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  1. I disagree. If you look at the blue over blue, the elements have a consistent yellow white yellow across the entire uniform from the helmet to the pant cuff. The bone over bone has the same white/yellow detail running from the sleeve down the side of the pants with the blue socks/sleeve providing the right amount of contrast and blending with the numbers.
  2. I thought the Rams best combinations were the blue over blue and bone over bone (with blue socks and undershirts). I think both sets maximize the things about the uniforms that are cool and interesting.
  3. Thank Twinkies set is so clean. Love the Sox in blue!
  4. Of course. I'm talking about how the shape of the new horns fit on the helmet itself. The old horns were thinner, but I think they covered a wider arch on the helmet shell.
  5. One other detail contributing to the slightly off feeling with the new Rams uniforms: Spacing on the helmet horns. Compare two photos of Cooper Kupp. Same helmet, same player. The new horns are distinctly off the nose bumper and clearly avoid the stress plate. I'm not sure how much of this is deliberate (i.e. avoiding the irregular shape of the shell to keep the stickers from blistering) but I think it's making the horns look smaller and different compared to the old helmet.
  6. Because the blue over blue is designated home uniform #1. The yellow pants are alternates. It's also pretty clear the home uniform was designed to be mono blue from the jump.
  7. Are they though? A lot of the gimmicky features of the '20 Rams set fade at a distance very much unlike the Bucs and '13 Jags. It was impossible to ignore the Jags' helmet and the Bucs' number font. Ditto for the truncated striping (which the Rams set is largely free of apart from the bone jersey). I think the thing the Rams and Jags have in common is that it really comes down to the helmet. The two color, two finish helmet really sunk that look for the Jaguars. Likewise, I think the segmented horns are going to be the most likely to turn someone off on the new design. If you don't mind the new horns, the rest of the set isn't that bad.
  8. I'm not saying I've come around completely, but I can at least see where the theme is on the mono blue at least.
  9. Just looking at these photos I think the biggest liability is the segmented horn. If its not for you, there's nothing that can repair it. To be honest, once you're looking at it from a distance, a lot of the smaller details (the name tag, the stitching, the swirls on the numbers) fade away. There's even an interesting effect where the gradient effects only the elements from the bottom of the numbers downward. For example this picture has the yellow being consistent from the top of the helmet down to the numbers, before fading to white. The white then fades back to yellow on the pants.
  10. More photos courtesy of Rams Twitter. Also video A couple of notes: 1. The screen printed material and numbers appear to be mildly reflective so it's anyone's guess how that will look. 2. There might be an issue with the gold on the jersey/pants/numbers not matching the helmet. 3. The picture from the gradient up only, makes me wish they had committed to no gradient. It actually looks ok (if you don't mind the broken horns). It would even have been ok if they'd gone all-in on the gradient so you would get the jarring effect of gradient on the numbers but nowhere else.
  11. I'm biased in favor of the gold pants look because that's what I wore in High School.
  12. It's probably reflexive. Most numbers use the same thickness outlining for front and back.
  13. The other thing that bugs me: The outlining on the chest number is far thicker than the outlining on the script. You can really see it on the pinstripes and the grey jersey. I think they're trying to keep the outlining the same color as on the back number but it just looks incongruous.
  14. This was super common with pull-over era uniforms. The sleeves and sansabelt matched and so did the collar and pant seam. Each element was matched with its counterpart of similar size. With nothing to match the sleeves, the Brewers' home jersey feels really unbalance. The only way out would have been to just roll with it and put that expanded sleeve insert on every jersey. It's not even that much wider than the pants striping. Just enough to bother you when you see it.