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  1. That almost looked like a rejected Jet's uniform with Eagles Branding on it.
  2. My guess is the league. Here is an article that talks about it from 2010: https://dc.sbnation.com/2010/6/11/1513192/ted-leonsis-wizards-owner-name-change-washington-bullets
  3. Seriously Leonsis has been trying to get rid of the Wizards name since he bought the team. Its why the ball logo is the primary.
  4. What exactly is that “Y” secondary logo next to the WordMark.
  5. OSX was supposed to be the last one for Mac as well but then they changed the name to macOS and made the next iteration from 10.16 to 11.4 (Big Sur)
  6. I interviewed for a government contractor job may moons ago, and asked what kid of work stations they use, and they asked why, I said because I am a Mac user that would be my preference. The lady straight up said "What is a Mac?"
  7. Looks like from the announcement it’s just the evolution of The Spring League which Fox was showing
  8. How hard is it to be called “Warner Discovery” and call it a day.
  9. Updated Logo Confirmed: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/columbus-crew-reveal-updated-crest-following-decision-to-retain-crew-name
  10. There have been pics of the exterior of the stadium that has the new logo already on the signage. Just replacing a few pieces of a sign and what not is the most cost effective way to do it until they revise the logo in 2 years per MLS rules.
  11. I assume that's for SUM and MLS to let us know how they came to that conclusion.
  12. There is talk with the Crew rebrand. (via reddit) was supposed to happen before the season started but they won the MLS Cup this year and all the Championship Gear had the roundel logo, and they felt it was not the right time, so they wanted to wait for the stadium to announce because its going to be decorated in the new name/logo signage, but they had their mind made up about this change for quite a while. Another thing that is speculated is that this allowed them to take the Nordecke's complaints and make all those Crew secondary logos to act like they did not want to erase the Crew name. When we all know they did.
  13. Using what they are using, with all the emphasis of 96 on the branding, couldn't they just have put a small stylized 96 were that triangle is?
  14. "They even met with the Nordecke leadership again this afternoon and asked if they could explain the concept further and get the Nordecke on board. end of the meeting Nordecke said “nope” and the FO said they were still going to move forward with the release today"
  15. They posted a Stadium Mock up of the New Logo, which means they probably are not backing down on this: https://twitter.com/CrewStadium/status/1391841615057145860/photo/1
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