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  1. I've been working on this same project for quite some time now, except I threw out all helmet rules in mine. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to dedicate to it fully and haven't posted anything. Glad to see something like this come to life. The color rush unis in my opinion are mostly hideous and this would be ideal. It would appeal to a broad audience and I can guarantee NFL would sell jerseys like hotcakes. As for your work so far, great job. Love the take on the Patriots. Not a fan of the Bengals though. I know this is a classic throwback look, but it's too Cleveland Brown-ish for me. Just a personal preference. That aside, the presentation is stellar. Rams - by far the best. As for San Fran, I'd slap a logo on that helmet. Overall great stuff here.
  2. Ya don't see too many Nascar concepts on here so it's good to see this and very well done to say the least. Amazing detail. Would you be able to share this template?
  3. I do feel the outside could use a little flair, but it does give a modern and unique feel right now. I think the design in general is brilliant. I love it (and hate the Raiders all at the same time). Maybe build the walls up a bit higher? Add some big banners/LED signs or something. I think it needs to be more "Raider-fied" Regardless, this is a great start. Definitely excited to see what you have in store for the interior
  4. So I felt my last San Jose design had way too much going on. I've toned it down a bit. Gave them a more classic look. Tried to pay homage to their original look. I've removed all traces of orange (except in the logo) and went with a teal, black and silver scheme. I've also introduced a charcoal colored alternate. Those silver jerseys back in the day were pretty unique. Instead of going full silver, I've darkened it to a charcoal color. I think it really makes the other colors pop. Also, would love to get some feedback on my other updates to Winnipeg, VGK, and Anaheim. Thanks as always! Hope you enjoy! Home Sweater Away Sweater Charcoal Alt Black Alt
  5. Winnipeg was another design of mine I felt was weak in this last series. It was my first concept (pretty sure the first one I've ever posted on here). I've since come back to it and switched gears. One thing I think that the jerseys in the league lack today is pizzazz. They're bland (for the most part). I want to give the jersey meaning. My goal is to create designs that are fun, have meaning, and overall create something that people would want to wear. That being's the new Winnipeg Winnipeg Jets Right now, the Jets have way too many colors going on. The goal here was to create a cohesive and sleek look, while still staying true to the "Jets". I've gone with a double stripe on both the sleeves and the waist. Kept it consistent unlike the pattern they use now. This will likely be an unpopular decision, but I've decided to drop the light blue (don't worry, I made it the primary in the alt). Again, I felt there's too much going on with their current set so I've toned the scheme down a bit by removing it. Font stays the same. It's unique. Also garnished a maple leaf right above the nameplate in red. I think using just a touch of red really brings this set together. Let me know what you think!! Home Sweater Away Sweater Light Blue Alternate Sweater
  6. As I've stated above, I've already posted these in a separate thread a few weeks ago, but here they are again to maybe get some more feedback and keep my NHL all in one post. I was actually pretty pleased with their jersey when it was released (one of only a few I liked). Still partial to my design though. I'd put some of mine up against Adidas any day . 5 different looks. Yes 5 (Gold being my least favorite). Might be overkill, but I was having too much fun to stop... Vegas Golden Knights Home Away Red Alt Black Alt Gold Alt
  7. Thanks! Really appreciate the positive feedback. My NFL is a little dated (2015), however, I was thinking of revisiting that next, or even possibly trying my hand at the NBA.
  8. I know I completed this series almost a year ago, but I've since revisited a few teams. So far, I've come back to the Ducks and Knights. I posted the Knights in a separate thread, but I'll add them here as well. Not sure as to which teams I'll revisit, however I do know that I'd like to work on the Sharks next. I feel like my design above is just too busy and could use a redo. And yes, I am aware this is a Reebok template...just wanted to keep it consistent with the series above. Anyway, here's the new Ducks. I know the eggplant and teal is such a unique scheme (honestly a favorite of mine for Anaheim), however it seems that the orange, black and gold is working for them. One thing I am sure of is that the old hockey duck logo makes for a better crest and is definitely a fan favorite. Their orange third jersey definitely had a heavy influence on these. Below, I've created a home, away and alternate using the old logo. The webbed foot stays (it is a good logo) as a shoulder patch. As of now, I have the home as orange, away as white, and the alt as black. The black and orange could be interchangeable depending on what people think. Home Sweater Away Sweater Alt Black Sweater
  9. Thanks! There's something about the red that I really liked. Agreed on the "Golden Knights" issue. If it were up to me it would just be the Las Vegas Knights. I think that's more than appropriate and actually sounds good as well
  10. Thanks all for the suggestions. As requested, here's the gold alternate. Again, I'm personally not a huge fan. There's just something about it that I can't put my finger on. Ideally, I'd go with the black as the alternate. The red was just for fun and out of the box, but I actually like that one quite a bit.
  11. Yeah no alts next year like you said minus the special events. These are just what I'd like to see. I'll come up with a gold version as well
  12. Last year I did a full re-design for the NHL. At the time, the Vegas logo wasn't out yet. Now that it is and it's getting close to the jersey reveal, here's my take on the Vegas Golden Knights. I have a few different designs that I put together, however, this one was the one I liked the best. I wanted to give the feel that there are different sections to the jersey much like the armor of a knight (shoulder yoke, sleeve/waist striping). I dabbled without a yoke for a bit, but opted for it simply for that reason. The secondary mark is used as a patch on the shoulders. Striping is consistent across the waist and sleeves. If you've seen my NHL series, you'll know that I love sublimation so I had to throw my spin in on this one. I used the "Welcome to Vegas" stars across the gold striping on the waist. I didn't carry it to the sleeves because it felt too busy. There are 4 jerseys in this set. Home/away/2 alts. Alternates are a black and a red version. I opted to not make a gold because I'm not a huge fan of it as a primary (ie Jaguars color rush). Anyway, let me know what you think. I'll likely post my other versions I created as well. Home Sweater Away Sweater Black Alternate Red Alternate
  13. Atlanta Falcons I really enjoyed doing this one. Mainly because I wanted to bring the gray pants back. Anyway, helmet is red with a gray facemask. Solid black for home jersey with white numbers outlined in red. Away is white with black numbers featuring a red outline as well. NOB is solid on both sets with no outline. Falcon patch is featured on the sleeves. I debated using the wordmark on the chest, but I really like the way it looks so I kept it. Gray pants throughout the set (personal preference). Solid red socks to finish it off. Let me know what ya think!
  14. Updated the road socks per request. I was going to do the same for the home, however, I like the solid red there.
  15. Thanks for the input. Update is posted above. I knew something looked funny with the pants. Fixed that. Moved the front numbers up a tad and added a wordmark. I originally stayed away from the wordmark to keep it super plain and simple, but now that I have it, I kinda like it.