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  1. Agreed about the white accents, but beggars cant be choosers i guess.
  2. As you can probably tell, I root for everything Detroit except in hockey. That being said, I still wish the Wings well, just not against Montreal.
  3. I like the logo set, I like the color scheme and I like the jerseys. I hate the name.
  4. I dig it. I vote for either Owls or Eagles. There's a lack of birds in the CFL, besides the Alouettes which is just kind of linked to a bird, not a direct naming after.
  5. I do get it, but adopting a name that may be subpar just for the sake of keeping the logo seems silly. Especially when it could be slightly altered to be just a single E which I personally think would look better.
  6. What about Edmonton Owls? It rolls off the tongue AND the Great Horned Owl is the provincial bird of Alberta. It wouldn't work with the EE logo, but they could just make it into one big E.
  7. Wow. One of my favorite NBA sets now. I might grab one of those black jerseys.
  8. This may not really be surprising news, but I was listening to Adam Schefter on Saturday and he said that he heard "through the grapevine" that Warriors and Redwolves were the front runners.