeptical reading the article, but then they mentioned the Raiders/Pistons crossover logo on the waistband and I’ll be darned if it wasn’t right in my face the whole time.
  3. Sounds like I’m in the minority on this so far, but I really like these. I always liked the jersey-only pinstripes for them, I like the color balance with just hints of purple(as long as there is a purple uniform coming), I like the contrasting waistband and I enjoy the “cell” logo opening on the leg. I’m still not a fan of their boxy font, especially with the new jerseys, and I wish they took this chance to update to something more reminiscent of their old fonts. All in all I’m a fan.
  4. Hornets posted a teaser on Instagram showing just white pinstripe lines on a teal sky background. I’m guessing that means they are getting completely new home and road uniforms, kind of an updated take on the throwback pinstripe designs.
  5. It’s sack-religious to not like that use of negative space.
  6. I....like these? They’re not my favorite look in the league by a wide margin, but I like what they’ve done quite a bit. I’m against monochrome usually, and that doesn’t change in this case. Royal head to toe and bone-o-chrome are their worst looks by far. If I were to make 2 tweaks it would be to make the shiny inline number effect smaller, much more subtle, and to rethink the pant stripes. Simplify those two things and avoid monochrome and we have a winner. I like the number font better after seeing more numbers than just “20”, I like the patch details that are clearly street-wear/Off-White inspired. I think they add value to the uniform as a piece of clothing a fan would wear, and don’t distract from it as a football uniform when seen from feet away or more on a football field. I like the quirks of having two different striping styles, even though I know I shouldn’t. The segmented horn doesn’t bother me as much in practice as I thought it would, and I actually like the helmets a lot. That’s a great shade of blue, and terrific finish on the helmet. This all comes down to their brand, and I think it fits where they are going perfectly. The uniform is just another storytelling element, and in this case it doesn’t appear as though their story is going to be “Remember the LA Rams? Like, from before? That’s us!” That works for teams and may have worked for the Rams but they opted for injection of new life instead of nostalgia. I think it’ll work. I want to be clear: If they had branded themselves in a different way, starting with their logo package and wordmarks, then I wouldn’t support these uniform decisions. If they recolored the St. Louis logo and went with a sporty and sleek wordmark then these don’t fit. If they went with an homage to an older logo and a reworked retro LA Rams wordmark then these don’t make sense. They did what they did and I think these fit that direction very well and don’t look bad unless they’re monochrome. TL;DR: Roast me for liking these.
  7. Sure seems like a lot of caving to Nike ideas going on here if the rumors are true. Horns fitting into the sleeve cap easier when they’re split like this, the bone color (probably similar to Nike’s light bone color that has been used on some recent shoes (Fear Of God and others), and gradient numbers that I’m certain the team didn’t have on their vision board going into their initial meeting. Nike/adidas/whoever isn’t evil, but the organizations must be the ones bringing the local fan knowledge into the room and not budge when ideas don’t fit the direction they should be going in.
  8. I found it pretty intriguing that they used a lot of yellow this year in their vice jersey rollout, could that be in preparation of using yellow vice jerseys next season? https://www.nba.com/heat/1920-heat-vice-uniform-collection
  9. I appreciate the new look but, as others have stated, the bevel is unnecessary. I also wonder why they couldn’t have just used the gray already in the color scheme for the light blue parts of the new logos. Didn’t really need to add another orange and two more blues. Also, I would have greatly preferred a new wordmark based on the old one and the logo instead of basically Gotham Bold.
  10. I'm a big fan of their logo and new graphic identity as a whole. Like, really big fan. Because of that, I'm surprised how much I hate the new uniforms. Hopefully they'll grow on me, but I don't see that happening. On white backgrounds we see yellow outlined in light blue and light blue outlined in white. On light blu backgrounds we see white outlined in yellow and yellow outlined in white. It doesn't work for me at all. I don't like the number font, I don't like the numbers on the helmets, and I don't like the yellow pants having a white bolt but the bolt on every other regular uniform option is yellow. When the logos were released their colors wowed me, yet they somehow made a uniform set where my favorite combo is the navy color rush. Big swing, big miss IMO. Glad most of you seem to like them but they just look off to me because of all the inconsistent color decisions.
  11. I thought any update to the Patriots’ look would be better than the last set. I was wrong. The elements within this uniform are not necessarily poorly designed or bad individual decisions but it feels like the uniforms as a whole were not really considered. There are so many inconsistencies and competing ideas that the entire look comes across as jarring and jumbled. Is red a trim color or a focal point? Is silver or white their light color of choice? Are these a throwback look or a modern look? So many things left unanswered and unexplained. Not a fan but I think they started out with a correct mission: adopt the color rush looks as their main uniform. They just got lost along the way.
  12. I must say, I somehow missed the shrinking of the Panthers' TV numbers. After a long comb-through of game photos I have laughingly decided that TV numbers are no longer necessary. If the Panthers' numbers are acceptable then TV numbers obviously serve no purpose any longer. I dare anyone to tell me they sit in the stands and tell the Panthers apart by their TV numbers. How the size of these numbers evaded me for so long I'll never know. The year numbers in the anniversary patch are bigger then the TV numbers!
  13. I'm guessing they're being more vague about these definitions and won't actually be bringing back jerseys that we all want just because we decided in this thread that we want them. Something old: Helmet staying the same. Something new: White jersey design changes to CR look. Something borrowed: Navy CR design becomes new home look. Something blue: New CR design in navy and silver with a navy facemask.
  14. While we wait for the official release of new uniforms, I thought I'd dust off my semi-old logo concept for the Browns and pair it with some uniforms. As you'll see, I feel like the Browns can look great using a minimalistic old-school approach to their uniforms and logos. Nothing groundbreaking has been done here but I also didn't stick to reviving old uniforms. I sought to completely unite the brand behind their striping pattern. When shown on their iconic orange helmets, the Brown/White/Brown stripes stand out and define the team's aesthetic. I took this stripe, plus an outer orange field to echo the look of the helmets, and utilized them on the uniforms. The color rush is simply a removal of white and gray altogether, including on the helmet, to create a new look for the team where the brown and orange can shine. Tell me what you think and thanks for taking a look! Firstly, the logo set. Simple, versatile, retro, solid. Used the year of their first game. Feel free to disagree with that decision and tell me why I'm wrong. (1944, 1999, whatever you fancy) These would be what I'd consider to be the primary light and dark looks for the team. And here are each jersey paired with their only other regular pant option, white. Finally, the new color rush design. None of these elements are to be worn with anything from the regular uniform options. The removal of all things not brown or orange defines this set.
  15. Yeah, I feel like determining the top point of the gradient should’ve been done based off the lowest high-point they could realistically make work in production, and wrap that point around the whole jersey. Glad you pointed this out, as I didn’t notice it before now. Not that this change would’ve fixed these jerseys, but it would definitely improve them.
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