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  1. Home-Away: Right off the bat, I don't like the Jets logo. The more and more I look at it, the less and less I like it. I didn't get rid of it, but moved it to secondary status. While it's simple, I think that the new wordmark is more befitting to be on the chest. And so there it is. I also wanted to make the light blue feel like it's a part of the identity. Collar to shoulder stripes like the Jets 1.0, with four military bars ( I apologize if I misnamed those) on the sleeves interrupting the stripes. Wordmark on the chest. I de-italicized the number font as well. Socks match the stripes down the sleeves, stripes bleed off the hem. Military bars on the sides of the pants. Fighter jet logo on the leg of the pants. Alternate - Paying homage to the Winnipeg White Out from the Jets 1.0 days, with a jersey that well, has a lot of white elements. Same basic design as the home and away, just pared down to navy and white. White pants were on the table, but quickly taken off of it. Legacy - Brought back the 2019 Heritage Classic, which themselves are based off the WHA Jets uniforms, but with the appropriate shade of blue, even though, I personally prefer the navy in this case, but was in the interest of historical accuracy. Reverse Retro - While it's not the most radical of the Thrasher's uniforms I could have borrowed from, it certainly was fun to create. The 2003-2006 Thrashers baby blue uniforms serve as the inspiration for the Jets' Reverse Retro, even though it still has the same/similar base color. Stripe down the one arm, this time spelling out Winnipeg. Stripe on the hem now has little jets instead of the Atlanta arrows. Navy stays navy, light blue stays light blue, but yellow gives way to the Jets' red. C&C welcome!
  2. This is probably unrelated to "league with teams in cities" vs "barnstorming league", but as a former lacrosse player, I almost never heard of the MLL. Even during my playing days, it was like "oh yeah, there's a pro lacrosse league" But now with the PLL and the media exposure that it has gotten, lacrosse is being mainstreamed. Maybe one day, the teams will settle into cities, but right now I think the league model is working for what Rabil wants it to do.
  3. Just started school again and I'm gonna just keep posting along with these. Home - Away: In a realistic sense, the Rangers don't need to change much of anything at all. In a concept sense, there's not much fun in that. I did make a move for more unity between the two uniforms. Got rid of the colored ends to the sleeves on the white jersey and added the shoulder stripes to the home blues. Beyond that, much of everything else stays the same. Alternate - Much like the Canadiens and to a degree the Red Wings and Blackhawks, the Rangers' uniform history is largely the same. With that in mind, I brought the 2018 Winter Classic Jerseys across the manufacturer divide to the Nike template in their total glory. I was a big fan when they came out with them, thus still a big fan now. Legacy - Owning to the same problems with the alternate, the Legacy jersey was going to prove to be an issue. I then looked at the first Winter Classic jersey and wanted to work around with that in some way. What the end result was, was a fauxback really, same shell as the 2012 WC uniform, using the same pants and gloves from the Alternate. The "crest" is a script wordmark with the shield and player number underneath it. Reverse Retro - Come on Rangers, if you're gonna reverse a retro uniform, at least make an attempt at flipping colors around. A lot of firsts here. This would would be the first red jersey in Rangers' history, built around the ever popular Lady Liberty uniforms, which sees the red and navy flip places throughout. Also making a first time appearance, are navy/blue pants for the rangers in any capacity. C&C welcome for Calgary and New York!!
  4. Home - Away: In a real world sense, the Flames did the right thing by going back to the throwback look full time, but there was a different avenue that I wanted to go down for these. I went back to the pre-Edge uniform sock striping for the stripes on these. It also kept black in the scheme, rather than holding onto one of the worst designs to come out of the Edge system. I also retired the old chunky font and went with the old red alternate font. The logos and the numbers share the same outline scheme. Also brought the logo from the aforementioned red alternate jersey back onto the shoulders (goodbye flags). Alternate - The alternate sees a slimming down of the stripes into an asymmetrical triple stripe pattern. The logos from the home and away jerseys swap places, with the roundel taking center stage, and the Flaming C moving to the shoulders. This uniform uses the same equipment as the home/away uniforms. Legacy - It might not be the home uniform here, but it still gets its time to shine. the 80's era red uniform sticks around as the Legacy uniform for the Flames. Reverse Retro - No disrespect to Blasty and his Reverse Retro, but I was more meh about it than I was excited by it. So I instead flipped the 1995-98 uniforms to a black base. These to me fly under the radar as some of the more unique uniforms in NHL history but for some reason, you don't seem to hear about them all that much, so I wanted to give them a new lease on being seen. C&C always appreciated!
