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  1. Maybe something like the Orlando Rage logo with Memphis Maniax hair?
  2. The Crew kit with yellow; white, light blue and red still beats this.
  3. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/07/on-pitch-huddersfield-19-20-home-kit-fake-paddypower-sponsor.html It made it to the field, hopefully this is the only time it does. The most important part of a sponsorship logo is visibility and it's literally cut in half if the player isn't coming straight at the television. Speaking of visibility . . . And River Plate is repping Pro Evolution Soccer on it's jersey numbers
  4. And North America was reversed with the name above the numbers. I think the G League does this too, and the WNBA definitely does this. It's a step up from reversible jerseys but it's not really necessary.
  5. I think the old 2 byes a year worked but dragged the season out, 3 would be even worse. Best idea is to just scrap the 18 game schedule idea and admit it's a money grab and the league never really cared about it's players, no matter what they've said the last few years.
  6. I'd also say it could be the NFL saying one thing, "No more than 16 games", then pretending to "change their tune" when they realize that holding out healthy players starts getting compared to the NBA players sitting out. They want 18 games and don't really want to limit players to 16 games. What happens to teams that platoon players? Will the NFL change it to minutes per game played?
  7. The Jets jersey is better than their black jerseys, but I still wouldn't want to see it on the field. Making any jersey grey because the team already has a jersey with the opposite color of the home uniform is just plain lazy though.
  8. Still needs black stripes on the pants.
  9. For people with sensory issues, this could be a godsend. If I'm not worrying about blaring music, weird sounds at unexpected times and such, I would probably enjoy the game a little better.
  10. It could be an adjustment to the template but it may not be big enough of a change for most teams to announce it as a new uniform.
  11. That would have driven me crazy if I was watching it. They look good separately, but not together.
  12. If it's illegal nationally, the league won't allow it.
  13. Triple A All Star Game has gone back to each player wearing their regular uniforms. Way better than league specific uniforms they've had the last few years.
  14. Unless you leave a box for the numbers or add a thick outline on the name and numbers, that sublimated striping is the better option.
  15. I'd do the opposite and raise them higher a bit. Maybe place an outline on the numbers so they don't bleed into each other on TV.
  16. Look up Doug Houvenor's web site. It should be there.
  17. MLS tried that then went back to a star for each win. Italy has 1 star for every 10 titles. Mainly because 3 teams were winning all the time and how do you fit 39 titles on Juve's new logo?
  18. Mexico wears all black and the US wears their all red kit. Ugliest final of the day after two exceptionally classy matchups.
  19. Something like Brazil's with the 5 stars could work as well.
  20. If any of the players make more than $500 total I'd be surprised. Granted they seem to play a 6 game season that lasts 3-4 months.
  21. Didn't even know they were playing a 3rd place game. ESPN is ticking me off with placing these games on the streaming network.
  22. Probably using local setup and they didn't send an update.
  23. No problem! I wonder with the possibility of 32 teams next time if we won't see another group having to make a similar sacrifice if it's held in China, Japan or Brazil.