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  1. Looks like we’ve got a leak of Germany’s Euro 2020 kit and it’s a beauty. A bit different with the stripes, but definitely has a classic vibe. The sleeve stripes mimicking the flag are also great.
  2. So has Ole Miss switched to the powder blue full time? I think they may have worn the navy lid one time this season. The shade of blue is spectacular and is a color they can own. It’s one of those things that shouldn’t work (since it doesn’t match the navy pant stripe) but looks beautiful. I feel like this should be exhibit 1 for why not all uniform elements need to match perfectly with one another. I even loved it with the navy jersey. It’s such a classic look. The blue helmet is distinct enough from the jersey, so it doesn’t come across as if they couldn’t match the color. It’s hard to describe but it just looks right. I usually don’t care about the Uni Swag top 10 of the week but this look takes the cake for me. Don’t even bother with the navy blue lid, Ole Miss. These three looks should be your full time set for all twelve games of the season.
  3. As a Georgia fan that endures the constant “will they or won’t they,” I’m about to be seriously ticked if we don’t finally do the black jerseys. They have become such a phenomenon and are hardly ever worn. Every single recruit that comes on a visit wears the black jersey. I’m not joking when I say every single one. It’s got to be at least 9 out of 10. The kids love them, the fans love them, everyone loves them. But the school treats them with such secrecy that it only builds up the hype around them to the point that now they are regarded as distracting. It’s a damn shame. Our colors are red and black. It’s one of the finest alternates in all of college football. The black set isn’t an ugly black head to toe alternate. It still retains the classic helmet and pants. The blackout crowd is immense. But the players only wear them on their recruiting visit and the spring game.
  4. New gold jerseys for Georgia Tech. I have always liked the gold with blue numbers and the white helmet. It’s definitely a classic Tech look. But is it just me, or does this jersey not match anything else in their wardrobe? It seems to be more of a tan/khaki color and nothing close to gold. Their normal set with the gold pants seems to be more in line with a mustardy-gold. The construction of the jersey is also different from their other sets. This would have been so much better if they matched the jersey color closer to the shade on the helmet stripe. Compare that shade of gold to this: Here’s the old look that this is loosely throwing back to:
  5. Hadn’t seen this one posted yet. Inter’s new third kit. I’m normally very against sponsors interfering with kit design, but I might have to make an exception for this beauty! It also doesn’t hurt that Inter and Pirelli have a history together of about 25 years. They completely nailed the aesthetic. From the yellow stripes simulating Formula 1 tires to the traditional yellow sponsor with red text. This is absolute perfection. 10/10 for me. When you look at their entire kit set for this season, it might be the best in all of European football. The primary kit is traditional yet with a modern spin on it. The secondary is one of the classiest I’ve seen in years.
  6. I’m pretty sure he means argyle contained within a stripe so that the pants match the helmet. Right now, the helmet has an argyle stripe whereas the pants have free floating argyle.
  7. The green Jets lids are really popping under the lights in Atlanta. Having watched the Jets in that dark green for the last 20 years, it’s almost shocking. I’ve seen photos of the helmets in other lighting where they looked darker and occasionally almost black, but man are those some bright green helmets when under the lights.
  8. I’ve always enjoyed when the Braves bring out the 1970s feather throwbacks. They’re definitely a classic. But the more I see them in the modern era, the more I realize they need to clean them up in the same manner they cleaned up their normal sets. The script is much too imperfect looking, with none of the endearing attributes you sometimes see from other throwback scripts. It just looks ugly. The letter weights, outlines, and negative space are very inconsistent. This is the same problem that they cleaned up on their primary sets. They went from this: To this: ...which is funny because their cream fauxback (the one without the tomahawk) has always had the cleaned up script so there was a time where the old script home whites and the creams coexisted. There have also been some inconsistencies with the lowercase a logo over the years. At times, it has looked like this (which I believe was more historically accurate but does not match what the team uses in the modern era- the modern era logo looks much cleaner, in my opinion): This is the cleaned up version. It looks like they’re using a raised rubber application on the helmet. I think it looks great. If the club could fix the script issue, these would be a great alternate. Right now, they still look too rough around the edges for my liking.
  9. That’s not weird to me because white is definitely a Dolphins staple. While not quite on the same level as the Cowboys or LSU, the Dolphins in white at home is completely normal.
  10. It’s funny how they say “a fresh take on the traditional jersey.” Ah, yes, that classic Jets jersey that is steeped in history, worn by Jets players dating all the way back to the spring of 2019 at team photoshoots. That jersey.
  11. I agree with you that they look better with the usual pants, but they don’t bother me to the extent that NFL monochrome looks do, probably due to the socks (and maybe due to tradition, most NFL monochrome sets have only been introduced within the last decade or so).
  12. Monochrome doesn’t look good in the NFL, especially with the typically matching leotard socks. But somehow, it doesn’t bother me at all in college. Maybe it’s because schools have been doing it for a while or that college teams usually wear lower ankle height socks, but none of these looks bother me (I just picked a few at random to highlight my point). They are very much a staple of the college game and look perfectly fine, in my opinion.
  13. The Panthers could be great if they cleaned things up further. They need to start from the top and fix those hideous helmet stripes. Simplify those, the shoulder stripes, and straighten the pants stripes (they currently have a very weird squiggle) and they would be excellent. Right now, they’re just okay with a few head scratching quirks.
  14. The difference being that purple is a very traditional lid color for TCU, so it still reads as a familiar look. Purple helmets for Washington, while a school color, are not a classic style for them, and a far cry from the traditional gold lids with the stripes.
  15. Looks like UW leaked from their closed event. These are solid, if not a little boring, but could have been a lot worse. Wish they had stripes on the pants. The ones on the sleeves are a little weird but overall harmless. Shame they didn’t axe the purple helmet.