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  1. I like this one. Probably because it looks like an alternate uniform instead of a jersey designed to be worn over a weekend. The khaki design reminds me of some of San Diego's old away uniforms and I liked those as well.
  2. Someone posted this to their Twitter, arguing about the change of shirts for Austria, so I guess they're posted by UEFA, or this guy decided to do the work himself.
  3. As much as Taylor Twellman kept talking about Eriksen during the Belgium/Russia game, I thought he was over focused on it instead of calling the game he was in charge of. I know it's serious, but at some point you have to step back from speculating on Eriksen and what should have been done because those decisions were already made.
  4. https://fb.watch/64OqSqvVHS/ Here's the video I was trying to find before.
  5. They've been playing all year with one uniform set too. Not surprised.
  6. Cleveland has versions using the helmet and the brownie, I wish they'd just run with the brownie as the primary and be done with it.
  7. Yes, these are the home kits this year. I hope the next set of away kits offer something other than white or black.
  8. Because they have a lot of red teams to deal with this year? And it's possibly a nod to Euro 96, when England wore blue as the away kit. I think Austria has them beat if they are still wearing teal shorts and socks with a black top. They are the away team for this match, and reportedly they have three shirts to pick from this tournament though I don't think we'll see their green kit, since the place I saw all three shirts shown was Footy Headlines.
  9. If US has them at Tier 4, they probably aren't getting let in unless the players and staff can prove they've had shots. UK is Tier 3 and that means 10 day quarantine regardless if they had a vaccine or not.
  10. I think the bowls should stay, but go from 42 down to 20, with 10 of those bowls in the rotation for the playoffs, and the best matchups that didn't make the playoffs. the traditional 4 (Rose, Sugar, Fiesta and Orange) and the next best 4-8 bowl games that rotate for the quarters. I've seen written articles on espn.com and other sports site, but very limited coverage on ESPN TV. FBS football is the only level of football where they make sure the teams with great seasons that aren't in the Big 5 leagues don't have a chance to win a national title, . . . for now. The last team that did that was BYU in the 1980's. Before that? I have no clue. This is a giant boost for the Group of 5 teams that go undefeated, which is going to be harder for them because the Power 5 teams will be replacing FCS teams with them a bit more since fans are getting tired of playing those teams and have voted with their feet by not showing up for those games. It's even why Alabama will soon not be playing neutral site games at the start of the season. Fans want to see them blow out Florida State at home instead of paying for overpriced tickets and flying out to Dallas or Atlanta to do it there. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-playoff-expansion-how-a-12-team-field-would-have-looked-in-each-of-last-seven-seasons/ ESPN's version. https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/31611084/college-football-playoff-expansion-12-team-historic-simulations-storylines-more
  11. I think the roundel with the stars should be used with someone like a Glasgow Ranger type monogram in the middle with the larger R and NE interlocked.
  12. It'd make more sense if it was for a team using a crown over top of the letter. Is that shape found somewhere in Boston? I get a Royals vibe more than a revolutionary one.
  13. https://www.cantonrep.com/story/sports/2021/06/09/canton-charge-cleveland-cavaliers-relocating-ohio-basketball-nba/7627845002/ Canton Charge are being moved to Cleveland. They'll play at Cleveland State University.
  14. I think they wanted to do that, so maybe Concacaf said not a chance? I could see them doing that. The CONMEBOL games could be played in Florida, California and Georgia. If the complaint is about fans being present, I don't think they'll even have fans in the stadiums in Brazil. I know that was the case in Argentina.
  15. They did have to take games away from a couple countries due to outbreaks and stadium occupancy rules, but you're correct in regards to teams just dropping out. I wonder what we'll see when Copa America starts too.
  16. So Patrick Stewart is Benjamin Button, but stuck somewhere in the middle of life? Lifeforce (1985)
  17. This is Macron. Nike actually moved away from templated collars for their pro teams as well.
  18. If UEFA still thinks they can play a tournament across an entire continent I'm not surprised the IOC wants to go ahead with this.
  19. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/ravens/nfl-hopes-expand-international-play-germany-2022-or-2023 The NFL is looking at adding a game in Germany, possibly as soon as next season (2022). Munich or Berlin makes the most sense but I could see Frankfurt, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen or Dusseldorf being considered as well. I guess it depend on how many people the NFL thinks they can get to go to a game in Germany, so proximity to US bases may be a factor too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_stadiums_in_Germany
  20. https://www.bbc.com/sport/baseball/57413084 Australian baseball, as well as Taiwan and China have pulled out of the Olympic baseball qualifiers in Mexico. Australia said the timelines are such that they weren't comfortable with trying to meet the deadlines. Not sure why Mexico was picked over another Asian area with less Covid issues, but it's disappointing to see three of the better known teams out of the competition before it even begins.
  21. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2021-06-07/banc-of-california-host-mls-all-star-game MLS All Stars vs Liga MX All Stars at Banc of California Stadium in August. Hopefully they don't bring this back. But knowing MLS they will.
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