  5. As soon as I posted it, I could see it Went back to my original idea for the alternate, that just utilized red and white for the striping like the flag itself and left the yellow for trim and logos.
  6. Home - Away: Florida's uniforms are still newish for me and I'm still sort of in that space where I think that their uniforms are still in a feeling out process. But one big issue I have with them is that the uniforms feel red, gold and white, and navy is just there as somewhat as an afterthought and makes some of the elements feel disjointed from each other. With that, I sought to bring a little more continuity from a color perspective. The uniform construction stays mostly the same, with the chest stripe and sleeve stripes staying mostly in place. There's now a navy stripe in between the gold and white stripes. Panthers shield on the chest of the home, Florida shield on the road. Went with the leaping panther as the shoulder logo rather than the state flag logos. Socks match their jerseys. Pants are navy with the leaping panther on the front. Alternate - In what is probably the closest thing to an NBA style City jersey in this series, I went with a different approach on these alts. I celebrated the idea of the Sunshine State. Navy is minimized to just the state flag logos on the shoulders. Brought the old FLA sun logo out of the grave on a white jersey. Red and yellow stripes on the sleeves, sublimated Florida flag design on the front and back of the jersey. Socks and pants have the same style stripes. Legacy - Went with the 03-06 home jerseys. I always struggle with what to say here, because I'm just recreating old uniforms for y'alls viewing pleasure. Reverse Retro - Florida's RR underwhelmed me. Not that it's bad or anything, it just doesn't feel very different from the actual retros. So to that end, staying with the same era as the the Legacy jersey, we see the alternate red jersey turn yellow, with red and yellow flipping places. C&C welcome!
  7. something feels off about the wordmarks on Cincy. Might be the font. I like the classic approach to the uniforms but the wordmark just feels misplaced to me.
  8. Home-Away: After the success of the Winter Classic jerseys, and by extension a more classic style of jersey work for the Preds, I felt that taking things in that direction for the home and away jerseys would be a good idea. 6 navy stripes to match the existing font, you know, 6 strings, guitar, music, Nashville? catch my drift? On the hem, same weight as the sleeve stripes, just a lot less stripes. Predator head still on the front, guitar pick on the shoulders. Keeping the yellow helmet around. Pants just have two gold stripes down the sides. Alternate - Remember the aforementioned Winter Classic jersey? I wonder if what I've done here counts as a Reverse Retro... But I recolored the WC jersey to have a navy base, along with a few other changes. The Winter Classic patches are gone, meaning the fauxback predator head now is on both shoulders. I also went with just the Predators half of the script on the chest, and moved the Nashville half to the helmet. Pants have nothing but the fauxback panther, socks match the chest stripe. Also the stripes on the hem change to match the ends of the sleeves. Legacy - Went right back to the beginning for Nashville, to the 1998-2007 uniforms, in as close to their original glory as I could possibly get. Reverse Retro - Well since the Legacy uniform exists, I was left with a question mark on what to do here. Then it hit me. MUSTARD TIGER. Took one of the most under the radar ugliest alternate jerseys of all time and flipped it into Nashville's current colors, save for the logos. C&C welcome! Honestly not sure. I never really gave much thought to the whole shark on the chest.
  9. So in the name of consistency, the chest stripe on the green now fully matches the arm stripes and the chest stripe on the cream away jersey now moves down to the hem and matches its sleeves.
  10. While I mull over options on the Wild's away jersey, I'll leave you with the Canucks before the holiday break. Home - Away: Before we begin, the Orca has been let out and is swimming free. These are a holdover from my last NHL series but I thought they had some merit to them as a unique design. It's reminiscent of the old V jerseys sleeves with some minor edits here and there. The new, is it really new?, Stick in Rink logo finds itself as the logo on the front. Double stripe on the hem. Single color NOB and numbers on the back. The double stripe makes its way to the pants and to the socks. S-I-R on the front of the pants. Alternate - Finally. A green (full green) jersey for the 'Nucks. Also a first for Johnny C, as he is now on the front chest of the jersey. This moves the S-I-R to the shoulders. Stripes are similar to the home and road jerseys, they just continue as full stripes. Socks are similar to their jersey, pants are the same from the home and road. Legacy - Went with the 85-89 uniforms, in this case the yellow versions. Reverse Retro - I know that I cannot be the only one that was thinking the Canucks would do the unthinkable and bring the V's back. Well I did the unthinkable and brought the V's back, this time in blue and green. Are they gaudy as hell in different colors? Yes. Do I still love it? Yes! You know what? I see it now and I think i'll revisit those before the next team. I think i'll be keeping the jersey cream, but I might tweak it to be a touch lighter. C&C welcome! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and depending on how things go, a Happy New Year!
