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  1. I think today was the bankruptcy auction for the XFL. They are not employees they are independent contractors.
  2. Yup.....
  3. That looks very much in line with some of Fiat's other logos.
  4. That may have been a change for the sake of change planned for this season.
  5. Fox is game for 3.0
  6. I thought they did:
  7. Adidas will buy them and do what they did with Reebok, acquire them for all the sports contracts and relegate it to a secondary "premium" brand.
  8. Someone on the Facebook post noticed there was a chartered flight scheduled today in Orlando headed to Seattle, rumor is Sounders may be dropping too.
  9. Mockumentary of the Major League actors talking about the events of that season as if it were a real event.
  10. I think 2 of them Orioles and Nationals are not allowed to sell the name of the stadiums as part of the deal with the local governments.
  11. Dorn, Hayes, Vaughn would have all be traded for minor league players to division leaders right before the trade deadline. Taylor would have got benched for a minor league catcher from the expanded roster Cerano and Harris would still have a holy war
  12. All the branding changes with Powerade are done by Glacéau as Coke has designated that team as their sport drink division. Its also why a lot of new Powerade type things have come out as well.