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  1. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  2. I've always seen them as red socks with white and navy stripes from just looking at them. But after staring at them longer and also seeing the Tampa Bay socks, they look more like red sox with two large white stripes that each have a blue stripe inside of them. However, I do not (and cannot) see them as red socks with a large white field that contains a red stripe and two navy stripes.
  3. Except this is baseball and literally anything can happen. But really, I see the Yankees as immensely beatable, the Twins series aside. I think the best bet for the Astros to lose was in a smaller sample of games like the ALCS. It's hard to imagine another team matching up well enough to beat them in a seven game series.
  4. In my limited opinion, Beltran would make a great manager for the Mets.
  5. Agreed. Again, while it'd be better for the A's to just stay put, Portland would already work well with the Green/Yellow scheme I think, and the AL West is where a Portland team would belong anyhow. IF the A's were ever to relocate, Portland really should be the choice.
  6. I have no connection to Sacramento. I've never even been there. But the whole Kings to Seattle debacle kinda permanently put me on Sacramento's side of things. If the A's ever relocate (although it'd be better if they didn't), Sacramento would be great.
  7. I don't see it happening, but it would be miserable if it did. Not only is Vegas not even in the top five of cities that would be good fits for an MLB team, but to move such a storied franchise to a city devoid of baseball history would be egregiously bad.
  8. NY Giants vs. New England Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Washington vs. Miami Houston vs. Kansas City Seattle vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Baltimore New Orleans vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Atlanta vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Denver Dallas vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Green Bay
  9. Eh, it all makes sense. Acuña has every reason to celebrate cutting the deficit in half with a huge home run, and Martinez has every reason to be upset in the moment when his opponent celebrates hitting a home run off of him. Players have emotions, and there's no moral weight to those emotions unless they end up being expressed as destructive actions (such as intentionally hitting a batter). These players have feelings, and I enjoy the sport more when they express them.
  10. Going to the Colts - Chiefs game at Arrowhead this weekend. Excited to see the Colts in person, which I don't get to do very often, even if I expect a Chiefs win. But I also expected a Mizzou win when I went to go see IU play them, and IU ended up beating the SEC East Champions that year, so who the heck knows?
  11. Yes, the World's Fairs of those eras had plenty of despicable things. But no, that's not what that event is "more associated with" at all. Infrastructure from the 1904 Olympics and World's Fair are still landmarks in St. Louis, primarily on the grounds of Forest Park (which existed well before 1904 but still has many of the buildings from the events) but also elsewhere, such as on the campus of Washington University. Few if any people in St. Louis know about the serious racial/cultural problems associated with World's Fairs in general, but the event's impact on the city is still felt culturally in other ways. I stand by my preference for Olympique Saint Louis being the ideal name for a team, even if I acknowledge that it's likely impossible. Love jon bois, though, so there's that too.
  12. If it hits the knob of the bat first then it's a foul ball. If it hits the batter (presumably on the hands) and the knob of the bat simultaneously then it's a HBP. In the case of the review, I honestly think that whichever way they had called it on the field would have been upheld. That's the technical part of the rule. Personally, I also think that calling it a HBP honors the spirit of the rule as well, as the it was the pitcher's mistake that resulted in the batter getting hit, rather than a mistake on the part of the batter. Whether or not it is the hands (which you can move) or not is irrelevant. Especially when you consider these balls are coming at the player at 70 to 100 miles per hour depending on the pitch. It's one thing to be able to recognize the pitch to hit it (which is hard enough), it's an entirely different matter of asking a batter to move his hands from the precise location that the pitch it going when the hands are already in a forward motion.
  13. Glad last week wasn't just rough on my expectations. Jeez. LA Rams vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh New England vs. Washington Buffalo vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. Oakland Minnesota vs. NY Giants Jacksonville vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Denver vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Dallas Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Cleveland vs. San Francisco
  14. Hoping for Cardinals over A's, expecting Astros over Dodgers.