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  1. This would be what I could agree to, and it could give London a full 8-game schedule without a team itself.
  2. So how is the 17th game being handled? Is it really going to be 8 home/9 road and vice versa in alternating years?
  3. These practice jerseys were from the early 2000's, around the Super Bowl give or take a year or two. While prior to the redesign, it was almost 10 years before the alarm clock redesign.
  4. I dont believe changing designations of existing alternates and primaries causes the 5 year rule to reset. At the very least i cannot recall a change where this occurred.
  5. True, and those photos i shared are very pixelated due to size limitations. They could be block style with a little bit of detail missing.
  6. Ok we may have a leak for the uniform number font. A person in a Bucs fan group I’m in on Facebook saw this poster in a store in South Tampa. Check out the 2020 font at the bottom.
  7. Think the current Vikings helmet i believe.
  8. Personally I think the sword is too gimmicky.
  9. Ok so the Bridgewater sweepstakes is on....assuming that NO doesnt pay him bank to be QB in waiting, unless Hill is their heir apparent.
  10. Looks like the Chiefs with a white helmet.....no go.
  11. https://www.thedailystampede.com/2019/5/6/18533660/the-usf-academic-logo-a-tale-in-three-acts-joe-hice-spark-money
  12. I've prepared myself for a white helmet, if for the ability for the throwback uni alone. My personal non-negotiables are red primary home jersey and the flag logo (though not perfect) remains primary and unchanged.
  13. Wow thats something I hadnt thought of, but makes a ton of sense.
  14. It was always orange, didn’t exactly match the jerseys on those mini replicas. This photo was accurate.
  15. Man, I leave for a day and you all sidetrack the heck out of this thread.