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  1. I think the front of the home jersey is missing the snow caps that are on the back.
  2. The pants are the one thing I didn't like. I like how the helmet looks like a 1920s throwback.
  3. West Ham unofficially was a merger of Thames Ironworks FC with another team, but since that team dissolved and was reformed as West Ham I don't know if it still counts as a continued merger.
  4. Pretty cheap since it's a startup. Not as much as an USL team which costs around $30 million.
  5. Major League Rugby. I know the league needs cash, but they should have told this guy that one bad nickname based on a drink is one too many, let alone two.
  6. It's disappointing that they are using the same template for the home and away jerseys this year.
  7. Seen them referred to as the"Dexter" kit but some of the Brits as well.
  8. Whomever made it probably wanted to get it out there and isn't part of the design group. I'd expect the R to be fixed up if this were the final layout. I also wonder what this would look like with other potential VP candidates.
  9. Depends on where the Brewer's want their team to go, if they move immediately.
  10. I think people still underestimate what this and other diseases can do to a generally healthy individual. Age is not a factor, access to possible infection is the primary factor. Unfortunately this will probably help MLB's argument. San Antonio will most likely be demoted to AA status, since the last two mayors have not even attempted to try to get a AAA park built, that's not the worse thing that could happen for the owners of the Missions.
  11. I think MLB/owners are happy to sit out the whole year if it means they have to pay the minimum on contracts. Looking at the numbers they asked for, they only make sense if you're playing a 60 game season. I'd think they're trying for at least 90 games, which is more than half a season. Even if you play 30-45 days with no fans or gate receipts the cuts they're asking for don't make sense. And we still don't know what MiLB is doing.
  12. High school teams in Ohio have done this to minimize the time it takes a field to dry out after rain showers. One school that did that was Indian Valley ( Gnadenhutten, Oh). I'm not sure if they still use it, the change occurred in the late 1990's when the school was formed after consolidation.
  13. I think he's referencing the current primary look though, not these. A tiger stripe in place of the wordmark would look pretty solid. A new bengal stiping pattern on an orange lid, somewhat similar to the bandanna pattern shown here could work, but I think the helmet should remain the same.
  14. Texas even made logos for all of their incoming players last year. Partially tongue in cheek but I wonder with NIL if we could see that happening at all of the Power 5 schools.
  15. There was a cease and desist order.
  16. Have you seen the skateboard uniforms for the Olympics? They look somewhat like these.
  17. I'd swap shirt designs for home and away shirts. Red and white hoops are when FC Dallas' looked their best.
  18. I guess the coverage about the issue depends on who was talking about it. I was in Ohio so the commentary about the change was limited compared to DC and Maryland.
  19. I remember it being because religious groups felt wizards were people using black magic. Also, anyone can change a Wikipedia entry at any time. That's why you should never use it as a source in a college level paper or when writing for an academic review.
  20. The way it's happening in Germany is that those players are isolated, and the players that are not confirmed as positive are not isolated. Dresden had 14 players confirmed but I believe they still fielded a team last week. CORRECTION: The whole team was placed in quarantine and may have to forfeit 3 games. The province's rules are more restrictive than the federal government.
  21. Baseball should be played by battle bots.