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  1. At least 10% of any sports fan's Ohio mindspace is taken up remembering it's THE Ohio State University.
  2. Washington Senators were established the same year (1901) that Cleveland was.
  3. It's strange how the Twins and Guardians always get picked on to change colors from RWB when they're two of the oldest franchises in the majors. Pick on someone else. I think the font could be a little thicker and sturdier, but overall a good, if not great, rebrand. I like the G-ball logo a lot more knowing it's supposed to mimic a split-finger grip.
  4. There was relatively little rioting in Robbinsdale and Brookyln Center, certainly not to the extent of Lake Street. As you said those suburbs have always been lower SES, but I don't think you can blame their current conditions on what happened last May, and I disagree with characterizing those areas as still "burned down." I don't think over-exaggerating is the answer to under-selling. Outstate means someone from Greater Minnesota, ie not the Twin Cities or metro area.
  5. Which neighborhoods/areas? I was on Lake Street and West Broadway doing clean-up last summer and I've been back recently and both areas have bounced back well. Are there still some burnt buildings or lots? Yes. But they are certainly not "burned down" and it is certainly not "more than a couple of blocks." Do you live outstate?
  6. No complaints, beautiful logo.
  7. Only the Capitals seem to use (the superior) WSH, all the other DC teams use WAS.
  8. The floating star is my one major quibble with the Loons' logo. Besides not feeling connected to the rest of the logo, if they ever win an MLS Cup it's going to clash horribly.
  9. I know it was late last night, but do I really have to explain what I meant when I said "Red-red probably has higher contrast though than sand-grey" under a picture of two teams wearing identical color jerseys right after a post about how sand and grey are supposedly completely incompatible because you wouldn't be able to distinguish the two teams? Here's another example of high contrast red-red and blue-blue match-ups. (The pants are different colors though, to be fair).
  10. Yeah everyone is definitely keying into the pants to tell the teams apart. My bad.
  11. Here's the Twins playing the Angels, both in red Red-red probably has higher contrast though than sand-grey.
  12. Minnesota will be north star/L'Etoile du Nord, Boundary Waters, or Prince related. My gut is the French state motto on a dark jersey. Remind me in a year.
  13. Even the blades of grass in Maryland have crab-shaped flag stickers on them. It's honestly surprising it hasn't spread onto their sports uniforms more.
  14. At least go back to the triple Northwestern stripe socks. I think those look great and classic Leafs.
  15. My only quibble is the antler looks like it's sitting on the head rather than being part of it. Having the front bit be flat instead of a point adds to the visual dissonance. Edit: Something like this
  16. It made sense when they were the North Stars. Looks sloppy as just the Stars.
  17. 100% would take 2b over what they did today.
  18. Also, we don't need sponsorship deals under the damn crest. Worse if they're rebranding to Nationwide Columbus SC.
  19. Oh jeez, I guess I could've questioned why all the players were wearing 3, and why it's so large on the front.
  20. Surprised this is allowed, even with the contrasting lower halves.
  21. I'm a crazy person but those Chelsea kits are so-bad-they're-good in my eyes. The DragonBall Z number font is awful though.
  22. The previous Saints were the Brooklyn Dodgers' affiliate, playing the cross-town rival Minneapolis Millers who were the New York Giants' affiliate.
  23. Touched up uniforms for the St. Paul Saints now that they're the AAA affiliate of the Twins: https://www.facebook.com/stpaulsaints/posts/10159408687949374 Like the addition of yellow from the St. Paul flag, and having the period under the T in St. Paul. Wish they'd bring back this script though.
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