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  1. Prediction time? NORTH 1. Edmonton 2. Montreal 3. Toronto 4. Vancouver 5. Calgary 6. Winnipeg 7. Ottawa EAST 1. Philadelphia 2. Washington 3. Boston 4. NY Islanders 5. Pittsburgh 6. Buffalo 7. NY Rangers 8. New Jersey CENTRAL 1. Tampa Bay 2. Dallas 3. Carolina 4. Florida 5. Nashville 6. Columbus 7. Chicago 8. Detroit WEST 1. Colorado 2. Vegas 3. St. Louis 4. Arizona 5. Minnesota 6. Anaheim 7. Los Angeles 8. San Jose FIRST ROUND PLAYOFFS 1. Edmonton def. 4. Vancouver 2. Montreal def. 3. Toronto 1. Philadelphia def. 4. NY Islanders 3. Boston def. 2. Washington 1. Tampa Bay def. 4. Florida 3. Carolina def. 2. Dallas 1. Colorado def. 4. Arizona 2. Vegas def. 3. St. Louis SECOND ROUND PLAYOFFS 1. Edmonton def. 2. Montreal 1. Philadelphia def. 3. Boston 1. Tampa Bay def. 3. Carolina 1. Colorado def. 2. Vegas 'CONFERENCE' FINALS (or whatever they're called now) 1. Colorado def. 4. Philadelphia 2. Tampa Bay def. 3. Edmonton STANLEY CUP FINALS Colorado over Tampa Bay Very out of the box, I know.
  2. 1. Seattle. 2. Las Vegas. Before the Knights or Raiders or T-Mobile Center, I always thought that the NBA would be the first league to move into Vegas. 3. Vancouver. I think the league pulled out just a couple of years too early. Huge corporate presence, tons of $$$, diverse population. 4. Norfolk/Hampton/Virginia Beach. It's always tossed out there as a backburner option for relocation. Metro population of close to 2 mill. The NBA typically has had success being the only show in town. (ie. Utah, San Antonio, Portland, etc.). Obviously an arena is needed. 5. Kansas City. No indoor winter sports. Newish state of the art arena. Passionate fans. I think it could work.
  3. Nicely done.
  4. Named after the Cleveland Browns 1.0 who left town overnight and then went on to win 2 Superbowls? I doubt it.
  5. Not feeling the Elites. Great job on the Spiders and Foresters. This is just a personal preference, but I'm not a fan of cartoony logos, and your alts definitely fit that bill. Maybe for the Foresters, use some type of axe imagery? axe/baseball bat? All in all, great work.
  6. I agree. Barons is a solid choice and seems to fit baseball, ie. Birmingham Barons. Yes, they were also a horrible hockey team but I think that they're so much of an afterthought that no one would care.
  7. I'm digging Spiders. Bluebirds would be cool, but kind of too close to Blue Jays.
  8. As much as I despise the Pacers, they're always lookin sharp. I always liked those pinstriped unis.
  9. Just some critique on Mississauga. The fish sort of looks too elongated. Not so much sleek like a trout, but almost gives off an eel vibe if that makes sense.
  10. I`m ashamed of myself for forgetting about this thread for a while, but I just caught up. All of these are phenomenal, but some quick thoughts: Your Thunder concept is by far the best I`ve ever seen. Everything about it. I love that you brought back the Pistons` horse logo. I loved it in red, white and blue.
  11. As much as I love the Kings in purple and gold, I also love them in black and silver. Their current template it quite lame though. I`d love to see a black and silver version of the reverse retro, with the full-sized crown slapped on the front. Done.
  12. LIKE: Arizona Boston Buffalo Calgary Carolina Chicago Florida L.A. Minnesota Nashville New Jersey Ottawa Pittsburgh (I loved that diagonal script when I was a kid) Tampa Bay (USE THIS TEMPLATE!!) Washington MEH: Anaheim Colorado Columbus NY Islanders (No fisherman?!) Edmonton Montreal NY Rangers (love the crest, but the design lacks big time) Philly San Jose Toronto Vancouver Vegas St. Louis DISLIKE: Dallas Detroit (Why not go with an old Falcons or Cougars design?) Winnipeg
  13. Au contraire, its actually Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  14. AFC East 1. Buffalo 2. New England (WC) 3. Miami 4. NY Jets AFC North 1. Baltimore 2. Pittsburgh (WC) 3. Cleveland (WC) 4. Cincinnati AFC South 1. Tennessee 2. Indianapolis 3. Houston 4. Jacksonville AFC West 1. Kansas City 2. Denver 3. Las Vegas 4. LA Chargers NFC East 1. Dallas 2. Philadelphia 3. NY Giants 4. Washington NFC North 1. Green Bay 2. Minnesota (WC) 3. Detroit 4. Chicago NFC South 1. New Orleans 2. Tampa Bay (WC) 3, Atlanta 4. Carolina NFC West 1. Seattle 2. San Francisco (WC) 3. LA Rams 4. Arizona Playoffs Wild Card Round AFC Bye: Baltimore - Kansas City def. Cleveland - Pittsburgh def. Buffalo - New England def. Tennessee NFC Bye: New Orleans -Dallas def. Minnesota -Tampa Bay def. Green Bay -Seattle def. San Francisco Divisional Round AFC -Baltimore def. New England -Kansas City def. Pittsburgh NFC -New Orleans def. Tampa Bay -Seattle def. Dallas Conference Championships AFC: Kansas City def. Baltimore NFC: Seattle def. New Orleans Super Bowl: Kansas City 37, Seattle 31
  15. Agreed about the white accents, but beggars cant be choosers i guess.
  16. As you can probably tell, I root for everything Detroit except in hockey. That being said, I still wish the Wings well, just not against Montreal.
  17. I like the logo set, I like the color scheme and I like the jerseys. I hate the name.