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  1. I'd bet a lot of money they won't. Take their Week 10 game at Pittsburgh, for example. Why would the Steelers wear white at home? They never do - and surely not for a late-afternoon game late in the season with no concerns of heat. The Rams will surely be in their whites for that one, despite the graphics on their website.
  2. Seeing those McCoy photos kind of makes me think white isn't necessary. I think with very minor changes (obviously the socks and facemask would need to be unified) this could just be the next Browns set. It would satisfy people who love the Color Rush, as well as those wanting a return to the traditional look:
  3. Hell yeah I'm going to Disneyland!
  4. Oh my god! And with yellow facemasks!
  5. I'm so happy to see all the horrible alternate helmets go away.
  6. Where did he say this? New colors could be major (though my guess is merely a slight hue change of the blue). I agree with a few others that the "Sport Green" thing is strong evidence that Teal at least has access to something. Likely placeholder text in some kind of Nike document, but that would be enough to confirm something like an upcoming color change.
  7. There's also nothing in there that wasn't pretty easy to guess. Fans clearly wanted lighter green and a return to the 80s look, so it was easy to connect the dots to black being involved. Not saying this discredits anyone, just that I'm not sure it verifies anyone's creds either.
  8. What an embarrassingly low bar Nike has set.
  9. At best these are fine. But they could have been so, so good.
  10. Because only one image of the uniforms has leaked.
  11. With the importance of angled lines in this uniform, and Nike's love for unique number fonts with unnecessary angled serifs (see: Vikings, Titans), I am kinda stunned they went with such a basic number font on this one. Probably should have just ripped off Michigan State's number font:
  12. I'm still laughing at the people suggesting this isn't real. The naivety about how easy it would be to fake something like this is amusing. Do you guys think it's easy to just photoshop 6 real-life Jets players into poses they've never been photographed in before, get details like their tattoos exactly right, and then also add in a fake uniform design all while getting the lighting effects perfect? That would be a monumental task. And say someone actually did do all that. Then we have to assume this person went to all that effort to make this fake with no possible way to benefit from doing so and only decided to release it now, a day before the unveiling, guaranteeing it will be proven wrong within hours. Why. How. Just... Think about all this.
  13. As I posted earlier in here, some of the Jaguars wore UA in their official unveiling photo.
  14. Nike gave the Titans giant, two-toned swords on the shoulders. Nike gave the Bucs glow-in-the-dark numbers. Nike gave the Browns a giant word running down the pants. If anything, this is restrained.
  15. Slight difference in effort between whipping together a concept and photoshopping real-life Jets players into poses they've never been photographed in, then making sure the lighting on all your fake helmets matches perfectly.