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  1. San Jose looks to be inspired from this design. Interested to see the shorts and socks. I really like NYCFC, especially paired with white shorts and light blue socks. Such a great color combo and one I find I prefer over the light blue and navy. I mentioned earlier when the shirt leaked that the color balance felt off with a white adidas logo and a navy sponsor and navy heavy crest. Now, after seeing the full kit with white numbers, I think it emphasizes that the sponsor should change to white seeing as it’s the only navy item on the shirt.
  2. I’m a fan of this take from Brian Straus. Great look for the Caps but it underscores the point that way too many kits are so plain and rely on a barely visible sublimated pattern.
  3. Yeah, back designs seem to work when the design uses similarly dark colors. White and light blue work for Argentina allowing for black numbers. Atlanta surely could use gold numbers on top of red and black stripes. Vancouver is a little tough because the white and navy are such a stark difference in contrast so there isn’t a happy medium for the number color.
  4. I have an idea in my head for what I would use as the ideal Miami kit and it’s glorious. Pink shirts (real pink, not that muted, nearly invisible pink), white shorts, and pink socks. ——— On another note, something I haven’t seen mentioned about Atlanta is they are still using the gold patch for the Piedmont Healthcare sleeve sponsor. I suspected it was a rushed addition last year when they allowed sleeve sponsors for the first time but fully expected them to update the design for the new kits. A gold logo against the black would be so much better and cleaner. See the LA Galaxy for an example of what I mean. No containing box for the sponsor.
  5. I suspect it will have something to do with this being the club’s fifth season. We will see soon enough. I agree with your assessment of most of these kits. Seattle has the potential to be horrific and potentially one of the worst in the league. Both Nashville and Minnesota look nice albeit a little bland. I really like Atlanta’s shirt, but have said that it would be a great design for a third kit but is unbecoming of the primary in lieu of the traditional stripes.
  6. I know the shirt already leaked but a reminder that Atlanta will be launching their kit at a drive-in event tonight at 7:30. Curious to see the full kit with shorts and socks. Hoping for a little extra flair such as red shorts or socks. A live stream of the event will be shown here:
  7. NYCFC is looking great. I’d have used a navy adidas logo to balance out the crest and sponsor. The color weighting feels off. But overall it’s a hit. The sublimated monograms are giving off massive 1990s kit vibes in the best way without being tacky.
  8. What do you mean by “5 stripes badge”? A jock tag design? Is there any other detailing on the shirt (gold trim, perhaps)?
  9. To this day, I can’t look at a photo of those helmets and rationalize how in the hell they got signed off on by so many people. No one had the guts to stand up and say, “you know what guys, this looks like utter s***”?
  10. I’m getting a bit tired of MLS kits using a base template, slapping a sublimated pattern on the front, and calling it a day. What happened to stripes, hoops, contrasting sleeves, pinstriping, you know, real design? Everything feels so generic when the answer is always a faint sublimated pattern.
  11. This is a ball player right here. Great look. To do it right, you can’t do that ugly vest style from the early 2000s where it’s the regular jersey with the sleeves cut off and the vest is much too wide. The sleeve holes need to be set in a bit just like this photo. And players would need to wear solid undershirts with no graphics whatsoever.
  12. Atlanta sent out an email about a drive-in kit unveiling event for Friday, February 26.
  13. If I had to describe the color, I’d say a shade of electric blue.