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  1. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/10/adidas-humanrace-2020-kit-font-released.html Apparently there's a specific font for the Humanrace adidas uniforms. Manchester United and Arsenal wore theirs, with primary kit sponsor instead, as warmup shirts. Juventus wore there's during a match but used their Serie A font instead. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/10/on-pitch-adidas-humanrace-kits-arsenal.html
  2. New England vs. Buffalo Tennessee vs. Cincinnati Las Vegas vs. Cleveland Indianapolis vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Green Bay NY Jets vs. Kansas City LA Rams vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore LA Chargers vs. Denver New Orleans vs. Chicago San Francisco vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Philadelphia Tampa Bay vs. NY Giants
  3. I disagree, but I think different color pinstripes would look better.
  4. The only difference is the colors. The pattern is an approximation of what the Army uses and has used previously. It looks like the Indiana used multiple patterns as well.
  5. Wales usually has a chance, but the other two? Not so much.
  6. This was replaced by the M above the Maryland flag, wasn't it? If it's still part of the school identity they should use it.
  7. So they're using Army camo for a Navy battleship that deployed Marines.
  8. Never a good sign
  9. Most of those AAF numbers were early interest as well as liberal accounting as far as "ticket sales". The Fleet had started getting more fans before they shut down. The only one I truly doubt was in the ballpark of what they said they were was Salt Lake.
  10. New York already has a team, they'll be moving from MetLife to Red Bull Arena.
  11. I'm fine with other schools wearing camo, but it needs to be used sparingly, like as a helmet or sleeve stripe. Did they say what the gold stars represent? I'm guessing they'd be for Indiana students killed in WWII? That's the only reason to use a gold star, but it shouldn't be used in that manner. Instead it should be used like the blue star/gold star designs instead of that gaudy shoulder design:
  12. Their bye week moved forward, I'm sure they'd rather have it in November. They were fined for being idiots and thinking they knew better than everyone else about how to avoid Covid. They also hosed the Steelers who would have had a bye in Week 8 instead of Week 4.
  13. The Rose Bowl vs USC proved it. Somehow couldn't put away that game and let Sam Darnold pick them apart in the 4th before he started seeing ghosts.
  14. If Cincy is wearing all black this will be a better looking matchup. Probably for this year anyways. Maybe vs the Jets, I think it's away.
  15. Probably not. Women's soccer in the US doesn't feel like there's a need to Europeanize their names, unless they got bought by a European club.
  16. Army-Navy will be played at West Point this year. https://instagram.com/stories/armywp_football/2426463905944870530?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=12evsbztzsebu
  17. Not the worst they've looked, adidas has seen to that, but I agree on how cheap they felt.
  18. United got lucky that year, they still had that swoosh on the sleeve though. The aways that year were one of the best designs, but they felt a little frail though.
  19. Nope. Actually, I think they need to toss that new alternate uniform in the fire.
  20. I think it has to be one or the other. If you're fine taking a league champ that means you take them with the blemishes. Take Northwestern for example. They were 8-4 and had they beaten Ohio State, who also didn't make it that year, but finished 11-1 in the regular season, you'd tell them thanks but no thanks come back when you lose less games, we're going to take the Big XII team that went 10-2 but finished 2nd. Is that team better? Most likely, but they weren't league champs. Setting an arbitrary disqualifier before the season starts would probably allow G5 teams more chances to join the party, but I don't think it works. Say for example you somehow have a year, I know it's unlikely but go with this, where you see the SEC West and Big Ten East basically take turns beating each other up and the top team has 2 losses in the league, and possibly more prior to the league starting up. Will a 12-0 Cincinnati get in front of either squad, even with a win against a mid-level Big Ten squad?
  21. After the whooping Wasps gave Bristol I think this will be pretty competitive.