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  1. As much as I despise the Pacers, they're always lookin sharp. I always liked those pinstriped unis.
  2. Just some critique on Mississauga. The fish sort of looks too elongated. Not so much sleek like a trout, but almost gives off an eel vibe if that makes sense.
  3. I`m ashamed of myself for forgetting about this thread for a while, but I just caught up. All of these are phenomenal, but some quick thoughts: Your Thunder concept is by far the best I`ve ever seen. Everything about it. I love that you brought back the Pistons` horse logo. I loved it in red, white and blue.
  4. As much as I love the Kings in purple and gold, I also love them in black and silver. Their current template it quite lame though. I`d love to see a black and silver version of the reverse retro, with the full-sized crown slapped on the front. Done.