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  1. Some MLB teams also complained about their AAA teams not being near airports that offer direct flights from the Pacific time zone to Eastern. I believe the Nationals started sending players to their AA for rehab assignments because it was easier to get them where they needed to go if the team was on the road. I'm more worried for teams like San Antonio who need to upgrade to a new stadium to meet AAA requirements. An independent version of the Texas League could occur, but I don't think it would be embraced nearly as much as the current team is. The ones that may most likely suffer are the A and Rookie League teams.
  2. https://es.pn/32vt87v via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app Georgia Southern and Coastal Carolina had a dance off to start the 4th quarter. Both sides flagged for taunting and 3 players were ejected due to previous personal fouls.
  3. It starts in the 5th OT. South Carolina vs Georgia ended before that. Tennessee was amped up before that call then just fell off the rest of the drive. Alabama's need to show off their new lights is painful as hell as well. Do you really need to play with them when YOU'RE punting?
  4. Liberty moved into Barclays and are being run by the Nets. They may rebrand as well, though they plan on keeping the Liberty name.
  5. Or the other option was Christian Hackenberg.
  6. That's plain for Puma this year. that's their standard teamwear uniform.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50082517 Leicester vs Liverpool has had the time changed fort heir Boxing Day match so that it can get max views on Amazon. "The change is part of Amazon's plans to broadcast fixtures for the first time, with the American media company showing all 10 games on 26 and 27 December."
  8. Well the loss would all but kill their hopes for a bowl, right?
  9. http://imgur.com/gallery/bB80J2q I've been looking at this logo for the Mobile Alabama Bowl. I wonder if this would be used as the jersey patch as a way to declutter the uniforms?
  10. OL lists were released as well today.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50038866 BBC reporting Reign FC coach Vlatko Andonovski will be taking over the US women's team.
  12. https://www.herthabsc.de/en/teams/special-kit-to-celebrate-the-fall-of-the-berlin-wall/page/1187--4-4-.html It's a throwback.
  13. He's in the VIP lounge I'd assume, so he's probably checking his Instagram stats. What's more concerning is the guy with the vuvuzela, he should be chucked off the top of the stadium.
  14. The Lakers went off on Silver because of all the money they won't make over Morey's tweet. They're truly embracing the Jordan mantra, "Republicans buy shoes too".
  15. Unless you plan on having the players there, it's not necessary.
  16. I'd add a thicker outline for Chelsea's lion on the home shirt.
  17. The only time it's acceptable for a front facing logo to not face forward is if it is in the middle of a letter, like the Broncos old logo. Otherwise, it should face forward.
  18. 2 passes were tipped by Browns receivers into Seahawk hands. Can't blame the QB on those. Unfortunately, they're still committing stupid penalties and the refs calling a blindside tackle on Landry when he hit him straight up was ridiculous. The Landry score that wasn't was a pretty bad review call as well.
  19. This was something All Star game unis in the 60s through the early 80s used to do before the NBA established a standard NBA uniform up until the Phoenix All Star game in 1994. That's when NBA switched to city specific All Star uniforms until 1997, when the teams wore their regular home or away uniforms with an All Star Game patch.
  20. They announced this earlier in the year, It should be interesting to see how that translates to fan jerseys, since MLS replicas tend to have major differences from the authentic fan jerseys.
  21. The fact that Italy was denied a chance to play an elimination game because New Zealand wanted more rest between games is just stupid. Italy needed the win to progress. If it had no bearing, I can understand then. just move the damn game and play it, even if it's a closed door match.OR extend the schedule and put New Zealand's game a day or two later. At least Italy had already secured a 2023 World Cup berth or it'd be even more of a scandal.
  22. Nice start! Glad to see the sleeve sponsor change too.