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  1. Yes, that's been part of the Sunday home combo since the 20th anniversary season in 2018.
  2. Lightning unveiled their current logo on ice the season before the updated the jerseys to current.
  3. 2019 I believe. It was when they ditched the nameplates and put letters right on the jersey.
  4. Its my understanding that all teams are included. https://www.icethetics.com/news/penguins-flyers-reverse-retro-jerseys-apparently-leak
  5. Dunedin is where the Blue Jays hold spring training, and the staff is their staff, so I doubt Dunedin goes anywhere for Toronto.
  6. I know someone earlier this thread brought up the Lightning going with a blue version of the 2004 Cup era unis, but i think a sleeper would be something to do with the 90s storm alternates with the current logos.
  7. Bucs will break out the pewter pants at home with the white jerseys against Green Bay this weekend. Nice throwback to the NFC Central days
  8. The light blue Rays jersey has been paired with the navy alternate hat for the past three seasons. The light blue jersey is always the Sunday home jersey and has been since its introduction.
  9. I would think that now that the AAF isn't around to take some markets, you could see the original 8 remain but with some relocations to more suitable locations that laid host to AAF squads. - LA to San Diego (if a venue can be found, maybe Petco if Qualcomm is done) - Tampa Bay to Orlando (UCF or the Orlando City soccer stadium would be good smaller venues) - Dallas to San Antonio
  10. Official https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2020/09/30/nascar-2021-cup-series-schedule-features-three-new-tracks-more-road-courses/ - Dirt Bristol is intriguing. - Circuit of the Americas is going to be fun. - Cant complain about more road courses - Moving Indy to road course and not oval is a nice change of pace too
  11. What is the preferred way to send to them? I figure im going to use USPS with a flat rate box if i can, plus tracking and insurance.
  12. If anyone has experience with Exclusive Pro please let me know.
  13. Thanks I think that’s the one.
  14. I have a blank Lightning jersey I am looking into getting customized with a player. It’s one of the older alternates from around 2013 so I’m having trouble finding the proper numbers and letters. I believe there is a website where I can send the jersey and they’ll do the work. If you know this site, can you please provide it for me.