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  1. I hope so, but remember when the AAF had their QB Draft, they had the players with those awesome Starter jackets and hats. The uniforms didn't come until later.
  2. Haven't played a single game and the general public already looks at the league as inferior.
  3. The CAFL is back for 2019! Four teams with logos revealed, helmets in the video, but incredibly hard to see. Only the Beijing Lions return.
  4. Why? These uniforms aren't "illegal" in the same way that FAMU's white uniforms with white numbers were. You can at least read them
  5. I use to be the VC at Cookman and, when I got there, I was told that BCU was "the Oregon of HBCU". Take that for what it's worth. In addition, I saw these helmets first hand, they have the numbers on the left side and "Wildcats" on the right. But the decals are either clear or chrome too. I wish we had a consistent look, but... oh well. Usually BCU does wear maroon and gold (ie yellow), but throws a lot of black in there too. They wore chrome for the Flordia Classic last year, but i don't recall any of time they deviated from the traditional colors.
  6. Based on what I just read about Memphis, and what I know of Salt Lake and San Diego, I guess we in Atlanta got a great deal on our "facilities". We were in a hotel the entire time and a 10 min drive to our practice field.
  7. I work for Georgia Tech football now, and I've never been to a bowl game before as I've spent the majority of my career on the FCS level. But now, since the Sun Bowl has an ACC tie in, if we can't go to the playoffs, then I want to go here! If anything I'm curious to know what gift packs/swag, the players will get. A lifetime supply of Frosted Flakes? I hope!
  8. My thought behind that was that before NASA took over space exploration, it was part of the US Air Force. So, to me at least, there is some connection there, especially if it is in Houston.
  9. Something tells me thats a face and that it will be the face of the DC mascot. I still think that St. Louis will be black and grey, but I'm no longer 100% on that.
  10. My guesses based on the images in the video and the teases: = + Los Angeles Something to do with bikers: Angels? = + Tampa Something to do with the swamp: Vipers/Crocs/Leatherheads = + Seattle Dragons = + Dallas Something about oil or blue color factory work: Wildcatters, Roughnecks, Drillers = + New York Gargoyles or Sentries = + Houston Something to do with the Air Force/NASA? = + Washington Military theme: Generals/Soldiers/Marines/Calvary = + St. Louis You got me! No idea what this could be.
  11. If true, that's astronomically lucky.