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  1. Pretty sure its green, the one on the players left shoulder appears darker.
  2. Sebring also wouldnt be the best option, it would need some serious repaving for NASCAR I presume, as from Wikipedia:
  3. Funny enough, the Busch Clash is on a Tuesday, Feb. 9, and as someone else said the need the time in between to repair the backup car for the 500 if necessary.
  4. Starting the season with the Busch Clash on Super Bowl Sunday is a non starter. The whole schedule needs to be pushed back by 1 week at least, maybe 2.
  5. And since games will likely be neutral site for the Coyotes, when they are designated the home team they'll wear the kachinas.
  6. Theyre not changing the ice for every match. We might be in a situation where 2-3 games happen in a day.
  7. Yeah, but then you need hotels and practice facilities for 24 teams, not 12.
  8. Vegas AHL affiliate name announced Thursday https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/goldenknights/golden-knights-to-unveil-ahl-team-logo-thursday-2035931/
  9. ALCS Rays Tigers only for hometown rivalry with family up north
  10. Too soon to expand. If if season 1 was completed, i wouldn't have expected expansion until at least season 3.
  11. Tampa Bay was also rumored to head to Orlando.
  12. Conversation like this will not be tolerated, please keep the conversation on topic.
  13. So in your defense, its not the number its the person?
  14. This was essentially what I was going to post. Navy blue is more of a neutral. Also, seat color doesnt matter. There are various MLB ballparks with dark green and dark blue seats and that color is never to be seen in the home team colors. PNC in Pittsburgh comes to mind with navy blue seats and the team in black and gold.