  11. After this debacle I have my doubts they'd let that happen.
  12. You couldn't have had better timing: Home - Away: Adidas brought Minnesota that much closer to matching uniforms. I nudged it just a little bit further. I personally like the new green jersey and thought it was strong enough to be the base for the road jersey as well. So lets dive in. Like I said, fan of the home jersey, just time to make the roads match. Rather than just go with a white away jersey, I went with the cream color the Wild use. Only real change on the home is the M patch on the shoulder is now a roundel, that replaces the bear head with the M logo. Cream helmet to go with the cream jersey, socks match their jerseys. Pants are stripeless, bear head on the front. State of Hockey - I wanted to try something different for the alternates for Minnesota. since they are the highest level of hockey in the state, I thought that it would be fitting that they pay tribute to where so many NHLers and hockey players in general got their start. The State of Hockey uniforms pay tribute to past State Champions, players of note and important figures in the world of Minnesota high school hockey. The first iteration (might make a mini series out of this, stay tuned for that later) starts with Eveleth, winners of 5 out of the first 7 State Tournaments. These particular uniforms are based off of the 1951 State Championship team. On the inside of the collars is the high school that is being honored along with a number of stars corresponding to their State Championships won. Legacy - Along with uniforms that I felt didn't get a fair shake, the Legacy train for Minnesota stops in between the years 2003-2007 which leads us to the pre-Edge bastardization of the then alternate uniforms. Again, these uniforms I felt deserved more time and also deserved to not have the hem senselessly removed for "design's" sake. Reverse Retro - the Wild's RR is one of my favorites, but in the spirit of creativity, I'm trying my best to not copy the real ones moving forward for all the teams. The North Stars colors stick around, but this time I worked with the inaugural green jerseys from the Wild. Recolored Bear head sticks around, along with the recolored shoulder logo from that era. C&C welcome!
  13. It always reminds me of NCAA Football 2003's artificial turf which is harder to find pictures of than I expected.
  14. I like what you got going on here. This makes me wonder if the teams will get totally new branding or just minor tweaks and keep their logos if and when they all come back.
  15. Since I'm here and have some down time, I have the next team ready as well: Home - Away: The original idea was to bring back the Kachina full time, but in the current team colors. But the Reverse Retro program came out and flipped that idea, and you'll see how shortly. So instead, the hanger effect pattern elevates from the collar to the sleeves, in a style pretty similar to what they have now with some changes. The upper black sleeve stays, but now the "spiritual successor" to the Kachina stripe is just under it. The logo package stays pretty much the same, with the Howlin' Coyote on the chest, and the A-Paw print and the State logo sharing the shoulders. Socks are a pattern-less version of what's on their sleeves. Pants simply have the AZ logo on the front. Alternates - Alright so, owning to my own indecisiveness, we end up with two alternates that look incredibly similar. Allow me to explain: The first idea was the sand colored alternate. Owning to the history of turquoise in the state, I introduced it as a trim color above a sublimated state flag pattern on the sleeves. The AZ logo and the Coyote flip places, and the AZ logo gains a turquoise outline as does the number. Now where does the black version come in? So when I got started to work on the Legacy jersey, I immediately color flipped the sand to black, just to get started. My wife (Arizona native) happened to see it and thought it was a good look alongside the sand version. So both versions of the same jersey became an option. While the Winnipeg White-Out has moved back north of the Border, maybe Arizona could start a new tradition with the black jerseys and a blackout in the playoffs? Legacy: The ever popular Kachina jerseys stick around as the Legacy uniforms, in their completely throwbacked goodness Reverse Retro: In a similar vein the Peyote Coyote jerseys stay as the Reverse Retros, this time with the desert scene continuing on to the jersey sleeves. C&C welcome! Agreed on the anniversaries/outdoor games. In this concept world, I'd like to imagine that even with teams having 5 uniforms or in the Coyotes' case 6, that the NHL would have some form of rules on how many times they can be worn in a season, in contrast to the NBA.
