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  1. I always thought Leonsis was purposely doing this to justify renaming the team back to the Bullets.
  2. Sorry my bad. I forget which ones they bought exactly.
  3. I feel a network goes with a logo like this when channel drift happens. Wonder if Sinclair has bigger plans for these RSNs
  4. When the Philly Soul first started (Bon Jovi era) I wanted a Jersey, and my Girlfriend at the time now wife, lived in that area and the only thing she was able to find anywhere was a white t-shirt with the Soul logo on it. Anything else was game day only at the Arena.
  5. Interesting because this is partially owned by Coke, so the 2015 agreement with Coke may have influenced this: Though I see a few teams still have Pepsi deals
  6. Yes, Champion was who did them the first time. I still have my replica Hitmen Jersey in my closet.
  7. Have they signed a deal with a company yet for uniforms?
  8. DC would have been fine if it had a better logo, and had barely anything to do with the military inspiration it was trying to put over.
  9. They are not as terrible as people thought it was going to be, I think DC got the short end of the stick of it all.
  10. Houston trying to do an Oilers logo, bold move.
  11. Tampa Bay Vipers New York Guardians
  12. Or its not Aces but something like St Louis Flying Aces
  13. Could they get away with calling the NY team the Gotham Gargoyles? Or would DC comics have a fit about that And for those with Washington Warriors guesses, Dan Snyder owns that name for a failed AFL start up, also he keeps it for potential Redskins replacement names if he has to. But that's a completely different discussion.
  14. When they went to that darker, they did get upset that Reebok was using the same base jersey as the 49ers, when they went dark maroon, to make the replicas. My cousin managed the Redskins store in Fed Ex around that time period of the Dark unis. I want to say they sent some back to Reebok.