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  1. The stripe thickness looks disproportional on the Gators white lid in comparison to their orange helmet. They should in theory be applying the exact same stripe thickness since it’s supposed to be an identical stripe. These stripes are too thin. Still better than the tapered stripe. For reference: The combined orange and blue stripes on the white lid look about the same thickness as the blue stripes on the orange helmet. The orange helmet stripes also look approximately the same thickness as the jersey stripes.
  2. A couple additional looks at Florida: Much improved. I never liked the tapered stripe for the Gators. However, I feel like whenever they wear white lids, they should use the “F” logo (on both sides). That’s more in line with what they’ve done in the past. Now if only they would update the stripes on their orange jerseys and pants. Previously, the orange jersey was the only item in their set (besides the helmet) which had nonmatching stripes. See how the orange helmet and pants match but the jersey uses a different pattern. Instead of fixing the jersey to match everything else, the Gators inexplicably adjusted the pants stripes which no longer match the helmet. Now they have two nonmatching items in the wardrobe. Hopefully the white helmet change is a sign of things to come.
  3. please man, i seriously need your help

  4. check out my proposal for the logos, im pretty sure your going to agree to these terms