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  1. I love seeing a Target logo on this, because I don't foresee a Target ever selling Adidas clothing. Interesting they went with it on the sleeve when the rest of the teams have it under the badge.
  2. As someone who hates lettuce and this organizations subs being dependent on that crap, their sandwhiches have never been tasty. On the website they seem to be embracing the word "FREAKY" FREAKY FEAST Freaky Fresh Menu Freaky Fresh Gourmet Sandwiches
  3. That's a whole heck of a lot of money that would be taken out of Virginia.
  4. I think its discussed in Guy Evans Nitro Book: This was the choices they had with accompanying Nitro Logos proposed too.
  5. I do hope they stay true to modern college football and make sure teams wears a different variant of their uniform every week so I cannot tell who they are. I am looking at you Oregon and Maryland.
  6. Hated the updated WCW logo but liked the accompanying Nitro logo
  7. I am not a Ravens fan by any means, but lived in Baltimore and worked near the stadium for years. I love this Ft McHenry inspired logo.
  8. I know the whole thing with COVID and such now, but why does it seem every year there is always a MLS/MLSPA Strike or Lockout always looming. Is MLS that mismanaged?
  9. Who will be forced to buy the team when Precourt gets quickly bored with Austin, Texas and wants to move that team to another trendy town.
  10. NFL is now claiming the Secondary logo is too close to the Patriots logo:
  11. I mentioned it in the BK thread. In the past few years DrPepperSnapple have Merged with Kuerig, and that has now got bought by JAB holdings so I expect a lot of products in the envelope to get redesigned for the sake of redesigned. Next of which may be the Dr Pepper branding. Kevin
  12. Its official: MLS Logo Speak:
  13. The bottom of the M look likes it angles in like a stylized Sigma, like
  14. The Dr Pepper Snapple group recently got merged with Keurig and then got new owners (JAB Holding) who just unnecessarily redid the Snapple branding, so its due:
  15. I wonder if this means we may see logo/wordmark changes to their brands. Also... "The final major change is a line that sits beneath the "m" to create an electric plug out of the white space in the letter m"