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  1. You've done Northeastern and made that kick ass, and you've done Maine and I really like that new logo. I'd love to see you take on all of Hockey East!
  2. Apparently some Disney animators helped work on the new Charleston Southern logo.
  3. Can't speak to the falcon inside, but the "G" is Georgetown University's "G"
  4. Legit question I've always had about the sport, from seeing it in the movies, to what I see on a cursory glance at If the "snitch" is caught, the game is over, with the team that catches the snitch earning 30 points. Yet, points are scored with the quaffles. So, if a team catches the snitch, yet is down by more than 30 points, do they lose?
  5. So I didn't know who this "Wayne" was. I did a Google image search to this image, and Google didn't match it. I then Googled the phrase "Wayne for America," and a CNN article mentioning Wayne Messam's bid was the third item down. Not a great start.
  6. I wish they'd have kept the ship in some form.
  7. My solution: Use the new bull and the extant athletic wordmark for all applications, including athletics.
  8. I think the "r" from the "rT" in the roundel is just pulling off the right-hand part of the "D" in the full logo. Trying too hard to be clever there.
  9. That's what Phoenix does. For a while, they used Impact for a lot of things (UMass Lowell, Rhode Island College, Iona, LIU Post, Jacksonville State, Siena, SUNY Poly)
  10. I remember watching a UMass Lowell/Arizona State game live a couple of years ago. I believe it was ASU's first year in the NCAA (or it could've been the second). They were very chippy then too. Not sure if that's a reflection of the coach, who was promoted from the old club hockey team.
  11. I actually don't see what's wrong with MSU's bear head. I like it.
  12. I'm just glad Phoenix doesn't seem to have any new identities being unleashed. I wish my alma mater would get away from their work...
  13. Honestly, the good-to-bad ratio is WAY better here than in the ABA...