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  1. They look good! Not sure about the Soul uniform, might need to see it in action, but otherwise great!
  2. What we were always told was that Dundon was always interested in investing in the league, but was unsure if it would be worth investing in. After the first week of games, he was sold on the product and, at that point, decided to invest. The pay glitch and the time in which he chose to invest were a coincidence. The league shut down has nothing to do with a lack of cash, but a lack of interest from Dundon. All he wanted was our tracking technology so he can put it in a damn hockey puck. He was never interested in the football or anyone involved, he just wanted to legally take the tech for a steal.
  3. I have no idea honestly. I never dealt with the marketing team, outside of those working on Instagram and Twitter. But even they were concerned with a lack of traditional advertisement.
  4. I'd tell them to stay away from Dundon and don't spend so much money. Scale back some of the purchases.
  5. I don't know how much we were hurt, but having the United play at or an hour before our game didn't help. I don't know who made the schedule, but having our games on the same day, I think, was a mistake.
  6. 1. From my point of view, it seemed like the funding was all there and I didn't feel anything was rushed. If anything, the league spent more than it had to in a number of places. So, I don't think it was a matter of a lack of funds, but rather spending more on thins than was called for. I think that if Dundon hadn't taken over, we might be strapped for cash in some areas, but we'd be playing the rest of the season. The league wanted to finish out the season, but because Dundon nixed it, well... here we are. 2. I think we all, players, coaches, and staff included, mocked our lack of fans. I was impressed by the number of people who showed up to games in San Diego and Orlando, but was confused why Arizona and Atlanta didn't have many fans. As far as Atlanta's home fans, we really enjoyed them and the guys were always happy to interact with them. I don't think anyone was discouraged, because we all knew that the product was new and it would take time, and wins, to build a fan base. 3. What hurt us was the lack of traditional marketing. TV spots, radio spots, billboards, newspaper ads, things of that nature. Sure we had Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but what we really needed was a billboard on I-85 for people to look at during traffic. I think more could have been done to market the team. If you recall, the commercials were for the league, not for the teams in the individual markets. And word of mouth wasn't really working. I don't think being in Town with the Falcons hurt us. 4. We had at least 3 Louisville guys who all got along real well, and they got along with me, because that's where I'm from. Otherwise there were not issues with the team, everyone got along great and I never noticed any friction or anything of that nature.
  7. As I stated before the payroll glitch did not effect me at all. I never missed a paycheck and was always paid on time. What happened with the glitch was with the players and coaches. They switched from Sequoia to Paycor. Now my understanding is that Sequoia dropped the players and coaches. Why? I'm not 100% sure. But what I can tell you is that it was not because of a lack of funds. They indeed had a problem switching services. Now, it's entirely possible that something was happening behind the scenes that I was not aware of, but tha's what I was told Week 2 and that's what I was told this week.
  8. I've spent the week packing stuff up from our offices and doing the work of two men in since the last game (my boss was away for the birth of his first child). So if someone was around interviewing, they never came back to my office and I never saw them.
  9. We found out on the 2nd. My colleagues on other teams said that they had been informed that league was "over for now". Then our GM called an emergency meeting stating that we were suspending operations, pending a conference from the higher ups. The announcement of the suspension came before it was on social media, to the best of my knowledge. Frankly, we were blindsided. It was business as usual until that moment. Now? Looking for a job in college or NFL for the fall. Also looking at the XFL.
  10. Well, now that it's all over, and the final check is coming, I suppose we can turn this into an AMA and I can answer any questions you guys have about the Alliance. I will first say that I had an amazing time! I loved every minute of this job and the people I worked for, but job I ever got paid for. And if I could do it again, I would. I have no ill will towards the Alliance, players, coaches, or staff. I don't have any problems with Polian or Charlie. I do have an intense hatred for Dundon. He is to the AAF what Donald Trump was to the USFL. He is the person I blame for all of this. So yeah, that being said, any questions you have for the former Assistant Video Director of the Atlanta Legends, please feel free to ask. I may not have an answer for everything, but I can, and will, provide you with my insights.
  11. Everyone just calm down.