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  1. I'll disagree with the block font sentiment. The wordmark is a sans serif, more rounded font. Your number font matches it in that sense. I'm in favor of that. However, I think you should find a way to have white and yellow never touch.
  2. According to Wikipedia, they'll play in the Oakland Arena, formerly known as the Oracle Arena, which was the home of the Golden State Warriors until this season.
  3. Agree. It looks like it might be a logo for a homeopathy company.
  4. IMO, if you're going to put silver trim on the uniform, then it should probably go on the logo set. I also think the eyes of the tiger need pupils of some sort. It looks like a squinting tiger.
  5. I did a quick-and-dirty fix of the "N" and "C" to make them fit better.
  6. I disagree about the font. I think it adds to that "futuristic-from-the-1950s" look. It's nostalgic and modern at the same time.
  7. So far, great stuff. However, for Chicago, you need a face on that dude. The guy's face/head looks like a butthole.
  8. These all kick ass. Minor nitpick on Nashville. The blue one with the guitar string stripes, if you're going to base it on guitar strings, then you should do six stripes. You have seven. Most guitars have six strings.
  9. So I have some thoughts. Firstly, this concept is actually off to a great start. You've got some fantastic things going on here. The C-in-a-B logo is fantastic. It would make for a great primary logo. I would try to develop a full font with similar letter forms to that C-in-a-B. It bugs me that the C in "CLEVELAND" and the "B" in BROWNS are different from the logo. Similarly to that, the number font could also use some work. The generic Nike Washington State lookalike font doesn't work with the wordmark. One's serif-based, the other isn't. I, personally, like to have the fonts match. I actually like the helmet with the logo, but I get that Browns fans wouldn't. I like your solution of putting the C-in-a-B on the front.
  10. Then by that standard, Hester could've argued that he went from a number that was eligible (23) to an eligible position. He might've been able to win that.
  11. Right. As far as I could see, the horse didn't change. That's why I just chose that version.
  12. I don't blame Granite Staters for hating this logo, though. Being the first-in-the-nation primary state, we're bombarded with political ads seemingly nonstop. It seems like we've been seeing ads here for Steyer since seemingly time immemorial, let alone the other candidates. So, I empathize with sports fans that would want to visit Manchester for a game and not see a reminder of politics. That said, the logo is objectively awesome. So was the original Fisher Cats logo:
  13. I'm a fan of unique number fonts being used everywhere they can. I think all pro sports teams should have their own number fonts. Full stop.