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  1. To be continued? Hopefully so. I would love to see it finish.
  2. Is this series all played out or still in progress? Would love to see more of your ideas.
  3. It would be cool to see your take on it with an alternate or two.
  4. Good to see some cool baseball concepts! Haven't seen much of that on here lately. Would you consider doing the old Houston Colt .45s? I think the blue/gray set is pretty cool.
  5. I am missing this series! Kind of like waiting for the next season of your favorite show to binge watch! You do great work! Can't wait for more from this series!
  6. Nice job on both Charlotte and San Antonio! Both are improvements!
  7. Good start to a new series to watch. I enjoyed your last on as well. I'm glad you included uniform designs for this one. Nashville is your best logo so far, with an name to be decided. I don't dislike the Generals as suggested, but would favor Pioneers as suggested by Itsslothy. I like the Portland concept but I think some fine tuning of the Beaver image is needed. I like the overall concept for the Dukes but like the name Charlotte Dukes as it is labeled. San Antonio Armadillos is a cool name. I like the Primary logo and the script font. The uniforms could used something extra as they are a bit bland. Vegas is good as is.
  8. i like them both as they are. I probably wouldn't change much.
  9. Looks good. Pretty similar to Philadelphia. I like the colors and the crossed bats. I noticed there are no FL West concepts yet. Anything coming from this division?
  10. I just watched Major League over the weekend. The Miami Heritage set is spot on. Great job. I love this one!
  11. You did a really cool modernized Seattle Pilots set in Project 32. Any chance of a modernized Houston Colt .45s set?
  12. I like this so far. Cool concept. I hope you will be continuing with the UBA as well.
  13. The second option is the best one. I like the script. I'm not a fan of the Tertiary logo though. Maybe a North Carolina silhouette with stars marking the three locations. Not sure what else would work.
  14. Also, What about adding stitching to the other side of the baseball?
  15. Both are good updates. Would love to see a larger view of the space needle "S" monogram. I have to say I like the original "Jacksonville" road script better than the new one. Philadelphia is off to a good start.
  16. If you are still thinking of Miami, I like the name Herons as a baseball name. Just a thought.
  17. Would love to see the Bucks logo on a brown cap.
  18. Ok. You do good work. I would say the Darts and Bucks are my favorites.
  19. Love the Bucks package. Will you be doing primary logos and jersey concepts for these?
  20. Great start on this league. Would love to see more! Minnesota Loons and Toronto Darts are my favorites so far.
  21. May continue with more logo concepts soon. Logos I remade for the St. Louis Browns proposed move to Los Angeles in 1942 are attached.
  22. Much better! I really like this! I knew you would do something awesome!
  23. Will be on hold for a while. Just found out my wife has another brain tumor.
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