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  1. Is this a fashion jersey or to be worn on field? The product description goes on to say that it is to celebrate 100 years of playing as the Bulldogs, which is kinda cool, I guess. Now as to the actual design: -It’s black. The overall style is fairly similar to our usually black jerseys with the red collars and cuffs. However, it would be a shame to wear this instead of our regular black jerseys. This one leans on the corny side while our regular blacks are some of the best alternates in college ball and are criminally underused. -Classic block font for all the traditionalists. No contrasting red outline. -The dog collar is cheesy but I could maybe live with it if that was the only questionable design element. Makes me think of the old FSU design with the tribal pattern on the collar. If they left it at that, I think it would be a subtle and okay alternate for a one-off. That brings me to my next point. -Hate the bulldog logos on the sleeves. Georgia should never wear such things. -You’ll notice that the sleeve logos have “100” in the same spot that the “G” normally sits.
  2. A few more looks at the white numbers for FSU. An improvement for sure, but wish they switched to the cleaner Vapor Untouchable template. Would have also liked a slightly more subtle look to the pattern.
  3. Nothing particularly noteworthy but I believe this is the first look at the practice uniforms. Found this on a Facebook page for a local seamstress- Mary’s Alterations. Apparently she regularly works on the team’s uniforms.
  4. I prefer the double stripe over the plain white pants. But I also really liked the previous single stripe with the checkers. It was a subtle and clever way to integrate another part of their identity into the uniforms. It did not drastically change their design and was still a traditional look. I also liked how it matched the helmet. From the front, it was the same Tennessee we all knew but had a little extra flair on the back of the helmet.
  5. I’m confused. Is this a throwback “City” edition or something along those lines? Or is this the foundation for a new identity? I heard they were supposed to get new uniforms soon. I’m cool with this if it’s a one-off design that Nike tends to recycle every so often. But if this is the bones of a new identity, it’s terrible.
  6. A couple of FC Bayern updates. Pretty sure the mockup was already posted showing the gray/white/orange color scheme. Supposedly paired with white shorts and socks. A new leak now suggests it will have darker gray sleeves. I like the darker sleeves but on the whole, I’m not a fan of this kit. What I am excited for, though, is the UCL third kit. Black and white with an artistic interpretation of the Bavarian “rauten” or diamonds from the state flag. The red splash of color looks like a sash from far away. Here are a few mockups in PES: (You won’t be seeing Coutinho in this shirt next season) I’ve heard rumors that this kit was heavily inspired by the EA Sports FIFA 18 “Digital” fourth kits that were released in the game. That design was a belter and a shame it was never produced but this new design is still pretty nice.
  7. Atlanta has announced additional sponsors. They were one of the few that had a sleeve sponsor (Piedmont Healthcare) lined up before the season and it looks like they’ve added Truist to the other sleeve and Napa to the shorts. Atlanta has always been good about insisting on sponsors using colors that match the kit so they’ve never bothered me too much. But now, MLS is going down a bad path that could result in these ads permanently being used going forward. I thought the chest sponsor and one sleeve sponsor was a happy medium and is the norm across the top leagues. At this pace, MLS is now on track to start looking like some of the Central American leagues. The shorts sponsor is the most egregious. The shorts sponsor is strictly for the MLS is Back tournament, but the article mentions that the second sleeve sponsor will remain for the entire 2020 season. I don’t see a situation where the MLS patch replaces a sleeve sponsor in future seasons. https://www.atlutd.com/post/2020/07/10/atlanta-united-announces-additional-kit-sponsors-mls-back-tournament-2020-season?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=
  8. It’s terrible and also violates the FIFA Laws of the Game. Page 63 under commercial advertising. https://img.fifa.com/image/upload/datdz0pms85gbnqy4j3k.pdf I wondered if this was an exemption considering this is an atypical tournament but then I recalled that the group stage games are supposed to count towards the regular season, so you’d think that would mean Laws of the Game must apply.
  9. Both of these updates have been mentioned already, but what I haven’t seen mentioned is that the new 20/21 kit does not use the updated crest. Check the differences in the outlines, the shading on the ball, and the type. The new kit uses the old crest. https://www.redbullshop.com/en-de/p/RBL-Home-Jersey-20-21-/RBL20106/?preselectedVariant=M-196373
  10. I think that’s the case for many of the new NFL designs. I ordered some new Falcons jerseys within 5 minutes of when they launched back in April and was given shipping estimates of May for a black Gurley and July for a white Julio Jones. Now the black has been delayed with a current estimate of September. I’m sure the Julio jersey will be delayed, too. What stinks is there doesn’t seem to be any process or priority for when you’ve ordered. I’ve seen other people who ordered well after me receive the exact same jerseys I requested.
  11. The Falcons wore gray or silver pants for approximately half of the franchise’s existence. I think they would tie in very well with the silver facemask and be a nice blending of eras. They could replace the red pants, which currently match nothing (due to the black stripe).
  12. FSU finally showed off the updated jerseys with white numbers rather than gold. Much better, but highly disappointed that they did not use this opportunity to update to the much cleaner Vapor Untouchable template or clean up their overly designed look. They could definitely do with a streamlining.
  13. I like the general style. There are a few inconsistencies that I’d clean up, though. The notch on the number font is missing from the upper corner on the eight, while the six is missing the notch on the inner portion. Also, while the gray designs are fine on their own, they aren’t really true to your inspiration of the 1990s. The gray you’re using here is very dark whereas the Falcons have only used silver or light gray. They’ve never used gray that dark before.