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  1. I think its something like this. Hope the prowling tiger returns!
  2. MINN i live here and have never seen that abbreviation used
  3. Like everything. It's a fun name. It'll grow on most people. Some of you will clearly hate it forever.
  4. Really nice series and concepts so far. I'll be coming back to this one for sure. Excellent presentation.
  5. Yeah I love the retro shoulder hoop when it started at the rib cage/under the arm I hope that not liking the ram horns on the sleeve is an unpopular opinion, its a reasonably iconic jersey. Spare me the semantics on the horns not being on the shoulders of the animal, its a design element, and it's very effective. Did you know they're also not actually Rams playing on the field? But I will say, I get the malaise when it comes the current throwbacks. If you half-ass em, they look kinda stupid. Like little curly cues. Either do 'em right, or don't do 'em at all. (Although that would still be a mistake.)
  6. Love all of these. I loved the huddles as a kid. I had a vikings one forever. I had a coloring book with all of them in it, I wish I still had it somewhere.
  7. The money is on St. Louis according to MN Hockey Legend Lou Nanne, who is well connected here and in the NHL.
  8. I love it. Fresh and daring Rangers script. It's a departure, but has a subtle nod to the past. Love the cuffs! And yes gentlemen, I like this Powder Blue too. It's a part of baseball history, and was just wrapping up in the 80s when I fell in love with the game.
  9. Finally. As a big Twins fan, this has always been my favorite combo. Baby/Navy/Red SHOULD be our color scheme. Its a great, underused combo. (St. Louis also looks great for the same reasons.) This is probably the 2nd most popular jersey at most games I go to, and will be an absolute boon to Merch sales. I'd expect Nike (who has always made a lot of baby blue gear for the Twins) to push them to add it permanently. That would be a lot with Kasota Gold, but money talks.
  10. Yeah...I have zero problem with this. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, we got a BiG. I like the straight lines, and I can justify it as a weird serif combining. And if you want to put your betting money on a reason they connected them, I assume it's easier to embroider that in 3D for Nike/New Era. I've had to update a logos based on this concern more than once. When things get little and sharp, those poofy parts get real tough to fabricate.
  11. So Cuban's nephew design this, errr?
  12. Just found a full authentic Purple 84 Patterson Vikings Jersey for $9 at Unique thrift store in MN. It was less then terrible Chinese knockoff Adrian Petersons in the RBK 07-13 jerseys. Now I need to know where I can find someone who does Vikings nameplates and-switch that you Moss. I don't care if he never played in that jersey. Could do I've Smith Jr.-but 84 in purple is always moss to me.
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