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  1. Well the Tigers could go really anywhere, but who to Detroit? Could be Cubs I suppose (as Tigers have cubs) or something generic like Athletics, Giants or Reds. Also, the Astros are going to be interesting. Cape Canaveral is in Florida, but quite far from both Tampa and Miami, so I don't know. Cleveland does have a major NASA facility, but as you mentioned, they're out. Could be moving to somewhere with big open skies or something along those lines, but I'm stumped! Also some other predictions: Washington Yankees (because where else?) New York Nationals (it's not the nation's capital, but it general is the first city that comes to mind when you mention 'America') Texas Diamondbacks (the only other location that gives off a 'desert' vibe) Tampa Bay Pirates (it's on the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean; also fits with the Buccaneers) Minnesota Rangers (due to the vast wilderness) Los Angeles Cubs (the Grizzly bear is the state animal of California, featured on their flag etc) Los Angeles Mets (L.A. is a vast metropolis on par with New York)
  2. Very cool. I was hoping the Isles would rock a Brooklyn Americans alt during their time in Brooklyn.
  3. Can't argue much with this. I don't see Tavares being retired by the Isles, because, as you mentioned, he went out hated and the team didn't accomplish jack while he was there.
  4. I like the idea of Elk, I just hate singular names, even if it's the proper grammar. Eagles, as generic as it is, is my choice from the list. I've been saying since day one, it should be Owls. Highly under-utilized in sports and the Great Horned Owl is the provincial bird of Alberta. Just change the double E logo to a single E.
  5. I personally agree with Markov and Koivu, but the Habs standard for retired numbers is sky high, so I really don't know. I think Zetterberg's a lock for the Red Wings as well. Others to consider: Buffalo- Ryan Miller
  6. That guy seems very interested in the game lol.
  7. Arizona. Somethings along these lines. No logo change needed. Don't want the orange or blue either, but either of these could serve as a great template. I think using some gray would make a great color balance as well. Cincinnati. Already in the works, but something like this as a template, with a black alternate counterpart. Denver. LA Rams. They can even keep the new helmet, I kinda dig it. Miami. I'll take any logo, but I prefer the vertical dolphin. Eagles. Kelly Green. Atlanta. Jacksonville. Update these.
  8. Hmm...was there any discussion for re-acquiring the name at the time?
  9. Question- When Houston was granted an expansion team after the Oilers left, was Oilers not an option for a nickname? Did the Titans still own it or something?
  10. I'm not arguing that at all, just having a little fun. It's Gretzky. But if there was any debate, I think Gordie would be the one to bring up.
  11. Awesome! If I could give any critique, I'd say make the 'flappy' things on the Cobra's head protrude out a bit more like the original. Other than that, wicked. Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy!