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  1. This would be a good time for a former lurker who has claimed to have seen the new uniforms to drop a tidbit that can be verified in the future that isn't about purple. Because I don't see any credibility remaining otherwise.
  2. I hate the idea of alternate helmets that aren't throwbacks and this will almost certainly lead to that, so I hate this.
  3. Allbright doesn't get real scoops. He's a phony insider. He just reads what's out there (probably on this forum) and regurgitates it as if it's his original reporting.
  4. It's an easy catch-all to describe this era of NFL uniforms and the similar traits they all share. Would you prefer I directly blame Shandon Melvin for his hand in overseeing the design of them?
  5. These seem slightly worse than just going back to exactly the Super Bowl-era uniforms, which shouldn't be surprising. Nike always finds a way to disappoint, even when the task is so simple. Should probably expect the Browns to slightly mess things up, too.
  6. People say this after every bad logo leaks (more on Twitter/Reddit than here, but apparently here too). Has there ever been a time a team or rogue fan deliberately planted a fake that wasn't an obvious and playful joke? It's ridiculous to suggest someone is out there manufacturing a fake hat with a fake logo embroidered on it for the purpose of... tricking some people for a few weeks until the real logo is unveiled?
  7. I like this merging eras idea way more than I thought I would.
  8. Gradients? Maybe the one way this logo could get even worse.
  9. I'm struggling to wrap my head around how this logo could be colored differently than what's been mocked up. Is it because there are 2 different shades of blue (presumably royal and navy)? Is it that the different segments of the horn are now different colors (perhaps as a way to combine the white and yellow horn eras)?
  10. He posted the article and, in typical Lukas fashion, there's nothing in there that we don't all already know.
  11. They need to just unveil the official logo with all these attempts at coloring it spreading around as if they are the real thing.
  12. Interesting thought. They might see this as a way to merge eras. I still prefer the one-color look by a lot, though. Honestly, the current throwback helmets didn't need a single change.
  13. What else did he say? I forget. (Apart from the being a jack@ss about everything.)
  14. I didn't think merging the creamsicle and SB eras was a viable option, but this has me rethinking that.