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  1. Another gripe of the Argentine kit- it appears the front numbers now have the tiny AFA crest, too! I like that detail on the back numbers, but it looks ridiculous on the front and reminds me of the lazy attention to detail in the EA FIFA games. That size number is way too small to have a crest within it!
  2. The Seattle kit will have no impact on what Miami’s design will look like. Miami’s entire identity is black and pink. They aren’t going to let a 2 year life span (only 1 year which would overlap Miami) alternate kit impact their design choices for their main branding.
  3. An Atlanta fan noted his stripes were already peeling on the second day he owned his new shirt and I noted in the general kit thread that a few Bayern players have had their shorts stripes peeling. For that reason, I’ve started hand washing my adidas authentics with this application style.
  4. That’s a terrible Argentina kit. One of the worst I can recall. The navy shorts. The super faint, barely there “stripes.” Any photo I’ve seen of the shirt looks like a plain white shirt because the stripes are so pale.
  5. NI’ve pretty much given up hope of our national team having a consistent and identifiable look. I thought that was going to happen from 2010 onwards when they said they were planning to use the sash going forward. And they kinda did for a bit, the 2010 WC set and the 2011 Gold Cup set all used the same design, followed by the waldo and navy Arsenal looks, both of which had subtle sashes. From there, it’s been a mess. My favorites tend to be the classic designs which incorporate all of the colors. And it has to be navy blue. The royal we’ve used lately does not look right to me. My favorites are the 1950 sash, 2006 DTOM, 2006 navy away, 2010 navy and 2011 red sashes, 2012 waldo, 2013 centennial, and the 2017 hooped Gold Cup. All of those are great and classic designs that could be used as a foundation for an ownable look. ———————— Unrelated but I noticed in this post from David Alaba that his adidas short stripes are peeling off. Gnabry too:
  6. This is shaping up to be a beautiful WWC, which says a lot considering the women don’t always get top treatment from their suppliers compared to the men. That France tricolore is gorgeous and one of the best French kits Nike has put out, regardless of men’s or women’s squads. Also, the rose gold accents are a nice touch for the women. I like the white kit but prefer some of the other versions France has put out before such as the mariniere design or the most recent white with the red and blue dashes of color. Both of those were sublime. This hexagonal pattern is good but kind of “in your face” loud, if you will. Love the US primary kit. It has a great classic vibe that resonates with the traditional Nike ethos from 2006-2013 or so. Really happy to see the return of traditional striping and also navy blue. By the same token, I like the red kit, but wish it used navy accents and socks to match the crest. I’ve never liked the bright royal for our national teams.
  7. Both are similar in that they have the pointy flares on the sides but the Rangers is essentially a modified block whereas the Angels is more curved.
  8. Because the white shirt is literally an off the shelf teamwear item, it comes with a black adidas logo and I’m guessing they decided to match everything to that, since it was going to be black regardless.
  9. Here’s a look at those red numbers. I like the color choice, especially given the historical aspect, but this is hard to read. Needs a white outline at the very least, or to keep the stripe limited to only the front. It’s a beautiful kit otherwise. I think it could be improved with red numbers on the shorts and a similar stripe on the socks but still gorgeous.
  10. It’s a shame that they dropped the center stripe. That was a distinct and unique look in the league. Now they could be any number of teams.
  11. I don’t disagree but I think that’s just the nature of the industry now with a new kit released every year. If teams kept their designs longer, they could come up with more meaningful inspiration. But now adidas and the clubs are scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for anything somewhat meaningful and that’s how Seattle ends up with pink. Or they just wanted to use pink and so they had to come up with something to justify its usage.
  12. Yeah, I’m totally indifferent as to Seattle using Miami’s future colors. Miami hasn’t gotten their act together over many years and Seattle is just a change kit that will be gone in two seasons. Similar color schemes will happen every now and then. Nor do we know what exactly Miami’s kit will look like. I agree there’s probably a very good chance Miami uses white. The figurehead for the club is the guy that wore the Real Madrid, England, and LA shirts over the years. That would probably work better than wearing all black in Miami.
  13. I thought they looked fantastic. There was speculation that the shade of red may have changed (I suspect it’s simply the material) but the stripes really popped last night. I enjoyed the stripes on the back and the black back really helped the numbers shine. Red socks are a nice touch. Overall a lot of minimal changes but still felt like my same club.
  14. Any more you can elaborate regarding the template or the team wearing bigger numbers? From what I can tell, the template looks exactly the same from the Vapor Untouchable aside from a flat bottom v-neck collar instead of a full v-neck. It looks like it has the same belly and back mesh, the Y shaped seams down the back, the simple sleeve caps, mesh on the calves of the pants, as well as the inner thigh seam which has that squiggly shape to it. I cannot see any differences beyond the collar. Looks like a modified Vapor Untouchable. I recall seeing Oregon practicing in some new templates. Maybe one of those will be the new design? I hope the big numbers isn’t a trend that catches on. Looks terrible.
  15. This is a case where adidas could take some design cues from what Nike has done in the past. It reminds me of the old USA waldo kit. I believe Nike offered three versions of that top. They had a basic replica with full stripes front and back, another replica with full front stripes and a white back to accommodate the back number, as well as a player issued version with space for the back number as well as the front number. Adidas would do well to offer versions with full stripes for the fans (keep the Vancouver stripe above, offer full stripes on the back for Montreal and Atlanta, etc). Use the box on the back for number legibility for the on field match kits. This just looks silly for a fan to wear if you did not intend to print a number on it. Yes, it’s authentic but it essentially forces you to get a number on it. Otherwise, it looks goofy blank. I added a number to mine for this exact reason but would have been perfectly content if they offered a version with the full stripes across the back. That would have been a great shirt.