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  1. I'm only gonna say this once: MAJOR DOWNGRADE!
  2. If I had to guess from the teaser video, these would be the names: Seattle Dragons/Surge New York Gargoyles Houston Drillers/Roughnecks/Wildcatters Dallas Coyotes/Lobos/Wolves St. Louis Aces/Aviators/Thunderbirds/Thunderbolts Washington/DC Defenders/Guardians/Soldiers Tampa Bay Vipers Los Angeles Outlaws/Renegades/Rough Riders
  3. I would rename the Sacramento team from "Kraken" to "Octopodes". The reason is because the Kraken name wouldn't make any sense for a team playing near the Pacific Ocean, since it is linked to Scandinavian folklore as a mythical creature that terrorized ships in the North Atlantic Ocean, near the coastlines of Norway and Greenland. Therefore, I think Octopodes would be a more appropriate name for the Sacramento team, even though Sacramento is actually inland.
  4. I know it's been three months since the last post on this topic but, any thoughts about making uniforms for the teams?
  5. Wait, we don't get the Fearsome Foursome-era uniforms or the ones from the team's 2nd NFL Championship in 1951?
  6. Still no love for "Seattle Sea Kings"?
  7. Those Texans fauxbacks are simply fantastic! And the Jaguars have some decent throwback options, though I would've loved to see the USFL's Jacksonville Bulls (or at least a fauxback based on that) as one of the options. Plus, with the NFC West and AFC West wrapping up the series, I wonder what you have planned for the Raiders since they've basically worn the same uniforms since 1963.
  8. My team name suggestions: Atlanta Bees Cincinnati Shamrocks Cleveland Stags Denver Bighorns Kansas City Knights Las Vegas Rattlers Indianapolis Railmen Memphis Hounds Minneapolis Minnesota Lumberjacks Montreal Rockets Pittsburgh Hammers Portland Cougars San Francisco Orcas Also, the "Appalachian Division" should be called the "Southeast Division", and the "Central Division" should be called the "Midwest Division".
  9. I'll go with "B" for the Continental Conference and "A" for the National Conference
  10. I'm surprised that the Muncie Flyers weren't one of the throwback options for the Colts
  11. Which team is next up? Also, when do we get to see the New York City team's logo set?
  12. Why not Houston Gamblers or St. Louis Showboats?