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  1. While this sounds like what some would label as “Nike speak,” this makes too much sense and explains why it’s such a popular color. Good post.
  2. Here’s a look at the helmet and jersey in normal lighting conditions outside of a studio, which I think is always good to accurately judge a new uniform.
  3. 60 day ban for quoting mega image posts. No if, ands, or buts.
  4. This design earlier in the concept phase looks a bit better to me, at least as far as the side stripe is concerned. It looks much straighter whereas the final product looks like the stripe curves a bit on the jersey and doesn't go all the way up to the armpit.
  5. Also, I’ll chime in with one last thought while these are the only leaks to go off of: I think our opinions are skewed based off of the combinations presented. If these leaked photos showed the black jersey paired with white pants, the white jersey with black pants, or contrasting socks, then I think our opinion of them would be a bit different. I’m holding out hope that the 4/14 reveal shows that to be an option.
  6. The gradient jersey is really bad. One of the worst in the league. But I feel like if that jersey was removed from the set and we looked strictly at the black and white jerseys (the rumored primary sets), we’d be saying that this new uniform is simply boring. Similar to how the Bucs pewter set is awful but everyone is focused on the return to their classic design. The helmet logo is a touch bigger but not Bucs level huge. The matte (or satin?) finish is different but relatively harmless. We’re still not clear if the facemask is chrome (would be disappointing) but it would be decent if it were regular silver or a satin finish silver. The new stripe isn’t abstract like the Titans underarm panel or the old Bucs pants stripe. There aren’t any hideous elements like “BROWNS” breaking up a stripe down the length of the leg. The cumulative design decisions they made resulted in a uniform that is neither as good as it could be but are also not awful. It’s just bland overall. If they stick to a few combinations (black/white, black/black, white/white, white/black) then I think it will look fine for the most part. Just stay away from that gradient set.
  7. Another leak, this time with the front which shows “ATL” in large letters across the upper chest. Definitely larger than your typical wordmark.
  8. One interesting observation is that both the Falcons and the Bucs have stuck with the Vapor Untouchable. I remember there was speculation over whether some of these teams would debut a new Nike template since we’ve seen several new templates appear in college practices.
  9. Not what I was hoping for, but honestly better than the garbage we’ve had for nearly two decades. This is similar to what I’ve heard in that the primary is black and the alternate had a color fade from red to black. As long as they don’t wear the red that much, I’m okay with it. The black and white and simple enough to not look ridiculous. It also looks like everything should mix and match because all components have a red stripe on the side. I’ll be curious to see a better glimpse at the stripe because it looks like the width tapers. Not sold on the number font but will have to see the whole set. It looks like there’s an offset shadow to the right of the numbers. I think the black jersey with white pants will be close enough to the throwbacks to be popular and I also like the black numbers on the white set. Don’t like seeing the black socks with black pants and white socks with white pants. I’ll be interested to see what the front of the jerseys look like (wordmark, collar, etc). Indifferent towards the silver facemask. It works with the color scheme.
  10. Overall, it’s a major improvement over the last set. But that was a low bar to set. If I had minor critiques, I’d say they should make the collars full color instead of the minor contrasting trim. I also would prefer a white wordmark on the red jersey. The pewter set is pretty bad. If they insisted on a pewter set, they should have integrated all of the colors better so that they could mix and match with the rest of the set. As it stands, the pewter jersey can exclusively pair with the pewter pants as it doesn’t match. Either integrate all of the colors or go with black. The all pewter isn’t working. On the whole, much better, though.
  11. In the digital era, I am positive it will be posted across all their social channels.
  12. I feel like when the Browns make a comment like this, they’re referring to the plain orange with the stripes and maintaining the history and integrity of decades of Browns football. I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the satin finish or removed the textured pattern on the stripes while still keeping that “classic Browns helmet.”
  13. I think it’s fake due to the extra black outline. The logo doesn’t need three outlines. Not to mention that the current logo has varying stroke weights to represent the motion of the bird with thicker weights on the side with the wings and thinner weights towards the beak and claw. Surely if this were real, the extra black outline would match that style rather than slapping a basic one size fits all outline on the logo?
  14. This should become the de facto response for every post asking to get rid of the gray facemask.
  15. As far as Color Rush goes (most suck), I really enjoyed the Chargers and thought it could be a good basis for a new set. However, with the Rams going royal and yellow, I think that would be a bit confusing in the same market. Powder is and has always been the Chargers most popular color scheme and I think they made the right choice. Had the Rams gone navy, perhaps they could have used the Color Rush as inspiration but this is more in line with their franchise history and what the fans have been asking for.