  16. 1. That's fair. The original idea was to have the C-Tomahawks on the front, but it wasn't strong enough to stand on it's own as a chest logo so that's where the roundel came in. So we go back to the Best Logo in Sports on the front, this time. 2. I don't know, I'd take the Blackhawks in black and white over their barberpole attempts. 3. In a real life sense, absolutely. Do the Canadiens need an alternate at all? Nope. But I just wanted to have a little bit of fun with the NHL. There's some historical precedent for it that I wasn't even aware of.
  17. Doesn't mean we can't at least try it. Unlike the bulls who made the middle of the stripe black, I kept it red and left the stars white. The white outside stripes now become powder blue on the chest, sleeves and socks. I also changed the stripes on the pants to match. It looked weird otherwise. I also changed the helmet logo to the four stars from the flag.
  18. Oh, alright fine. Home-Away: From one O6 team to the next, we land in Chicago. And in a realistic sense, no changes were needed really. But that doesn't make concepting fun for me. So I returned the Blackhawks back to their mid-50's style uniforms, with the fuller stripes on the red jerseys and both jerseys have the C-Tomahawk logos on the stripes again. Black tie-down collars on both jerseys. I can't remember my rationale for flipping the colors on the stripes on the away jersey. I'm not totally sure if I even like it looking at it right now, but I'll let some outside voices speak on it before I make a decision. Other than that, the socks match their jerseys, the pants remain unchanged. Alternate - If their arena mates can use the Chicago flag on their uniforms, the Blackhawks should be able to as well. Black base, striping around the chest and arms. Used what I'm calling the "modern roundel", took the roundel from the 40's and 50's and put the modern Chief head in the circle. The weight of the stripes is the same as the flag, but it rounds out looking very similar to the triple stripes of the pants. Legacy - Trying to keep all options open for the Reverse Retros, I color flipped the last Winter Classic jersey into the white version, with more era appropriate pants. Not too much to say about these. Reverse Retro - I put their real life Reverse Retro in the Islanders category: somewhat expected but lazy IMO. but like the Canadiens, I ran into a pretty hefty wall on what to do for them. I ended up with a flip on the inspiration for the 2009 Winter Classic jerseys. Again, it was difficult trying to find something different enough so we ended up with these. Not necessarily my favorites, but hey, its the way the snow falls. C&C welcome! LA: I wanted something different, and I felt like that era of the purple and gold has been forgotten and that felt like a good way to call back to it. I love that the RR is hated! With Wild Wing coming back, I just had to try it ANA: It does feel like a departure and not very Ducks in that way, but I think that after the uniforms they've been wearing since 2007, a calming down would be helpful for the brand. NJ: I definitely think they changed for the sake of changing and I mean, it's not bad but it's unnecessary. BUF: Again, what they did IRL was good and great, I felt that they could have gone away from a direct throwback almost, but I'm not gonna complain. Better uniforms from where they had been. MTL: Incoming hot take: the current white jerseys are overrated and ugly. Traditions be damned. Glad you're enjoying the series so far!! The Canadiens are a team that has worn the same basic thing for so long that it's almost always a challenge to come up with something new. Do they need new uniforms in real life? I'd like to see them move on from the mismatched white jerseys but in a more realistic sense, no. Montreal would probably get burnt to the ground if they departed from the classic look. But for a concept series, I don't see anything wrong with trying something new. The Red Wings had a minor correction that just helps the home and away match a little bit more. The Devils changed for the sake of changing and I felt their old jerseys were stronger than the new ones. That's why those changed. I can't explain why the red looks so dark. It's the official team red from TruColor. It could be your monitor, your screen or my monitor and screen.
  19. It's not bad, but I think yellow/white/green would be just a little bit better. It would break up both teams wearing yellow pants, even if they are very different shades.
  20. Not ready with a new team yet, so consider this a chance to look at the teams so far and let me know what you think!
  21. I get the difference in materials, but man those blues don't match from jersey/socks and pants.
  22. Idk, I know that it's somewhat divisive for people but I like the contrasting nameplates. It's worked its way into becoming one of those quirks for the team.
