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  1. Love love love the new interlocking KC logo. It looks classic without being a knockoff of some other interlocking logo. The "c" is similar to the wishbone C without being a ripoff. I agree with @Shadojoker that I don't know about the shading, but I really like the design overall and think this is a vast improvement for UMKC.
  2. I'm a Missourian who used to live in StL County (in Affton) but doesn't anymore. Hope you like living in St. Louis! I love that city with each and every heartbeat. Imo's is edible. I've consumed it plenty of times, especially at trivia nights when other people have purchased and brought in Imo's. It's just that if I have a choice of pizzas then it's not going to be at the top of the list.
  3. I went ahead and liked this and I'm just going to ignore your comment about Cardinals fans. Also, St. Louis has some great pizza and aaaaahmazing Italian food on The Hill... it's just that Imo's is not a glowing example of the great food in St. Louis. A lot of other St. Louis fans will crucify me for it, but I am not an Imo's lover. Also, that second goal was awesome and ya it was all on Marchand. Absolutely beautiful moment. Nothing but respect for Rask. I can't imagine how Backes was feeling watching his former team beat his current team without even touching the ice. A lot of Blues fans renounced their former love for Backes during this series, but now that it's over I think a lot of us feel bittersweet feelings towards Backes.
  4. Ya, it was really generous of Lindenwood to host in a pinch. Flooding in Missouri has been pretty dang bad the past few weeks.
  5. Had an amazing time last night. As happy as I am, I'm even more ecstatic for the Blues fans who have been waiting for this since the Note came to StL. The joy St. Louis is feeling right now is incredible, and to have that win over Boston just makes this feel like justice not just for 1970 (which was weeeeeell before I was born), but also for the Pats over the Rams and the Red Sox trouncing the Cards in '04 and '13. What a magical season. I'm dancing to Gloria this morning like Hugh Grant in love actually.
  6. I was rooting for the Republic in that game! Wish they would have won. And certainly understand that the Open Cup has had USL teams beat MLS teams. It just has never happened for Saint Louis FC before, so it was an important moment for this club.
  7. Just here to mention that Saint Louis FC of the USL-C knocked off the Chicago Fire in the Open Cup yesterday. I know the Fire aren't exactly world beaters right now, but it's still a significant accomplishment for STLFC to snatch their first ever win against an MLS club and advance to the furthest point of the Open Cup that they have ever been.
  8. Equally as impressive as winning 13-0 is Alex Morgan netting five goals. Yeesh.
  9. This is great work - especially love the Norwegian sweater. Looking forward to the rest of this series!
  10. Would love St. Louis Showboats as a team nickname if they could pull off a decent brand identity with it.
  11. Looks like sunrise over the bay perhaps? But agreed, that logo is terribad. Otherwise, I really like the alterations to the bridge logo and their typeface. Not big on the big W logo but it's not the worst thing either.
  12. Blues have rebounded again and again and again this season and postseason, and to write them off right now when they shouldn't have even gotten to this point by conventional wisdom seems pretty foolish to me. I'm not saying the Blues pull it off on the road, but I am saying that there's still at least three periods left for these two teams to play and losing game six does not equate to losing game seven.
  13. These are really quite beautiful. I would not be disappointed at all if these ended up being made into something more permanent than a throwback uniform.
  14. Obviously rooting for USWNT, but generally I would enjoy chaotic upsets of favorites. Also rooting hard for Scotland to beat England since they're in the same group and they play their first game against each other.
  15. The fact that Robert Irsay talked with Phoenix about moving the Colts there from Baltimore before he ever received interest from Indianapolis eleven years before the Cardinals moved to Arizona. There hypothetically could have been an NFL alternate history with a Phoenix Colts team and Indy getting football via a different avenue.