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  1. If anything, the no boundaries or limits comment makes me think Saint Louis United. Which, considering St. Louis is a community largely defined by how fragmented it is between the City, the County, St. Charles, JeffCo, and even further - the sentiment could play really well. Agreed. Saint Louis City would be just about the worst name they could go with, and I don't see it happening.
  2. Okay, but now can somebody explain to me why Big Ten teams keep on scheduling this cupcake?
  3. I just want the BattleHawks back. If the Rock pulls that off then he really is a demi god.
  4. Ooooooooooh now this is beautiful. This is art. This could be announced on August 13 and I would be elated.
  5. Oh! I've heard people suggest St. Louis City (which is fine but would seem to exclude St. Louis County and other STL metro areas, which could be a bad move), but nobody has mentioned Lou City being the full name as far as I know. I really like that. Especially since the whole movement for the team has been called #MLS4TheLou
  6. Ya, this is the second tweet for names they're not going with. Ravioli Boyz made me chuckle. And here's the embedded tweet:
  7. I've long believed that nobody can tell another person how to be a fan or what makes up a "true" fan. Everyone likes the teams or players they like for their own reasons. I knew a guy who was a NY Jets, Miami Heat, and St. Louis Cardinals fan and he had both geographical and non-geographical reasons for each team. And none of those reasons were less legitimate than another. As others have said, it really is just up to how you feel. And sometimes your emotions can end up going against what you cognitively think the rational decision should be. You could think you want to be a Kraken fan, but find yourself still drawn more to Vancouver. Or maybe the local passion and fervor for local NHL hockey inspires you to become emotionally drawn to the Kraken above all else. You also could be someone who is comfortable balancing fandom for multiple NHL teams considering that's already what you've been doing. But at least from my perspective I guess it really depends on how passionately you've been tied to your Vancouver and LA fanhood. If you've lived and died with them based off success or failure in the past, I'd think it would be difficult to separate yourself entirely from those memories and feelings. If NHL hockey has been more of just a way to entertain yourself with some rooting interests and you find it easy to sever yourself from those teams, then it could be more rational to go along with the more local team.
  8. Assuredly, but I wanted to provide some context as to why Lazer Snakes was even a suggestion. I dunno where the Capybaras one came from, though, but I actually really dig that logo. For the time that I lived in StL County people could tell that I wasn't a native based off my aversion to Imo's (even though Imo's also has a location in the hometown where I grew up). But, in fairness, there is some dang good pizza in St. Louis. But that good pizza isn't Imo's.
  9. MLS4TheLou shared some logos for some of the more outlandish/fun suggestions that came in from fans (also, for those not in the know, the local supporter group St. Louligans has been a strong proponent of Lazer Snakes)
  10. Also interesting that apparel isn't ready at reveal because of how cautious they were with leaks: "A common way a name or logo leaks is through the production process; many a logo or uniform unveiling has been spoiled that way. Seattle didn't want to give the markups to vendors too soon and potentially have someone see it at a factory or shipping center. As a result, it will take some time to get official merchandise and jerseys on to fans."
  11. Yeah, but at least the Nationals actually play in the National League. Seems fitting that way to me, as opposed to a team named the Metropolitans not even playing in the Metropolitan Division. That being said, it's a dumb reason to keep them from using a name.
  12. Just don't think I can agree with this concept any more than it's true for any other team. If any team wins a lot they're associated with winning, and if any team loses a lot they're associated with losing. "Kraken" doesn't have any kind of special qualities that require the team to be amazing anymore than, say, the Titans. I mean, the Titans are massively powerful beings that birthed the Greek gods (though, in fairness, they were then defeated and subdued by Zeus). Yet, nobody is like "lol the Titans don't win enough their name is such a bad name because Titans are supposed to be powerful."
  13. Ya, gotta say I'd take the visual identity and team nickname of Seattle Kraken over the Pelicans and everything about them.
  14. TBH this could just be the permanent name. Could be the first NFL team with Eurofootball naming conventions. Could call them Washington FT.
  15. Gotta second this. I *personally* don't get the utter revulsion to the Kraken name here, but this board praises plenty of things as well. There's definitely a culture here that has preferences that tend to swing strongly one way or the other, but it will swing positively just as much as it will negatively. The thing is, you get a forum of people who care passionately about one topic enough and you're going to get strong opinions. If you come to a forum of people who care about sports logos, identities, and uniforms (a pretty niche interest) you're going to get strong opinions.