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  1. AL WEST OAKLAND ATHLETICS I decided to depart from my earlier A's concepts, both of which emphasized the Charlie O'Finley years, by focusing on an unusual detail in A's history. For stretches of their history, the A's had "OAKLAND" across the chest on both jerseys. It's an odd little detail and with the Raiders decamping for Las Vegas by way of London or Mexico City or Mars (I can't keep it straight) and the Warriors moving across the Bay, maybe its time to reaffirm the Athletics ties to Oakland. I used the script from last year's alternate jersey because it had exactly the right amount of pop in Kelly and gold. I used gold letters on the home jersey and white on the road which is something I think the O'Finley era did prove to be the ideal look. For a piping template I was inspired by this gorgeous Cienfuegos Elephantes jersey. The soutache on the raglan seams felt like just the right amount of subtlety that could add some color which still evoking the simplicity of some of the classic Philadelphia Athletics uniforms. In the same spirit, the primary logo is now just the "A" with the "'s" and made a white, striped alternate cap. C&C as always. Enjoy!
  2. Isn't Old Ironsides also the nickname of the USS Constitution, one of the US Navy's first and most famous warships?
  3. AL WEST LOS ANGELES ANGELS Really wanted to go in a different direction for the Angels. The obvious fix to their current set would be to re-emphasis navy blue and drop some of the unnecessary shadowing on the logos but here I felt they could do something much more by re-introducing the baby blue from the Disney era. C&C as always. Enjoy!
  4. One more tweak to the Astros before moving on. I've replaced the "ASTROS" script with "HOUSTON" on the away set. I still like the cream best but I'm posting a grey version as well.
  5. I think I like the white details on the alt but I would probably stick with the cream road uniform. I think it blends with the sunrise details a bit better.
  6. AL WEST HOUSTON ASTROS The Astros have an amazing tradition. The shooting star design, the tequila sunrise, the blue/gold, right up to the present and the new orange and blue. What I've done here is try and imagine what those traditions would look like distilled into a single look. Nike has had a tendency recently in their NCAA baseball designs to favor minimalist themes with an emphasis on distinctive patterns. For the Astros, that means the tequila sunrise. However, I hold to the discovery I made with my first Astros concept: the sunrise theme works best when its separated from the blue portions entirely. With that in mind, I've gone with the original 60's script with some slight modifications to the line weight and arch smoothness. The roads are cream just like they were for in the 80's. The alternate is all navy blue to let the warm color elements stand out. C&C as always. Enjoy!
  7. AL CENTRAL MINNESOTA TWINS This is may not be the most revolutionary Twins concept but I decided on two points regarding the Twins aesthetic: 1. the home uniforms look best with navy blue lettering and 2. something was needed to add warmth to the look with the move to Target field. The cream alternates demonstrated both of these points perfectly. They looked better than any other look worn outdoors since the move out of the Metrodome. That being said, I felt it was too obvious to repeat the cream based home uniforms (and frankly its already been done to perfection elsewhere on these boards). So I opted for red pinstripes as the way to add some much needed warmth to the home look. It also blends well with a red softball top. For the road design, I opted to reinstate the pinstripes as it had been the only distinctive look for them on the road. Thanks to @MJD7 for lending me the updated "Minnesota" script based on the modernized letters. C&C as always. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks very much! Full disclosure, I tried the current "Kansas City" script initially but it just didn't look right when you flip the color from blue outlined in white to white outlined in blue, which is what I wanted to do for the roads.
  9. AL CENTRAL KANSAS CITY ROYALS The Royals have a great look but I don't think its really meeting its full potential. It often just looks like Midwest Dodgers which could be doing a lot more. I went back to some of the early designs for the Royals which had some really nice soutache piping around the collar and bold Kansas City script to go with dusky blue road uniforms. I've added the twist of using thicker than normal piping on the collar, sleeves, and pants. I've also added a heat-shaped sleeve path design which invokes the Kansas City Monarchs which adding two royal features, a crown and a sash. For Sundays, I've envisioned using the crowned KC logo in a Monarchs style template with raglan sleeves and lots of gold trim. C&C as always. Enjoy!
  10. No problem. I've also tinkered with the idea of using orange instead of red to make it a little more fauxback-y.
  11. I really like where you’ve gone thematically with the Sox. The double stripe theme is great. I love the charcoal road with white lettering. I love the plain white logos on the black/pins alt. My one quibble is that I am not a fan of pairing the 76 style numbers with the Gothic S-o-x. To my eyes it just becomes too busy. Like pairing apple pie with chocolate ice cream. I’d much prefer a block or Gothic font. Apart from that, great job!
  12. The Mets are just terrific. It’s always fun when apple “NY” design appears.