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  1. Rumor has it that Myrtle Beach could be moving down to the Low-A Sally League, so for the Cubs, their path could look like this: AZL > Myrtle Beach > South Bend > Tennessee > Iowa Also, the last I checked, it appears Richmond will remain the Double-A affiliate for San Francisco.
  2. The only way the Minnesota Timberwolves move to the Eastern Conference is if the NBA expands to 32 teams by resurrecting the Seatlle SuperSonics and expanding to either Kansas City or St. Louis. Also, both conferences would have to go with 2 8-team divisions
  3. Which passed over ABC comedy pilot should be picked up to series and replace the now-cancelled #Roseanne?

  4. Right now on https://t.co/5tJrzScu4U it's the #SFLProBowl featuring yours truly and #TeamDestro vs. #TeamRamos

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  6. @iflzone Is this league dead?

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  15. RT @CrayZeePS4: Is anyone getting a random error on youtube that doesnt let you look at certain channels?