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  1. If they were to get cut by the NFL teams do those XFL teams still keep those players rights or do they become XFL "free agents"
  2. Greatest Intercontinental Champion of ALL TIME!
  3. Looks like that fell though
  4. I wonder if this look fits into the rest of the Albertson's (new owners) companies.
  5. Doubt it, but I'm sure he will get a couple of bucks for giving it up.
  6. In general, I think they should sell the name of the game to a sponsor. XFL Bud Light Seltzer Championship Game
  7. ...and the beer snake is now a weekly thing
  8. I love that they are using the XFL games to scout active players that may have potential for broadcasting. I don’t know how they test them otherwise.
  9. Its a company called Custom Outfitters in Florida, they pretty much are an exclusive contractor to Adidas, but they got them to make them outside that Adidas deal Custom Outfitters has.
  10. On reddit I mentioned how Orlando could be a perfect match for them. With the ESPN affiliation they could set up a smaller temp stadium type thing at the ESPN Wide World of Sports thing and get people to go just because its at Disney World. San Antonio can work if they get St Louis and Seattle type crowds to go to the Alamodome.
  11. Supposedly Columbus is getting a new stadium so what they currently use will be vacant.
  12. Morgan Freeman Voice: "Little did he know that in the future he would become a Disney Legend"
  13. American Football Jersey Makers Exclusive in that I think up until XFL everything they did was through Adidas. Let's not put the blame on those meh MLS Adidas jerseys on a little Football jersey company.
  14. From what I can tell they are an exclusive jersey maker for Adidas Here is the President's Linkedin: "Custom Outfitters will be the brand manufacturer of the XFL Uniforms, not Adidas. Custom Outfitters is not a division of Adidas. They are based in Davie Florida. Custom Outfitters is the primary producer of custom athletic uniforms for Adidas."
  15. Was the Pinstripe Bowl the one that they could not set up a proper field, so anytime a team had the ball they always changed sides so they played toward the side that had a full endzone.
  16. You mean Subaru Park, they renamed the site today
  17. St Louis sold out their first game for next week:
  18. There is already talk in a reddit thread theorizing 2021, the most common theories are: -LA will move to SD and become the SoCal Wildcats -Tampa will move to Orlando and become the Florida Vipers On the subject of Philly does Temple or Villanova have a small football or soccer stadium for them to use?
  19. They do have some big sponsors too which is offsetting money lost: ABInbev Progressive (in some areas) McDonalds Dick’s Sporting Goods Gatorade. Heck I think 2 weeks in whatever ABI paid is paying off with all those locker rooms Seltzer celebrations. By next year they should gain a jersey sponsor as well as on jersey and helmet sponsors for all teams.
  20. What is the yellow sticker on the back of LA’s helmet? I assume that’s not BL Seltzer like Dallas.
  21. And on that note they probably knew this was going to happen before signing. This was not something they were surprised with last week.
  22. ...and they essentially hope to make up the lost ticket money on merch, food and drink, as they get cuts of that money too.
  23. I think it’s a given that it was going to happen. They want to explain there are former NFL players and not John Doe from the streets who played HS Football. It’s no different than in NFL games then talking about what college the players went to. In terms of the rules of game and how things work it’s easier to explain it using what they (the viewer) knows as a point of reference.
  24. Its AB in general because St Louis has Bud Select as a sponsor, not to mention St Louis also has McDonalds.