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  1. Overpaid? You betcha! As far as the lounger goes, I get the idea behind it, but it's stupid as hell. You want fan involvement? Let that fan call out the pick and not sit/stand/dance like a moron to the side while they get ignored by the draftee.
  2. Not a lawyer, but my understanding is that the GDPR is only applicable if a website is engaged in the "offering of goods or services" (regardless of whether a payment is required) to data subjects within the EEA, or are monitoring the behaviour of data subjects within the EEA (Article 3(2). Since the forum isn’t providing goods nor services, they don’t have to. Seriously though, if you don’t want to be here, stop logging in or do the password scramble like LMU suggested. It’s really not that difficult...
  3. The horse is fantastic, but the only issue I see is how the curve at the top of the shield isn't symmetrical. I think this would benefit from smoothing that out. If the shield has 3 tips at the top (like the NFL shield), I think the center tip needs to be extended a little and the two curves to the left and right tips need to be the same.
  4. Starting with the Titans concept - it's by far the better of the two, but I get more of a Mardi Gras/New Orleans vibe from it instead of LA or Greek Mythology. While the actors' mask is a subtle nod to the entertainment industry, I think its too much of a stretch to make that LA connection. To me, the name "Titans" evoke a sense of power and majesty and I feel it's lacking here. For the Ghosts - I'm really not feeling this. Other than the uniform stripes (which I feel are really, really good), things seem way to forced. From the 'C G' on the eyes to the city sash, everything on the logo-side of the concept screams "thrown together at the last minute".
  5. It's not even his. It's recolored Clip Art.
  6. Member has been suspended for making threats towards another member of the board. Length of the suspension will be determined once all moderator votes are cast.
  7. Going to remove the artwork and lock this thread due to the unmodified use of the clip-art logo: @BWICK224 - Please take the time to review the Concept Forum Guidelines before posting another concept. Thanks.
  8. It is now. Next time, I'm not going to ask so nicely.
  9. ...and if you want to continue to stay on these boards, chill the out.
  10. Drop it. We’ve been through the “why’s” when the fan fiction section shut down. We’re not doing it again. Keep it on topic gentlemen.
  11. Not sure. I think it’s an all or nothing scenario here, but I’ll check.
  12. Update: you can click on a member’s profile to see their previous names. There’s a little circle icon next to the member’s name which will show their name change history. We understand it’s not quick and convenient, but that may be due to the limitations of the software.
  13. While I appreciate the effort put into this (it's pretty good actually, kinda reminds me of Frasier Davidson's 'skins logo), I just want to remind everyone here about the team name controversy rule While we haven't gotten into that territory, I want to make sure we avoid it so the OP can continue to get C&C on his concept.
  14. ...and I'm forcing this conversation back to topic. Thanks.
  15. A solution to that issue is being worked on with the board software folks. Hopefully it'll remedy both the desktop and mobile platforms.
  16. Member has been suspended indefinitely for abusive behavior towards other members of the forum. Length of the suspension will be determined once all moderator votes are cast.
  17. Stop being a jerk towards other posters or your stay is going to be short here. Capeesh?
  18. Drop it. It’s ran it’s course.
  19. Teal has been free to post in any thread other than the NFL 2020 one.
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