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  1. She actually started as his agent/manager AFTER they divorced.
  2. It could. However, I would think that W&L and Millsaps nicknames could be made general enough to not evoke any confederate imagery. The names of the schools themselves, that's another thing for people way smarter than me to tackle.
  3. Yes they are. I included them on the list because they are a Texas-based thing with two "orders," one in Houston and one in San Antonio. Since it was Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word being the organization that--is it oversees?--UIW, I included them. I'm not familiar enough with Catholic religious orders to know exactly how that all works, the differences between Jesuits, Franciscans, and however many others there are. My Wiki research essentially was looking at each school's Wiki page and seeing whether the affiliation said "Roman Catholic (Jesuit)" or some other such thing, or if it was just "Roman Catholic." So forgive me if I made any mistakes in my admittedly cursory research there.
  4. With some quick Wikipedia research, so take that for what it's worth, it seems that there are a handful of such schools: Incarnate Word Mount St. Mary's Sacred Heart Seton Hall Bellarmine (reclassifying from D2) St. Thomas (will reclassify from D3)
  5. The problem with this is that cars don't usually have year-round sponsors. This means that sometimes week-to-week, a team will change a sponsor and/or a paint scheme. By doing that, the number becomes more important to identify the driver, and on the rear quarter like that, it gets lost. Also, I've heard that the Gen-7 car will not have nearly as much room back there. I still think the best solution for what NASCAR was trying to do is moving the number forward, rather than back
  6. Reminds me of when Holy Cross did their study and decided to retire the crusader logo, replacing it with the "HC" shield, but kept the nickname.
  7. If the number HAS to be off-center, then I'd prefer it to be right behind the front tire, where the contingency decals used to be. But, if designers design the schemes right, it can work in front of the rear wheel. (See the 37, for example.) As far as the underglow, it added nothing.
  8. Delaware State is not leaving the MEAC, and the other schools likely breathed a sigh of relief. For now.
  9. The top slant is intentional. 9 degrees. Represents "energy" or some such nonsense.
  10. According to, it has a "9-degree forward tilt that illustrates the brand's positive energy and forward momentum." Barf.
  11. The original secondary logo is the best logo in this entire package. Full stop. It's fantastic.
  12. Can we please be sure to include names for each picture? The last one, for example, I don't know who is in the Ottawa and Dallas sweaters. That would be extremely helpful!
  13. They're not the first. See the Elmira Jackals of the ECHL
  14. For UNLV, why not carry the shoulder stripes on to the hockey sweaters?
  15. That color scheme being essentially the old Anaheim scheme. Not only that, but the KISS font is instantly recognizable. I'd look for a new font.