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  1. Man I felt this one. Never had to pay more than $80 to see the Bucs play because they were always a total dumpster fire. Can't get a ticket for less than $400 now...
  2. This right here. Nobody is going to just magically start showing up to games when we're constantly being threatened with losing the team. Until they announce that they're going to stay in the Tampa Bay area long-term, dont expect attendance to change.
  3. Yeah, it's like they saw the word Tampa and decided to only put the Tampa-specific area code. Which, btw, is getting a new area code next year, 656. If it were done properly the hat would have 727, 813, 941, 863 and mayyyybe 352 on it.
  4. I hope. They only put one area code on ours (Rays) and it wasn't even the one the Rays play in...
  5. It's been 2 days since this stuff leaked and I have yet to see ANY fan here actually support anything about this rebrand. We have former players coming out against it, we had at least one player tell our local sports radio that the team is unhappy about it, and my 75 year old grandma is even pissed about it. I didn't think it would be possible for the Haslams to turn this fanbase against them after all they've done but here we are. Ridiculous.
  6. :censored: everything about this.
  7. Can I please get one with the Bucs 2 Super Bowls, Lightning 2 Stanley Cups, Columbus Crew 2 MLS Cup, Rays 2 AL pennants, Magic 2 Eastern Conference Champions, Ohio State 8 National Titles and Joey Logano 2018 NASCAR Cup Champion?
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