  23. Home - Away: Be honest. Those of you that do NHL concepts, what do you do when you get to the Canadiens? They've had the same basic look since the 1910's. How do you you mess with that? Well I think I found a way. On the home jersey, things stay pretty much the same in a lot of respects. Same stripes on the arms, chest and the smaller stripes on the hem. On the chest is where I begin to mess with things. The stripe no longer wraps around behind the numbers. I could say it's a legibility thing, but that excuse is more for the white jersey than anything. I unified the weight of the pant stripes to match the jersey stripes. Socks match their jerseys. On the white jersey, I scrapped the current white jersey. I think it's overrated. I don't like it. I did an almost straight over color swap, with a slight striping change. The stripe more closely resembles that of a northwestern stripe, which has some historical significance to the Habs. Alternate - The Canadiens are a team that doesn't need an alternate, but where is the fun in that for a concept thread? With that in mind, this alternate is more of a "Heritage" jersey. In this case, it's an attempt at reviving the Barberpole jerseys without burning the retinas of fans. To do a Heritage jersey, there's gotta be heritage white added to the mix. Other than that, it stays pretty close to the home and away styling. The stripes on the back do come in further. I used a box on the back for the number, in this case, the same color as the base of the jersey, again like the Barberpoles. Pants now have the Olde English C on the leg and the helmets. Legacy - Throwing it back beyond the NHL life of the Canadiens, we enter into the NHA days. These jerseys are modern replicas of jerseys worn in 1911-1912. Sash designs in hockey are rare and fun to see every now and again. Although, even though the Canadiens say these were worn by the team, that isn't for a for sure thing. If you're interested, read more here: But for our purposes, let's pretend there's no controversy or debate over whether these jerseys were actually worn by the team. Sash stripe that runs from the shoulder down the corner of the hem, where it meets with the same stripe running around the hem line. Same stripe on the ends of the arms. Olde English C on the chest. Canvas colored pants and gloves to add to the throwback facade. Sock stripes match the jersey stripes. The modern additions are the sleeve numbers, name on the back, and a white helmet with the Olde English C on it as well. I honestly had no other ideas here. It feels dumb to do this being that it's so close to the concept jerseys. But again, unlike the Blackhawks or the Red Wings even, the Habs have had such minor uniform deviations that there was really no real alternatives. C&C welcome!
  24. Home - Away: Buffalo absolutely did the right thing with their uniform updates. Minor things I would have done differently for those uniforms, but I cannot complain about them as a whole. But for my series, I wanted to stray completely away from an almost straight up throwback. Instead I chose to go with the Winter Classic jerseys as the base, which feels throwbackish but not a straight up throwback, but made use of the updated logos and things of that nature. So to that end, the white jersey is basically the same as the WC jersey with the addition of some yoke trim. The home jersey is the same as the white jersey with the appropriate colors swapped and I did something that the Sabres jerseys of the past hadn't: mixed yellow and white on the blue jerseys. With that, one half of the triple stripe down the sides of the pants. Socks match their jerseys. Buffalo logo that was introduced with the WC jerseys serves as the helmet logos. Alternate - For the first time, a true gold alternate for the Sabres. Unpopular opinion: the 2013-2015 Alternate was only a couple changes from being salvaged. We can debate that somewhere else if you wish. Here though, the gold alternate stays on theme and brand. I find that the Buffalo logo is strong enough to stand as a chest logo, which it does here. This moves the crossed sabre roundel to the shoulders. Like the pants, just one instance of the triple stripe around the arms and the hem and thus the socks. Legacy - with the return to the retro colors, a throwback felt like it wasn't really needed. I'd basically have been replicating a very similar uniform. So I instead worked with the history of hockey in Buffalo as a whole. I took a look at the Buffalo Bisons, the AHL team that was basically shuttered to make room for the incoming Sabres. In essence, a Reverse Retro thing occurs, with the 60's era uniforms serving as the base, with the Sabres colors and identity coming in. Big changes are in the stripes, where I keep the Sabres new triple stripes rather than using the Bisons era stripes. It felt right to use the Sabres script that was very much inspired by the old Bisons Pepsi logo. Pants are blank, socks match the shoulder stripes. Reverse Retro - For those that wanted to see the Goathead back on the front of a jersey, look no further! Went with the 1996-2006 uniforms if that wasn't clear enough. I did my best to fit this onto this template, which was a bit of a struggle, with the "stripe-horns" that come up from the hem. Otherwise, I think it's a fairly honest RR attempt. I also wouldn't have been upset had post-2006, something like this would have happened, with just a return to the blue/gold with the goathead-centric identity. C&C always welcomed!