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  1. Quick... send that to Richard Childress so he can use it for his grandson's 3 car rather than the same Earnhardt font
  2. For the Lakers' Community jersey, why not put the numbers in white? That way they'd be more legible against the stripes.
  3. See... you have an "M" in light blue on the bottom left of the logo, so the name "Michigan Panthers" works for this logo.
  4. Dude, I would rock the :censored: out of those Flamingoes sweaters. This whole series has been fantastic.
  5. And the white Patriots' helmet. (Which frankly, I think a white lid would work better with the current set anyway, but that's another discussion.)
  6. http://d21gd0ap5v1ndt.cloudfront.net/web05/uvi/images_web/Main-Logo.png It looks like this was the old look? They don't seem to have updated their website, www.uvisports.com, with the new look. Also, the uvi.edu site doesn't easily link to uvisports.com. Terrible web design all around here.
  7. These are all pretty awesome. I'd love to see what you do with UMass Lowell in the Northeast. They've got the Tsongas Center that they could conceivably play in, and they have not had football since the early 90s, when they were a D2 school.
  8. For Pacific, why put a "P" and not the Tiger logo?
  9. Wish they would've designed a custom "4" to match the Grave Digger font.
  10. Larson has largely been funded by owner Rick Hendrick himself, given his iRacing kerfuffle last year. The schemes he's been running have been a throwback (or a recolored throwback) to a scheme run by the late Ricky Hendrick, son of the owner who died in a plane crash years ago.
  11. Why wouldn't Valpo go with Knights? They wouldn't have to change the logo at all.
  12. It's not. It's a "fauxback" that was designed with the stipulation from Marcus Lemonis that the design use the old CW logo.
  13. That's precisely it. The "7" is interesting in that the top part is the top part of Earnhardt's "3" lopped off and placed on top of the current "7" that Allgaier uses now.
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