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  1. That just reminds me that the hashtag for Just Do It looks like "Just Dolt"
  2. My hope is that any logo change is minimal cleaning up, or maybe just the introduction of a secondary logo. In terms of the uniform I have no idea what the change may be but I know a number of Colts fans are hoping (or at least speculating) it's that a blue pants/blue jersey combo becomes the default home uniform.
  3. Just gonna agree with the general consensus: Chargers got the update right, and I've never been a big fan of the Chargers' look so good for them.
  4. Right again. It was inevitably going to happen at the end of the season regardless - but it's a bizarre thing that it's happening before any team in the league even had a chance to win a league championship. I'm not saying it's unfair, or wrong, or anything other than that it's bizarre and unfortunate for a brand new league that's relying on building an entirely new connection with its cities and fans. An AA team that loses all its players still has the legitimacy that comes from being attached to a major league club. An XFL team that loses all its players can go from sensation to a dud and lose all that momentum, and that's going to hurt how it is perceived in cities that haven't managed to build the emotional connection with their XFL team quite yet.
  5. But I'm not talking about the overall talent of the league. Yes, I'm sure that will remain similar. But because (1) the two teams with the best QBs lost those QBs, and (2) every player is a free agent, those that were performing the best (Roughnecks, BattleHawks, off and on Defenders) now won't have the continuity to continue being the best teams in the league. What I'm saying is that we have no idea what any of these teams could look like, and a team like Houston could turn around and go from first to worst without anything to really show for their first season.
  6. Whoops, sorry! Then to keep the discussion to the XFL, it is going to be interesting to see what the ramifications of the best players from an incomplete season leaving the league look like, especially since every player was on a one year contract anyhow. All of a sudden the best talent is going to be gone, and teams that could have been competing for a championship may look entirely different with no playoff appearance or title run to show for it. For all we know next season the Roughnecks could be miserable and the Vipers could be dominant, which already sounds weird and off putting to me.
  7. Plus, if he can stick, you get paid a lot more to be a third stringer QB in the NFL than you do to be the starter in the XFL. If the NFL comes calling, you take that call.
  8. Ta'amu of the Battlehawks has signed with the Chiefs. Clearly Mahomes and Henne will be ahead of him on the depth chart, but if the NFL comes calling you answer.
  9. I've just gotta really hope that whatever tweaks are made are minor clean ups rather than anything that makes a major visual change. Fortunately, what I've read makes it look like that's exactly what they're doing. One thing I'm reading among Colts fans regarding the uniform is the possibility of the default home uniform being blue jersey and pants rather than blue jersey white pants.
  10. Working for the state department of health, haven't had a whole lot of free time this week, but: 1. Buckner to the Colts brings me a lot of joy. Still in his mid-20s and an elite DT - he's what the Colts were going to hope the 13th pick would end up being eventually. 2. Never have been a Rivers fan, and I think his decline last season was real. But if a top notch OLine can help him, maybe he can be the short term answer while a younger guy is found/developed. 3. Brady to the Bucs is bizarre to me as well. Never had a reason to root against TB but I will now, even if I still like Arians. 4. This is a crazy FA period and this thread has a lot of good takes.
  11. BattleHawks had more than half of their upper bowl sold out, and were opening up new sections whenever they sold out of the ones they'd already made available. There were going to be 40,000+ people there... and now that's just not going to happen.
  12. Obviously disappointed that I won't get to use my March 21 BattleHawks tickets, but much less disappointed than I would be to see it result in people contracting a disease and dying.
  13. So, clearly with football leagues like this, ticket revenue is much more important to its sustainability than it is for the established leagues. If the NFL had to keep people out of a stadium or two it would have zero problem still making a profit. The XFL is in a very different boat - ticket sales are imperative. However, if what we've basically heard/assumed is true (that McMahon is willing to burn money on this 'cause he has plenty of it), Seattle issuing refunds to anybody who had tickets not only is the logical/decent thing to do, it's savvy. If this league is going to last, I can't think of any better way to generate goodwill with a community and fan base than to treat them with decency and respect. A more money hungry league could have just shrugged their shoulders and said "did you get the Ticketmaster ticket insurance? If not, tough luck." This is the right move.
  14. For those commenting on the logos, the student who proposed the Kingfisher mascot idea said unequivocally that they did not intend for those to be actual logos for the university and that they are not a graphic designer qualified to make logos, and that those were just mockups to give students an idea of what a Kingfisher would look like.
  15. Right. The more apt comparison would be the flu. Both are respiratory diseases, are spread through similar means, and have the same prevention strategies. And it's deadly - the CDC's estimates for the 2017-2018 flu season was 61,000 deaths in the US (a particularly bad year), and for the 2018-2019 season it was 34,157 estimated deaths. Obviously we don't have all the numbers for this most recent flu season, but it's on pace to exceed the 2018-2019 numbers and pediatric deaths from the flu are at record highs right now. So why are people so scared of COVID-19 when *right now* the chances of contracting and dying from the flu are much greater in the US? It's because (1) the flu is commonplace and people are used to it, so it's less scary, (2) because it's commonplace many Americans have built some level of immunity to it, whereas we have no natural immunity to COVID-19, and (3) there are flu vaccines and treatments and there's none of that for COVID-19 as of right now. Also, it has been more infectious and deadly in other nations than the flu is here, so if it were to truly become an outbreak in the States, the expectation would be that it would be more deadly than the flu. But these are the steps that need to be preached: (1) Wash your hands, and correctly - meaning with soap and water for 20 seconds. (2) Cough into your elbow. (3) Avoid touching your face, especially your nose and mouth (4) If you are sick, stay home. (5) Prepare, but don't panic - in case of an outbreak in your area, be prepared to be able to stay home for a few weeks without going outside And fun fact: apart from that fifth step, those are all the exact same steps to avoid the flu. Then, tangentially, there is no need to purchase face masks. It's not an effective public health intervention to avoid catching a disease. Rather, it keeps you from spreading diseases if you're already sick. But healthcare providers are experiencing shortages because of people going out and needlessly stocking on face masks, and that's a problem.