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  1. Interesting details in the logo against the different backdrops. The red outline blends into the red jersey so it has the same effect as the previous red jersey. On the white jersey, the red outline rhymes with the number on the back. It's a style I didn't know I liked until seeing it. On the black jersey, the red outline give the impression of a spaced/triple outline which rhymes with the sleeve/hem striping. It looks nice. Fills roughly the same space and its close in shape.
  2. Just using the same shorthand I’ve seen elsewhere on these boards.
  3. It's interesting because it appears to me at least they worked hard to show a degree of continuity. The "Guardians" script has the jagged edges similar to the "caveman" style of the 70's. So it's trying to evoke some memories to tie the new identity to team history. Personally I never liked that era of design but it looks like it meshes quite well (to my eyes) in cursive and with the name change you remove the ugliness of that design being intentionally "primitive."
  4. I think it's good to remember that this is effectively a starting point not an end point. This might not be the Guardians word mark in the next 20 years. The script or color scheme could definitely change as the new name becomes just another part of team history. To use the Marquette analogy, just look at how the identity went from fairly conventional navy and gold styles to incorporating horizontal stripes with powder blue, to really unique sublimated designs, to the latest jagged script. You can call Marquette uniform history since changing to the Golden Eagles a lot of names but boring isn't one of them. So who knows what the future is going to bring for the Guardians. I think they're off to a good start and we'll see where they go next.
  5. Trademarks are a big issue because of several factors: 1. Merchandise. A team doesn't manufacture all their own product, it gets licensed out to suppliers especially but not limited to Nike. So those licensing deals have to have the appropriate paperwork. 2. Counterfeiting. Fakes are a MASSIVE problem and shutting down counterfeiters necessitates valid registrations that empower courts to issue injunctive relief. 3. Intellectual property is transferable but like any asset, its best if there's clear chain of custody with few disputes. Problems can and are worked out between parties but that can mean compensation changing hands and at a minimum legal fees for negotiating and drafting an agreement. It makes the process a lot smoother, less messy, and less expensive if there aren't any risks of an opposition being filed.
  6. That’s an interesting data point. I thought the plain red on blue was something fairy unique but it just goes to show that your own preferences don’t necessarily line up with the fan base.
  7. Can the Guardians wear these the rest of the season? I like what I’m seeing. Obviously not what I would’ve done (my Spiders concept is elsewhere on the boards) but overall pretty nice. I do hope they use the standard block numbers. Not that the fancy numbers look bad just that they’ve never really been associated with a custom font. But honesty that’s a nitpick.
  8. The black era Meta also included these unis which have some interesting things going for them: The snow white, headspoon design is really different given the Mets history. It has the black hat that was originally the road hat. Despite being technically the “alternate” it was the de facto home uniform, black undersleeves and all, for years. If we’re revisiting that era, this could be cool to see.
  9. Some people do. I think the Clone Wars TV did a lot to lift the enjoyment.
  10. The Mets in black has become an example of generational shift. There was an active campaign to get the Mets to stop using black just 15 years ago. Now its being re-evaluated and there's a lot of nostalgia for something people grew up with. It's like the Star Wars prequels today or the Star Wars sequels ten years from now.
  11. There's also the intellectual property aspect. Trademarks have to be filed and that process can take a while. For example, the Rams "LA" mark is still pending with the USPTO.
  12. Huh, I never knew that. I know that was a misconception common among Marquette students and alums at the time. That really adds another wrinkle. Thank you for that.
  13. I think one issue with the WFT and the "Warriors" is that, frankly, there are better options that don't take the team out of the Lightning Sand and into the teeth of the ROUS's. To keep using Marquette as @SFGiants58 has done, when the name Golden Eagles was chosen in the 90's, one problem was that it felt a little generic because there happens to be another D1 Jesuit University called the Golden Eagles: BOSTON COLLEGE. So the school wasn't just dropping their own nickname but seemingly picking up someone else's. I think one thing that happened in 2005 was that the school then went from fine but maybe not unique to awful. Especially since it looked like they were copying other schools again with the Syracuse Orange and the Stanford Cardinal having so recently changed their names. I wonder if any of the controversy would have happened if the school had selected Hilltoppers (or Golden Avalanche) in the 90's which were both unique names with connections to the school. Right now the WFT has a bunch of unique interesting options like Red Tails and Hogs (even Red Wolves is nice) that are better. They have plenty of good choices on the table so there's no reason to risk turning the nickname into an ongoing problem.
  14. I was on campus in 2005 for the Marquette Gold fiasco. I voted Hilltoppers in the poll but I think it worked out ok. Golden Eagles was never a bad name and this was a really cool logo. https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/4701/Marquette_Golden_Eagles/1994/Primary_Logo I think the longest lasted negative effect of the attempted 2005 rebrand was the eagle logo went away and never came back. The point is Washington could do a lot worse than “Washington Football Team” with a W mark.
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