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  1. It's like the NFL needs to come up with a dumb rule that :censored:s up the season & helps no one.
  2. So is it safe to say the Washington Team of American Football found their QB? Or will they go back to Fitzmagic when he is healthy?
  3. NY Giants vs. Washington Las Vegas vs. Pittsburgh San Francisco vs. Philadelphia Houston vs. Cleveland Denver vs. Jacksonville New Orleans vs. Carolina LA Rams vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Miami New England vs. NY Jets Cincinnati vs. Chicago Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay Minnesota vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Seattle Dallas vs. LA Chargers Kansas City vs. Baltimore Detroit vs. Green Bay
  4. That was a real though loss for the Patriots. They really have only themselves to blame, too many penalties & some bad fumbles ended up costing them. Of course Miami's defense showing up certainly didn't help at all. On the bright side Mac Jones looked fantastic. Despite the loss, I doubt there was much more you could have asked for from a rookie QB making his first start. That defense is nothing to scoff at either, and will only be better when they work out the situation with Gilmore.
  5. People arguing of a bad call/no call? Football is definitely back. LOL Game was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Dak showed exactly why he was willing to hold out and deserved every bit of the money he got. If Jerruh Jones can ever get his head dislodged from his ass, Cowboys could have a decent shot at making a Super Bowl with Dak. Or he could just end up another Tony Romo. Brady also proved to everyone he's still immortal. Much to the dismay of everyone outside of Tampa & New England. If you give Brady even a few seconds, just needing a FG or TD to win the game, the outcome is.....inevitable.
  6. I know I'm bias, but what the hell more does Brady have to do to convince people? Winning the Super Bowl with The Bucs was basically him :censored: slapping every critic he still has. I completely get if you hate the guy, that's fair. But you simply can't deny what he has been able to accomplish.
  7. So just pick who we think is going to win? ok. Dallas vs. Tampa Bay Seattle vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Houston Philadelphia vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo San Francisco vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Cincinnati NY Jets vs. Carolina Arizona vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Kansas City Miami vs. New England Denver vs. NY Giants Green Bay vs. New Orleans Chicago vs. LA Rams Baltimore vs. Las Vegas
  8. I think Mac Jones is going to surprise some people. I could see his ceiling being somewhere around a Phillip Rivers type of player.
  9. R.I.P to one of the most underrated players of the Patriots dynasty.
  10. This is certainly a surprise. Didn't he just sign with the Cardinals? I'm glad he wasn't just a "flash in the pan" player and actually ended up being a somewhat decent CB. Patriots fans & Seahawks fans will always love/hate him for Super Bowl XLIX. I do wonder if we'll ever get the full story about Super Bowl LII though.
  11. Depends on the team I guess. Vikings for example, clearly don't care that Kirk Cousins is an anti-vaxxer. So dumb that this is even an issue. But some people need to learn the hard way decisions have consequences.
  12. I admit I am a bit surprised the Patriots cut Newton. Mac was obviously the better player, but I didn't expect Belichick the just throw him into the fire like this. Belichick must have a lot of confidence in him in that case. Guess it is for the best though, if they started Cam then the second he throws his first INT all the racist Patriots fans would be booing him & demanding Mac. Hope Cam does land someone though, not sure if he's starter material anymore, but he's capable on the right team. Giants, Broncos, and Saints might be a good fit for him. At least as a backup. As for Mac, I am impressed with his preseason. Don't really know what more you could ask for out of a rookie QB in his case. Yeah he played mostly backups, but when he did face starters (like against the Giants) he still did remarkably well. This might be an odd comparison to make so early, but he does remind me of Josh Allen. The AFC East will certainly be very interesting this season, for the first time in about 30 years. Only question I have is......what exactly does Brian Hoyer have on Belichick?
  13. Only reason Dolphins would be in on Watson is if they were absolutely convinced Tua is a bust. Unless the team is the Denver Broncos, I'm not believing any rumors about Watson. But Texans are going to have to deal with the Elephant in the room sooner or later. If they were smart they would get what they could for Watson and make him somebody else's problem.
  14. If Beasley tests positive even once during the season, they need to cut his anti-vaxx ass immediately. Not worth jeopardizing their season for one moron.
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