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  1. Player in blue is wearing a helmet I haven't seen before. If I had to guess, it would be a new Riddell prototype but hard to say... could be a vicis one too.
  2. Looks like Penn State got upgraded to the flywire template... As an alum, I am pretty disappointed they didn't get the mach speed. Just not a huge fan of the flywire. https://twitter.com/ESPNJoshMoyer/status/621819702294245380
  3. I found this logo on an old jacket at a thrift store: I think it's pretty cool but i don't think it was ever an official logo.
  4. It's much worse in action... http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/highschool/palm/sfl-palm-beach-county-football-atlantic-vs-pahokee-20120914,0,6100732.photogallery?index=sfl-palm-beach-county-football-atlantic-vs-pah-002
  5. I really dislike those new wings with the new helmet. Old helmet and new wings would look nice but the old wings with the new helmet would look the best.
  6. Speaking of UCLA I stumbled upon this while searching for their previous sets... http://i45.tinypic.com/33lf22g.jpg Well, at least the stripes are fixed... After seriously looking at it, it is definitely fake. MY BAD!
  7. I would love it if HGI made a glacier-frost pearl white(think Lexus white) helmet for Penn State and maybe throw numbers on the sides. And then as far as the uniforms, I guess a PC cut with a single white(blue for away) arm stripe(similar to how OK State's double striped black/orange) to give a little contrast to the solid blue. As far as the pants are concerned, I could live with a single blue stripe down them. That would make for a very sharp and classy uniform. BTW, don't be surprised if PSU puts names on the back of the jerseys for the first time or first time in a verrrry long time.
  8. Damn, Oregon's uniforms are just sick! That green, white, black is awesome!
  9. And there is more... I too am not a fan of the script. The A just looks awful. I wonder what the rest of Team USA athletes will wear.
  10. This jersey makes me really appreciate the traditional uniforms such as PSU and Bama! In the sense that they don't need gimmicky fonts, flywire collars, and "brick" since all of which will be replaced in two years.
  11. Really digging these! ...and here is Michigan with the tv numbers
  12. Speaking of new and tweaked uniforms for next season, Penn State is getting new uniforms!!!!!!!! It was rumored for a while but I guess it is now official. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, the new 2011 Penn State uniforms! Basically looking like this: (those were quick PS done by someone else.
  13. That is way too simple for nike haha
  14. I like Central Colorado the most as well. How about just Denver University of Colorado... and Denver University for short? or The Denver Metropolitan College?
  15. Red away is definitely my favorite and then gray and then white.