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  1. The Skippers Strike me as more of a baseball identity but i love all these teams
  2. These are great except in not sure what the shape of the southeast conference logo is supposed to be representing? *update: Oh I saw your explanations Some of them seem off like the heartland having the confederate flag influence and I don't really see piracy as being a very recognizable part of the South's identity
  3. wow this is great really clever logo when you have a concept like this it can be difficult to get it to look good from a distance but you nailed it
  4. Wow amazing project Definitely a creamer award candidate any plans to do the first division?
  5. Dekalb County United from Illinois playing in the UPSL
  6. from twitter user Hannah Moss @OdelayOwl
  7. Oakland County FC from Clawson, Michigan play in the UPSL for 2018
  8. Bugeaters FC from Lincoln, NE compete in the UPSL for 2018 The name Bugeaters is a former nickname of the cornhuskers football team so their identity is tied into to Nebraska football(black shirts)