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  1. Imagine having enough money to buy an arena, just for the purpose of building another arena.
  2. I agree with scrapping the miner, but the jerseys are a good look. I like the script as well. I've always liked that the Rockies had a simple look, but it seems to have gotten very worn out and boring over the years. It's in dire need of a refresh, while keeping the foundation.
  3. Agreed. I think for me, ideally, the Kings would rock Black/White/Silver as a primary set, with some variation including some purple as their third.
  4. Honestly, this is close to perfection for both teams. Great work.
  5. Beauty. Bring this set back. Even through the newer banner logo on the front if they want. This template is a beauty though.
  6. Honestly, it's right in front of their faces,
  7. Isn't there sort of folklore about Dragons in the Washington wilderness. I know Pete's Dragon is set there? Plus it kiiiinda ties into a sea monster theme. But I get your point.
  8. Same. I HATE singular names (Wild, ugh). It sometimes works, like Lightning, because it still describes the plural form. Avalanche sort of falls in more with Wild, but I guess it works because it's a destructive force of nature.
  9. Beyond all that, it just sounds lame as a big league team name.