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  1. I've been looking over this series and you made some excellent work so far. Also... who would've thought that the New York Knights would be the most snakebitten franchise in all of the NAML? Especially when their entire 21-year history has had ONLY FOUR PLAYOFF APPEARANCES AND ZERO URQUHARDT CUPS! By the way, could it be time for a 2nd New York NAML team?
  2. This looks like a good idea but... Why is Calgary in the American Conference East Division and Toronto in the American Conference West Division, especially when Toronto is obviously further east than Calgary? Also, I would suggest changing the name of the Calgary team from Blaze to Stallions
  3. My XFL team name ideas: Dallas Armadillos Houston Wildcatters Los Angeles Bulldogs New York Guardians St. Louis Explorers Seattle Sea Kings Tampa Bay Sharks Washington Ambassadors
  4. However, that story comes much, much later.
  5. My name suggestions for the Canadian Driveball League: EASTERN DIVISION Hamilton Ironmen Montreal Maroons (Anglophone) Montreal Harfangs (Francophone) Ottawa Capitals Toronto Dukes WESTERN DIVISION Calgary Bighorns Edmonton Roughnecks (Regina) Saskatchewan Walleye Vancouver Lumberjacks Winnipeg Falcons
  6. I have a few ideas on how we could deal with the Atlanta Rebels situation: Keep them in Atlanta proper and keep the Rebels name; but instead of a Civil War-era Confederate theme, the Rebels name should...: Refer to the people of the Thirteen Colonies who rose up against British rule and eventually declared America an independent nation during the American Revolution; also, Georgia was one of the Thirteen Colonies. Have an Old West-style Outlaw/Bandit theme, even though Atlanta is in the Southeastern United States. Have an Outlaw Biker theme. What @Red Comet said. Move them out of Atlanta proper, but keep them within its Metropolitan Area and rebrand the team; possible locations within suburban Atlanta include: Marietta, Cobb County Smyrna, Cobb County Peachtree City, Fayette County Newnan, Coweta County Forest Park, Clayton County Decatur, DeKalb County Conyers, Rockdale County Douglasville, Douglas County Stockbridge, Henry County East Point, Fulton County Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County Norcross, Gwinnett County Stone Mountain, DeKalb County
  7. So in this alternate universe, the USFA uses a two-platoon system instead of the one-platoon system the NFL used in its early days. Plus the entire season is basically a round-robin tournament, where each team plays the other 7 teams once. Meanwhile, after going 0-14 in their first 2 seasons, it's very clear that the Philadelphia Keystones have failed miserably. There's absolutely no point in keeping the 'Stones in Philadelphia, let alone in this league. I say that the 'Stones should fold outright. And if they do fold, will there be a dispersal draft?
  8. Yes it was... and so were Knights and Thunderbirds
  9. Here are my suggestions Atlanta Lancers Atlanta Knights Atlanta Thunderbirds
  10. Cincinnati was 6-9-1 and New York (as much as it saddens me) was 5-10-1. Also, how is Texas seeded higher than both New Orleans and Arizona when, obviously, New Orleans won the Southern Division by virtue of having the better divisional record than both Arizona and Texas (5-1 vs. 4-2 vs. 3-3)? That makes no sense at all.
  11. Name: Laurence Reynolds Age: 32 City: St. Catharines Province: Ontario The league name: CANADIAN DRIVEBALL LEAGUE The number of teams: 10 TEAMS The cities that will host those teams: EASTERN DIVISION: Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto WESTERN DIVISION: Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan (Regina or Saskatoon), Vancouver, Winnipeg Length of schedule´╗┐: 16 Weeks Playoff format´╗┐: Six-team, single-elimination format; the 1st place team from each division automatically earn home-field advantage for the division finals, and a bye week during the wild card round; additionally, the 2nd and 3rd place teams from each division play against each other in the wild card round; the winners of each division's wild card round then play the 1st place teams in the division finals; the two division champions then face each other in the league championship game. Unique rules: The offense has five tackles to score against the defense instead of six tackles in the NDA & CDA
  12. Looks nice. Though I would change the abbreviation of Guard to "GRD" or "GD" to avoid confusion with Goalie.