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  1. I didn't know that, either. If you're going to do something garish like this, use it to promote academic aspects of the school, be it famous alumni, programs the school has, or what not.
  2. The "Walking Deacon" instantly reminded me of Washburn University's Ichabod logo. They're close enough, I think, that Washburn could ask to have it changed. I say that based on Iowa vs. Southern Miss.
  3. His second UMass Lowell mask did pretty well, considering the :censored: logos he had to work with
  4. FWIW, lots of stores deliberately reorganize themselves and move things around on purpose. The thinking is that people get into a routine and know what they want and zero in on that without looking around at anything else. Thus, they think that by periodically rearranging things, it'll force people to look at everything in the store and hopefully buy things they wouldn't ordinarily consider. The efficacy of this, however, is something I don't know.
  5. In other words, they're going in on the current trend of minimalism, sans serif, and lowercase. Got it.
  6. So does the current NBA 2K game allow for imported number fonts and baseline fonts, or does it have a select list like previous games?
  7. To piggyback off of QueenCity, I can't believe I didn't think of the stupid "Buzz City" or "Rip City" things. Those should NEVER happen. I also would add NOB to ALL uniforms, and they have to be ABOVE the numbers on the back. Going back to my affinity for color vs. color, I'd rather see mascot names on all jerseys, or in the case of collegiate sports, the name of the university.
  8. Here's what I'd do. All uniforms have to be in team/school colors For football, lift one-helmet rule For the NFL, make the bottoms of socks be in team colors, not white For pro sports leagues, each team must have a unique font Color vs. color where possible, with white being a 3rd or 4th option if suitable contrast can't be had No sponsors on the uniforms Baseball pants must end mid-calf, with socks being visible below that Commenting on others' Hockey sweaters should be untucked I don't care about monochrome look in football I also don't mind text on the fronts of football uniforms. Even Cleveland's.
  9. They are making the mistake of moving away from Trajan...
  10. I, too, want to know the answer to that question. And if it is, could you post a how-to?
  11. You're right. The "C" is rounded, where the "E" is also rounded, but rounded differently. They look like different fonts. They should have gone with the old-school EPCOT wordmark's C and just taken the E and cut off the middle bar.
  12. I like the minor tweaks to the logo. I'd want to see the renegade on its own (separate from the "D") so that it can face forward on both sides of a hypothetical helmet. Here's a random thought. Instead of black, why not a dark brown? Make it more "western" by doing so. The font of the wordmark fits that theme, and of course the name and logo you tweaked do as well.
  13. Well, if you don't play Forza or Gran Turismo or one of those, I can completely understand how Lotus can fall under the radar. They're not on the level of Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche as far as brand recognition. That said, as far as the logo goes, I would have just flattened out the colors of the 2010 logo, which is to say getting rid of the gradients. I don't like that sans serif font they are using now. It looks to "of the late 2010s" to stand the test of time.
  14. I like what you did, in theory. However, if this were real life, the color scheme as you have it would look muddled at any distance, and you'd lose lots of detail. If it were me, I'd focus on incorporating the yellow somehow into the logo, but also adding black into the rest of the team's identity. There's no reason why the Chiefs can't be a red and yellow team with black trim.