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  1. Defending champs are featured prominently, when their names are Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago Thankfully this is the last year....hoping Turner and ESPN do a better job.
  2. Not being a homer here, but Hedman (1 time winner, and finalist for the Norris for 5 straight years) and Vasilevskiy (1 time winner, finalist for the Vezina for 4 straight years). Kucherov also has a Hart Trophy in the past few years.... By stating "only" Price and Fleury youre feeding right into the NBC bias.
  3. Can you clarify for those of us who aren't as up on their history? (Like me :P)
  4. I mean isnt that what usually happens for relocations? The Tampa Bay area was a relocation threat for Seattle, SF Giants, White Sox, etc.
  5. I like this idea. It makes sense to go to 12 since it wouldn't decrease the number of at large bids (since technically the current 4 team system is 4 at larges and no guarantees)
  6. Ding Ding Ding...and Liv Tyler's half sister.
  7. I expected it to be red, but this is not bad. Will have to see the true release for better than retail versions.
  8. Being second tenant to the Sharks might've been a downside. At the Oracle, they were primary tenant so first dibs on dates.
  9. So just so i make sure, when the forum is ad free, should all ads be gone? Or can my Chrome browser apply their own ads as well? Maybe @CC97 hasnt converted my profile, but it seemed to work fine earlier.
  10. Definitely relatively new. Also seems like the Rays have had a few of these in recent seasons. I seem to recall at least one Friday off weekend series with the Marlins. I also remember when the Rays scheduled a planed doubleheader with the A's on a Saturday plus the 3rd game on Sunday, making Friday an off day for a 3 game set.
  11. It was never intended to be their home. They intended it to house their lower tier squad plus their academy. Its aluminum and modular, so its cheap, but looks nice. This was the former Lockhart Stadium on that site, home to the original NASL Fort Lauderdale Strikers, MLS Miami Fusion, and countless high school football games. Needless to say it's a nice upgrade.
  12. True, but Inter Miami built this on the site of old Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, but still wants their own stadium in Miami proper.
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