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  1. I'm biased in favor of the gold pants look because that's what I wore in High School.
  2. It's probably reflexive. Most numbers use the same thickness outlining for front and back.
  3. The other thing that bugs me: The outlining on the chest number is far thicker than the outlining on the script. You can really see it on the pinstripes and the grey jersey. I think they're trying to keep the outlining the same color as on the back number but it just looks incongruous.
  4. This was super common with pull-over era uniforms. The sleeves and sansabelt matched and so did the collar and pant seam. Each element was matched with its counterpart of similar size. With nothing to match the sleeves, the Brewers' home jersey feels really unbalance. The only way out would have been to just roll with it and put that expanded sleeve insert on every jersey. It's not even that much wider than the pants striping. Just enough to bother you when you see it.
  5. As much as I do appreciate Vegas’s design, the London Knights just have much better identity. They also pack a decent size arena on a nightly basis.
  6. Now I’ve had my issues with Cleveland’s use of the softball top but I’m pretty sure they contract cleaning them out rather keep someone on payroll.
  7. That looks pretty sweet actually.
  8. This is something I'm on board with. If we could get a Viking logo that shows a knarr loaded with amber and walrus ivory for trade, that would be pretty sweet. I'd love a full bodied squid logo in attack mode like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Especially if Seattle plays Carolina in the Whalers throwbacks for some classic sperm whale v. giant squid action.
  9. I think you meed to thicken the red striping on the sleeve. I like the idea but to get it really match the hem stripe has to have the same widths. Otherwise it presents a weird clash like the Maple Leafs sleeve/hem contrast.
  10. I agree completely. I had been tending to like the royal/gold version of the Mariners and I decried the Seahawks neon green. Then I went to Seattle for a wedding in January. Suddenly everything made sense. On a cloudy day, the different, bright shades of teal and green really shine. More traditional blue and gold didn't really fit. The Kraken's colors and scheme is going to look terrific on the Seattle streets.
  11. I LOVE THE NAME. Maybe I'm a sucker for large invertebrates but the idea of team named after a giant squid is just the right brand of weird for me. I feel like the team would be making a mistake for not going weird when the opportunity was right in front of them. I love how they managed to use the split "S" to create a tentacle. The anchor/space needle logo is one of the best secondary logos out of the gate in a long time (image that as the crest on an alternate). The color scheme is going to look great, especially on a cap. The jerseys have really terrific color balance. I love that they maintain a unified sleeve and hem template. I don't normally go for double shades of blue (green?) but this feels like it's done right, its just there to add some texture and they're consistent about how they use it. A+ all around from me. PS: The sleeve numbers appear squatter and wider than the back numbers, a detail that always wins points for me.
  12. The BFBS Rangers balances those colors at least well as the actual Rangers did... Very cool looking sleeve patch on the early alternates. I didn't know Texas used those.
  13. I like this better given the blue brim is used. If the cap was all red and had a plain white P, I'd like the white outline better.
  14. It's insane how much better these are than what was before. Top ten easy. Some really terrific details too. On all three uniforms, the side panels feature doubled up versions of the collar and shorts cuff piping. The center stripe is base color of the jersey EXCEPT for the black which switches in the gold creating a look that is consistent in theme with the red and white uniforms while still being different.
  15. How about blue outlining on the home pins too?