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  1. I'm alright with the new uniforms. I just don't understand the need to change the helmet. The helmet was fine.
  2. RPM was the worst Power Rangers series. Period. OO on the other hand, is not really as bad as people claim.
  3. I think that the conference wants the new logo to go in effect at a specific time, and USA was laying down new turf and to be in compliance with the SBC, they put the logo in now, earlier than the required date.
  4. As someone who works for Georgia State football (now), I've yet to see this logo anywhere. But then again, we've been away for the last two weeks or so. Don't even know when we get to go back. But, personally, I like it. Much simpler.
  5. I hope they will at least get rid of the grey face masks. I mean seriously, if your helmet shell isn't silver or grey, then grey face masks are just ugly and, in my opinion, are a sign of laziness.
  6. Is the school officially Louisiana or Louisiana-Lafayette? I've always heard Louisiana-Lafayette, but it seems that (at some point) they dropped Lafayette. Anyone have some clarification on this?
  7. Is this an official helmet or a custom made one?
  8. No idea why fans hated this. I thought it was pretty cool
  9. Is there any reason to change the helmet?
  10. Where did you find those? I've been trying to contact the XFL for logo sheets or anything with the primary and secondary logos, but no luck. I really want to know the exact colors they are using and what all the secondary logos are.
  11. Where can I find logos, colors, and uniforms for the Continental Football League? I've tried a few places, but very few sites offer pics or even logos. What's the "go to" site for this league?
  12. So is Seattle's official primary color blue or green? I honestly don't know. Their logo is primarily green, with little blue. But their home uniforms are blue. And the score bug on Fox shows blue as the primary color, but last week's ESPN bug showed green. The stadium is dressed mainly in orange and their away uniforms features pretty much no blue. So which is it?
  13. We never actually used that format. The plan was to always have the crown on both sides. It was just a matter of the marketing department mixing up our intentions.