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  1. I think you've got a good definition going. I would add that the component parts must have room to stand on their without interference. No one element should distract from another at any given time. One thing about the 2013 Jags design was the way the black/gold sides of the helmet bifurcated the very detailed (and quite nice) logo. One subtle feature of the Seahawks uniforms is how the TV numbers are single-color, non-patterned fabric that always matches (and therefore blends in with) the shoulder stripes that cross beneath. Even though there is a lot going on, it doesn't feel jumbled..
  2. I think that one on the right is the winner.
  3. I think there's a happy medium. The Cardinals can easily go with something that's both classic and modern depending on your perspective. Something like Texas A&M but in Cardinal not maroon with the double striping coming across the shoulders might be straightforward enough. Or they could just do what these boards have been saying for years and just put a team colored AZ star/sunrise combination on the sleeve cap.
  4. I feel like that logo could use an extra red outline. They had it on the jersey and I think adds just enough.
  5. I really like the way that road alternate turned out! Using the single red soutache compliments the red outlining on the lettering without clashing harshly with the "A" on the cap. It's very subtle but undoubtedly effective. I love little features like that. Some small detail that really ties a uniform together like a nice rug.
  6. The connection isn’t a coincidence. A lot of the early staff on the Vikings came from the Rams.
  7. Criminally underrated in Rams history was that blue over white set which also had a road jersey with UCLA stripes:
  8. I see what you mean. I think I should've said the bolts remain consistent. The white inserts on the home jersey don't show any extra outlining. The 90's set was the only one to have one consistent bolt/background combination on the helmet, jersey, and pants.
  9. There's a lot of value to trying to keep the same bolt/background combination across every uniform. The Chargers have only pulled that off a few times but when they did it was GLORIOUS: One thing the dark helmet Chargers look had over the white helmet was the you could use the blue inserts on the white jersey without changing the background look.
  10. Well now it does. It had an extra tan outline back in the day. I own sweaters with both types of crest and I'm not 100% which is better. As for the Chargers, I understand the gripe regarding the double trim. Frankly I think the white trim meant to separate the logo on a dark background is a little too thin. I think they solve that on the uniforms by always putting the bolt on a white backdrop: The original home uniforms had that exact feature.
  11. I'd define "Fauxback" as a design which parodies without trying to replicate. I think its the difference between doing a cover verses doing an omage. Back in the U.S.S.R. is a faux-Beach Boys song for example. The Rays are a great example but so are the Phillies Sunday uniforms: They resemble the 1940's uniforms but use the contemporary logos. In football, that's a little harder to do. I'd argue that the Bills current uniforms are fauxbacks since they are meant to evoke the 70's/80's design but do not copy it. Same thing with the Falcons black uniforms of recent vintage. They mix eras in an effort to evoke the 90's design without copying.
  12. Difference of opinion there. Bauhaus can be quite up lifting. It has a spirit of transparency and openness. It doesn’t overwhelm the people who fill the space. Everything is clear, naturally illuminated, and human in scale. Minimalist designs at their best do the same thing, give space for the players to be individuals and emphasize their own speed and power without distraction.
  13. Minor thing buts it’s bugged me that the helmet and pants have the same template for the bolt and the shoulders are different.
  14. Something that needs to be mentioned is the way gradients look on football uniforms: bad Gradients have had some success in soccer and hockey but they're tricky to pull of because invariably you have a change in material. The old Canucks alternates don't look terrible because the gradient material is limited to the one piece of equipment that can adjust: the sweater. If the Rams have tried to apply a gradient to different elements of a football uniform: acrylic helmet stickers, stretch mesh jersey material, elastic pants material, twill number fabric, that could be disastrous. Football is already struggling to match colors in increasingly specialized materials. This could be bad.