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  1. I mean, Cincinnati's airport is over the river in Covington, KY
  2. Ok....let not get ahead of ourselves. There has to be a limit, right? At some point you're just oversaturating your product.
  3. It's like Tampa being brought up as an NBA expansion team. They're already in the market for Orlando broadcasts, so it's essentially cannibalism to the NBA.
  4. I’m pretty sure that the 2 game limit for the RR jersey was stated before it was decided how long the 20-21 season was set for.
  5. Likely because of a few things. 1- The sponsor has a branding guide that may not allow for modification outiside of a few key colors. 2- Making it team colors will make it blend in and devalue the branding (see #1).
  6. I believe the issue in Louisville is that the University of Louisville basketball team has primary tenant rights and the NBA squad would be second fiddle. Seattle is a clear #1 and sadly I think Vegas is #2. At least then you move Minnesota to the east
  7. They have in the past (Rams 2018-19 playoffs) but they had good reason for it. If the Saints go with the white color rush, I'd be shocked.
  8. As much as I would prefer this uni matchup, i dont feel like WFT will go white at home in the playoffs. It'll likely be burgundy/white vs. white/pewter.
  9. I figured this time next year he'd be traded, but the Rays have always usually followed the "traded a year too early than a year too late" mantra. The only one they may have waited too long on was Longoria. A local podcast I listen to made a good point today, saying how these team friendly contracts the Rays sign players to is not only to benefit themselves, but in the case of a trade, the other team. I honestly never put that into perspective but it makes sense.
  10. Well it all depends on what "next year" meant, could be 2022.
  11. "Fans" (and I use the quotes only because I'm suspect they actually follow the team) always lose their collective minds when someone of note gets traded from the Rays. I get it, it sucks, but its the Rays front office's MO. For the most part it usually pays off in the end too, and I do like the return for Snell with top pitching prospect Luis Patiño and a catcher like Mejia.
  12. Trade: Lightning fix cap issue by sending Coburn, Paquette to Senators