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  1. I wonder, while the other teams have been able to put out proper announcements (see the Brown pics of an impromptu photo shoot in a garage) despite the circumstances, is it possible the Patriots were impacted more than others? Hence the bare bones release and inconsistencies of the pants from the announcement, mascot pics, and style guide (according to canzman)? I mean, all the early announcements may have been a little better off because they started preparing a little earlier, but if the Patriots were always planning to announce this week, the circumstances could have left them scrambling to make due with what they had.
  2. Apparently, Tucson is making a pitch to the Raiders. I love Tucson, but this idea is hilarious. No way it makes it any farther than this, but now that it's even been suggested, I want it to. I have no idea how it could work, but I could see the Raiders fitting in with the weird culture of the Dirty T. And I'd definitely go to the Broncos game when they're in town.
  3. What was the scoring based on?
  4. To be fair to the skyline alt logo, the mountains are a part of the Denver skyline. It would feel weird without them, and apart from the cash register building (on the far left, I think, but this isn't the right angle for it) the Denver skyline isn't that recognizable, imo. The logo is definitely overcrowded, and the extra mountain in front with a star is unnecessary. It's just that if you're going to do the Denver skyline, you're also going to include the mountains behind it.
  5. For all the talk of putting the Bull logo on the waistband be "over-bulling" the shorts, wouldn't that be kinda appropriate for this team?
  6. When you see Lonzo Ball, you're going to wonder what Drake is doing playing for the Lakers. Just kidding, that's Drake in Degrassi, but Lonzo Ball does bear a striking resemblance to Toronto's biggest fan.
  7. Seeing it like this, I don't mind the mismatch as much, except for the logo on the sleeves. I think it's because of the horns mismatch, and the gold in the logo ends up being just a bit more than I can tolerate. If they could switch that for the navy and white version, I don't think it would look half bad. As is, you do you, NFL. Imagine if the Rams were to win the Super Bowl with this look? Then it would have a place in sports history and show up every year in highlights, and it may even have some fondness from fans after that. What if they were the road team and forced to wear the navy uniforms instead? Fortunately, I don't think the Rams are at risk of playing in a Super Bowl any time soon, and this can just be a blip in their history.
  8. The Raiders have a new plan for financing the Vegas stadium with Bank of America filling in for Adelson and Goldman Sachs (source). At this point, is there anything that could keep the Las Vegas Raiders from happening? (I say fully aware that this is Mark Davis and the Raiders we are dealing with. There's nothing they couldn't mess up)
  9. Say in several years or so, if the Chargers struggle in LA and never can gain their footing, Spanos sells the team (their family wealth is mainly tied up in the Chargers, right?), and the person who buys them does so with the intent of moving them back to San Diego. Would there be much resistance? I know typically the NFL prefers relocation as a last resort, but would they still think in this situation? What about the fans? Would San Diego fans welcome the Chargers back with open arms? I'd imagine so, especially with the new owner. And what about the city? Since San Diego would still need a new stadium, would San Diego help pay for it to get the Chargers back? Or would it have to be privately financed, another sign of good faith and "repentance"? Would San Diego Chargers fans even consider this a win? New stadium, Spanos out, all in exchange of a decade (give or take) without a team?
  10. Those all look pretty great. I'd love for the broncos to look like that full time. I'd just switch the D for the current logo on the helmets, but add a modernized D logo as an alt (I've seen some concepts on this board that show how it should be done). The Chargers look great with the royal instead of navy. Shows how much better the league would look if it generally moved towards brighter colors.
  11. You make a good point. It would be really nice for the Rockies to have a park with a mountain view. I mean, could you imagine the sunsets at that ballpark every summer night? Beautiful, but not until we replace that drab Coors Field with a new Vikings stadium style dome that finally gives us that perfect mountain view. Here's a rough mock up of how that might look.
  12. Maybe their thought behind it is more about disrupting the Panthers since they've been wearing white for their run. Maybe Manning and Elway were thinking back to the last Super Bowls they won, both in white (Manning is 0-2 in his home jersey). Maybe it's some combination of any of these, but there probably was some silly superstition involved.
  13. I do agree that superstition is stupid. Mainly though, I do want to defend the Broncos' defense in that Super Bowl, as it was just about the only thing from that game that was defensible. They were not unprepared by any means, but were put in impossible situations by the offense. For the first half, they limited the Seahawks to field goals and the one touchdown drive was under 40 yards. For the game, Marshawn Lynch only had 39 yards rushing. The defense was the only reason the Broncos were still in the game mathematically up until the pick 6 before halftime and the kickoff return to start the 2nd half. By that point, who cares anymore. The game is over, but while it still mattered, the defense played as well as they could have considered the offense was less effective than if they had just punted on first down every time they got the ball. As for the uniforms, I'd rather the Broncos wear their orange jerseys, united in orange and all that. I don't care how they've done in them in the past, since this is a different team, even since that Super Bowl 2 years ago.
  14. Um, no he does not. Each have two wins against the Patriots in the playoffs. In fact, Brady and Manning are split against each other in the playoffs with the home team undefeated. As for the game, I get that everyone thinks the Patriots will win, and they are favored for a reason. They probably will win, but everyone is acting like it's so terribly lopsided. The game is in Denver. The Denver D is the best in the league. The Broncos already beat the Patriots once this year (when both teams had significant injuries, so let's stop acting like that was the sole reason the Patriots lost). It's not absurd that the Broncos could win, yet I'm barely seeing people giving them much of a chance.
  15. The Nuggets are calling these their "White Gold" uniforms, which explains the reasoning behind the lack of gold or yellow in the jersey. And is that black on the jersey, or a dark navy? I thought it was navy at first, but enough people have said black that I realize I may be wrong.