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  1. I just read in an article that it was Kennedy's discussion to make it that color which is why they want to hold on to it. Or rather have not changed it
  2. 1850 is quite good. I have had 4 different ones and all have been great.
  3. I like the logo change. Almost following the simplicity route they did with their Premium 1850 Coffee line which is really good coffee:
  4. Its also why the Florida Panthers are named the same way too as they were owned by Huizenga too
  5. From some of the things I saw, their argument is the establishing of the Nationals has severely cut into the affluent fan base the team had and that’s why they are having attendance issues in Baltimore. Not the :censored:ty playing by the team or the shooting/murders that people don’t wanna go to the city at night as much.
  6. Speaking of the Orioles there has been a “denied” rumor in the city that the Angelos family is talking to some people about relocating the team to Vegas. Either them just relocating with the ownership OR them selling the team for $3B.
  7. This all still boils down to when internet shopping became a thing the CEO at the time decided not to put any effort into doing that believing it was just a fad. To the point now they are so far behind on that end the stores are suffering.
  8. I did not know that, I thought he (or his team) negotiates their own deal.
  9. The first interesting part is that Vince had some other company negotiate the TV deal. Hopefully that means he won't tinker and try to get overly involved with Production since Fox and ESPN are the ones handling all the costs and such. The other brilliant thing is that with the number of games on ESPN (and even FS1) think about on a random Saturday and Sunday during this time a sports bar not having ESPN on to automatically get eyes on it. Its going to get a lot of exposure, even of the ratings are not stupid big.
  10. I know that the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball pitched itself as a "alternate" major league when the moved in to my home town of Waldorf, MD. But from what I can tell its like a independent league in between AA and AAA level ball that plays in the burbs. And now with MLB using that league for rule testing it just seems to be the unaffiliated minor league in the system.
  11. I was staring at the box of AAF trading cards this past weekend at Target trying to decide if I should grab some.
  12. Time to take a nod from WWE and tarp that stuff off for TV with some ads on them.
  13. It has less to do with that. VKM has an issue with getting in his own way of things. I think if he just lets Oliver Luck handle everything, they can survive. Its when Week 3 and Week 4 ratings come out and they are lower than what Vince wants them to be, he will get involved heavily and the XFL 2.0 will end up the same way 1.0 did. I can even see Luck leaving after the first season, just because VKM just got overly hands on with the production as the season went on.
  14. According to its the Austin Generals TSL is just the generic The Spring League helmet
  15. Nothing trademark wise under XFL or Alpha.
  16. I fully expect that this is what they will do for the new XFL. Vince will be very active in the TV presentation of it all and that will a must.
  17. I have a feeling they will use the pirate ship in the set, so the logo works.
  18. Southern Maryland (the DC Connected Burbs of MD) which is mislabeled as Ravens territory.
  19. The official names for the colors are: "Acoustic Blue" and "Electric Gold,"
  20. NBC Sports called the logo: "Nashville SC’s logo is an N wearing headphones"
  21. It supposed to be Blue and Gold which are their USL colors, but it looks like more like MLS picked Neon Gold and Purple-ish Navy
  22. But even the Minn logo they did a change for the sake of change with changing the text on the crest.
  23. I feel all USL branding is better and is getting better. Could this be because USL teams are: a) Not tied to what Adidas can and can not do b) Have to deal with SUM Marketing, and their creative staff trying to change things to be their own. With (b) its like SUM/MLS is like WWE, they have to make changes for the sake of changes just so they can say they created (and own) the identity. You can see some exceptions Minn United and Timbers, but they are still tweaks to a logo that did not need to have tweaks.
  24. MLS seriously needs to make an initiative to stop relying on blue.
  25. IMHO I would have been completely fine with the logo had the shield been in the shape of a guitar pick. I am totally not feeling the gold tag shape.