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    Avid fan of Dallas sports team alongside being a huge fan of Real Madrid and Everton.

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  1. My friend wants Barcelona to have the Champions League and La Liga, while the Lakers can just have the NBA Championships.
  2. Forreal, this is a challenge for the lad haha.
  3. Beautiful. One last request in a while, may my friend have a hybrid of the Los Angeles Lakers and Barcelona, with the Lakers being on left and Barcelona on right?
  4. Just update it with 16 for the Champions League and I think we're good until Real Madrid wins more silverware this season!
  5. Can you update Real Madrid since they won the 11th Champions League?
  6. Hey, I know this may be a minor detail but I like what the Rose Bowl usually does with their sidelines by painting the colors of the teams that are in it! Such as USC's endzone sidelines being painted red all the way to the 25 in this photo
  7. Does Wichita Falls have a team?
  8. If you don't get Luck. Don't sweat on it. Getting a QB for good value is more important. Value is the name of the game
  9. Even though Rodgers is the only QB that is viable for first round? I'd still go with Lacy or AP
  10. My Cali friends would love a UCLA Basketball and FC Barcelona signature!
  11. So old school Giants.....and new school Jets? Decisions decisions for Big Apple haha.
  12. May you do a Real Madrid signature? It's a La Liga for the league haha. Suggestions for such!
  13. Even though I am a Cowboys fan, I do want to see what you got for your team. Something radical? Something moderate?