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  1. My favorite look of the Warriors, that color scheme works so well.
  2. I would love to see a side by side comparison of your logos and the leagues current logos. One of the best series on these boards!
  3. buckeye

    WNBA Concepts

    Whether he does or not, I'd still like to see the other Dallas team wear something close to it. Green needs to be in the mix, if not the main color.
  4. buckeye

    WNBA Concepts

    Couldn't ask the WNBA to come up with anything better than what you have right here, outstanding. Carry over that color scheme for the Mavericks from the Wings please Mark Cuban, K thx.
  5. As a Columbus fan, I feel your pain playing the Penguins in the playoffs... I hope by tomorrow you can update the Jackets side with another block lol.
  6. I grew up about 10 minutes or so from ONU and my Fiance is a Muskie Alumni, class of '13! Great work so far, love me some OAC.
  7. Fans LOVED the teal + Team Logic = Make Black the primary, got it.
  8. The Supra for Toyota is supposed to be resurrected here soon, but the Mustang coming is the worst kept secret with the manufactures. Glad that it's becoming muscle again over sedans.
  9. Even if Blue and Yellow aren't really well liked together in Columbus, for what it is you blended it well.I like the lighter color of blue in contrast with the 2 other colors, and making Black the main stripe is a good call.
  10. Syracuse is that you? Laughable at best, fits the product on the field.
  11. I'd say you nailed all 4 right on the head, perfect. I'd like to see the full set of all 4.