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  1. I edited the previous posts. I changed Merrimack's number design and added the Maine state outline to both jersey collars. I had difficulty deciding which UNH jersey I preferred but I think the white shoulders is more true to their history.
  2. Any advice on which version of these UNH home jerseys you like more?
  3. If "Connecticut" was removed from the jersey, I would have assumed it was Yale. While it's nice, they need to distance themselves from another school in their own state. Plus, they also look like UNH
  4. I graduated in 2006. Feels like yesterday, time goes fast. What about you? I agree about the complete overhaul. The school does not have a primary logo. All they have is an "MC" logo and the school crest, neither of which suggest 'Warrior'. They need an actual Warrior inspired emblem. I have both BC and UNH home shirts done. I was working on the UNH away jersey when Photoshopped crashed. Damn. I'll post tonight.
  5. Here is the University of Maine Black Bears. I increased the striping on the shoulders and added the state of Maine to the front of the collar. In addition, I brought back the shamrock patch that Maine used after their legendary coach, Shawn Walsh, passed away in 2001. I always like how the Swift Current River Broncos memorialized their fallen teammates that were killed in a bus crash with a similar patch. Next up is Boston College.
  6. I am also a Merrimack alum! You are correct in that I didn't follow the college's branding guidelines. The MC logo to me has always left me wanting more; at it's best it's just a shoulder patch. The crest on their jerseys last year was a complete mistake and made their home jerseys look like an alternate. When they rebranded in the mid-2000's the school introduced an actual "Warrior" logo. It looked like a rip off of San Jose State and had more of a Greek vibe with their goofy font than what the school was likely aiming for. They seemed to have distanced themselves from it. I'll admit that I am not in love with the logo I made (yes, the spear is a direct copy of FSU) but it's likely an improvement over their current lack of a primary logo. UMaine and BC home jerseys are finished, hoping to complete the road sets tonight.
  7. Every few years I like to give Hockey East a refresh. First up is the Merrimack College Warriors. Merrimack made the switch to Under Armour this year and have improved their jerseys. Still, I changed the striping and crest to give it more of a 'Warrior' feel.
  8. I was inspired by a t-shirt I saw in Newport, RI last weekend to create a hockey concept. The captain's patch (Home blue jersey) is the nautical flag for C or Charlie. The assistant captain's patch is the nautical flag for the A or Alpha.
  9. I've been sitting on these for a while now. Instead of some long, drawn-out process where I post a concept every few days, I decided to just post them all at once. I never completed concepts for Boston University and Northeastern. Notre Dame was not a member of Hockey East when I started this last year. Maine: I changed the shoulder yokes with striping and added a different font for the numbers. The shamrock patch was worn the season that head coach Shawn Walsh died. Shawn was Maine hockey, so I thought it was only appropriate to carry that out on this concept. UNH: I switched out the UNH crest in favor of the wildcat logo. Also added shoulder pictures that represent the state. The one on the left is the Old Man in the Mountain and the other is the state of NH. UMass: I always loved the USA jerseys, so that it the template you see here. I made mistake, obviously the "UMass" is not the secondary logo. Providence: I went back to a similar style that the Friars used in the 1990's. I used a different logo for both the home and road uniforms and added a darkened nameplate on the home set. Merrimack: My alma mater currently uses a mismatched home and road jersey. The home looks like similar to Montreal while the road uses a cursive wordmark on the front and a honey mustard yellow. Gross. Boston College: This is a modern version of the Eagles 1990's jerseys. UMass-Lowell: This was a tough concept. I don't like the logo and the colors so I tried to make the best of it. I know most won't like the piping. Vermont:
  10. Whatever is easiest for you. I think these concepts look great. I've experimented with a bunch of different templates and I am really impressed with the realism of yours. One critique might be to make the helmets a little bit smaller. Overall, great work.
  11. This is one of the best templates I've seen, mind sharing it?
  12. Here we have the University of New Hampshire. I only made slight changes to the home and away set. I added an additional stripe to the sleeves to represent the style of uniforms they wore in the late 80's and early 90's. I also switched the shoulder patch logo from the Wildcat head to the paw print. I changed the socks by adding a gray stripe but I am not too if I am sold on this design as it is similar to UNH's rival, Maine. I added a third jersey which features the state of New Hampshire as to further cement the concept that the school is the state's University.
  13. I have to disagree, I think the stacked wordmark looks to crowded on the front of the jersey. Next up will be UNH. That is a poor example. When done like that it looks terrible. Take the UML from the shoulder logo and it would be much better. How is it a poor example? My point is that I think the current jersey would benefit from a wordmark or logo that is not stacked.
  14. I have to disagree, I think the stacked wordmark looks to crowded on the front of the jersey. Next up will be UNH.
  15. Next up is Umass-Lowell. The Riverhawks remind me a lot of the Texas Rangers in that they are two teams that seem to struggle with either red or blue as the dominant color. For this concept I chose blue as the main color and utilized the "Riverhawaks" wordmark as the primary logo for both jerseys and "UML" added to the shoulders.