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  1. They wont be the Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds will still be around. Even though they're a minor league team in a big league city, there's too much of a fan base and a following.
  2. I'm with ya. This is atrocious lol. And am I the only one who gets a serious Montreal Alouettes vibe?
  3. Phenomenal. Hopefully works it's way into their set as a full time alt.
  4. Man, the logistics alone of having a team in London is an absolute nightmare. Go back to San Diego.
  5. I agree. If you're gonna go that route, wouldn't 'Peach State' or something like that work better?
  6. I agree. Wouldn't 'Peach State' or something like that work better?
  7. Losing in a shootout to a conference finalist favorite isn't bad. They looked good.
  8. Lol. My bad. But no playoffs for them.
  9. Is this the place for predictions? I hope so... EAST Metro x- Washington x- Carolina x- Pittsburgh New Jersey NY Islanders Philadelphia NY Rangers Atlantic x- Tampa Bay x- Boston x- Toronto x- Montreal (WC) x- Florida (WC) Buffalo Detroit Ottawa WEST Central x- Colorado x- Dallas x- St. Louis x- Nashville (WC) x- Chicago (WC) Winnipeg Minnesota Pacific x- Vegas x- Calgary x- San Jose Arizona Edmonton Los Angeles Anaheim PLAYOFFS EAST TAMPA BAY D. FLORIDA MONTREAL D. WASHINGTON BOSTON D. TORONTO CAROLINA D. PITTSBURGH TAMPA BAY D. MONTREAL CAROLINA D. BOSTON TAMPA BAY D. CAROLINA WEST COLORADO D. CHICAGO VEGAS D. NASHVILLE CALGARY D. SAN JOSE DALLAS D. ST. LOUIS COLORADO D. DALLAS VEGAS D. CALGARY COLORADO D. VEGAS STANLEY CUP- COLORADO D. TAMPA BAY
  10. Lions- Blue/grey Habs- Blue/Red Pistons- Blue/red Tigers- Navy blue/orange 57% blue 29% red 7% grey 7% orange
  11. I mean it works for a team in the desert, but yeah it's been overdone and it's generic af.
  12. For a league that was on the verge of contracting 2 or 3 teams less than 20 years ago, I don't think expansion's the brightest idea.
  13. Exactly. I just put the Celtics up that high (4) because I think they're the best of the teams outside of Milwaukee, Philly and probably Indiana. Their front court is very thin, but I think their defense and superior coaching makes up for any shortcomings. As far as the Nets, they surprised a lot last season, and will have LeVert back. Kyrie running the point doesn't hurt either. They're definitely in that second tier with Indiana, Boston, Toronto and probably Miami.
  14. 1. Bucks 2. Sixers 3. Pacers 4. Celtics 5. Nets 6. Heat 7. Raptors 8. Pistons 9. Magic- Honestly it could be them or the Pistons at number 8 After 9, there's a massive drop off. NY, CHI, ATL, WASH, CHA and CLE will all be atrocious. 10. Chicago 11. Atlanta 12. Washington 13. Charlotte 14. New York 15. Cleveland 1. Clippers 2. Rockets 3. Lakers 4. Nuggets 5. Jazz 6. Trail Blazers 7. Warriors 8. Spurs 9. Mavericks (will be competitive, but they're essentially just Luka and Porzingis) 10. Pelicans (I think they surprise a lot of people. They're deep, and will have one of the best D's in the league) 11. OKC 12. Sacramento 13. Minnesota 14. Phoenix 15. Memphis
  15. The color scheme on the memorial uni is solid. They should've gone with something like that from the get-go. Maybe a sign of an eventual re-brand?
  16. Duuuuuuuude. Incredible. I'm partial to the red-white-gold look but they're all great. Even a little black trim on that one would be nice. Awesome stuff.
  17. I feel it's more of a temporary thing. Maybe just for the first season to acknowledge the move.
  18. Hasnt free agency traditional started July 1? Now its June 30?
  19. Not a thrift store find, but I got this beauty for free from Kia Canada. I run the social media at my dealership and they sent me this for running ads and contests during the Memorial Cup. Not a big fan of the Storm's new logo, but a nice uni nonetheless. Nick Suzuki's autograph on there as well, which is awesome for me as a Habs fan.
  20. Looks like Klay stays in GS, as they plan to offer him the max. Does that leave room for KD still?
  21. Even in the mid-80's to mid-90's, when they were competitive, they pulled in 18,000 a game on average.
  22. Fan support man. I love Montreal and I'd love the Expos to come back, but it just doesn't seem like a baseball city any more (if it ever was).