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  1. Your pictures arent showing but id' like to give this file a try Is this available on Steam workshop?
  2. Love these You plan on releasing a mod or quckstart?
  3. These are cool are you going to do concepts for the teams for 2021 too?
  4. Houston: Bayou City FC Space City United Dallas: Lonestar FC Pegasus City
  5. These look great but why do the Calgary stampede look so jaggy. The quality of that logo slick looks worse than the others?
  6. The Skippers Strike me as more of a baseball identity but i love all these teams
  7. These are great except in not sure what the shape of the southeast conference logo is supposed to be representing? *update: Oh I saw your explanations Some of them seem off like the heartland having the confederate flag influence and I don't really see piracy as being a very recognizable part of the South's identity
  8. wow this is great really clever logo when you have a concept like this it can be difficult to get it to look good from a distance but you nailed it
  9. Wow amazing project Definitely a creamer award candidate any plans to do the first division?
  10. Dekalb County United from Illinois playing in the UPSL
  11. from twitter user Hannah Moss @OdelayOwl https://twitter.com/OdelayOwl/status/995451392633589760 https://twitter.com/OdelayOwl/status/995660762046705664
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