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  1. For sure there's an obvious benefit to these sponsorships in a league made up of rural communities. Agriculture is big business. There's got to be something in it for the companies. But I think it's as much PR ("look at us supporting the community!") as it is advertising.
  2. I think you have to dive down to Junior A hockey to find something this crass. In my neck of the woods, the SJHL has divisions named after Viterra, Global Ag Risk Solutions, and Sherwood, and the teams play for the Canalta Cup. It's a necessary evil because this is Saskatchewan and most of the markets have populations of about 5,000. Those sponsorships are more about giving back to the community and keeping the league afloat. For the NHL, it's about greed and profits.
  3. Somehow they've found a way to make an already convoluted identity even more muddled.
  4. It doesn't help that everything was so damn baggy back then. Like guys wearing technicolor fitted sheets.
  5. First of all, when you turn on a hockey game one of the first things they will show is clips from warm ups to talk about and hype up the game, along with game highlights. Then there is the pre-game interviews during warm-ups, advertisers would love front and center exposure like that (the only issue is that a lot of people will change the channel when they see Pierre interview someone, but thats just Pierre). Also during the pre-game show they show live clips of warm ups for a good chunk of the show. But at present, NHL teams don't warm up in practice jerseys. Morning skates and off-day practices are the only times they wear practice jerseys. That said, I could tolerate ad-riddled practice jerseys in the warm-ups as long as they don't touch the game uniforms.
  6. Looks like the Bombers wore the white-gold-white sleeves last year.
  7. I noticed the same thing. I wonder if they had some leftover jerseys from another year and wanted to use them up. Or this could be a Reebok mistake...
  8. It is. Their alternate jersey is their former home jersey -- purple shoulders and arm stripes.
  9. Hello. I noticed that you just accepted the new owner for a team in the fantasy hockey league you run. Would you be able to keep me on the backburner should an opportunity arive? I'm doing my best to hit 500 posts asap...

  10. looks good, but it'd look better IMO with the Marlin coming off of the I as well. No that's overkill and even the designers of this garbage would know that. You don't need more than the one. More than one what? Marlin.
  11. The Kings are on the ice for the first time in their new away unis. They look pretty sharp against the Coyotes. And because they're also playing a split-squad game at home, we get confirmation that the home uniforms are unchanged. (Not sure if we knew that 100%.) It's a bit odd to see different hem stripes on this set, but I still like it. Note the double white stripe on the side of the pants and the crown logo above the right knee. Otherwise, I believe everything else carries over.
  12. Growing up as a Kings fan, I always loved when the Oilers travelled down to Inglewood... Now that both teams are wearing uniforms of the same style, it'll be nice to get some flashbacks.
  13. Absolutely. If DL can keep the cap hit down (and $5.33M is waaaaay down, IMO), it'll be a great deal. It's worth noting that Fro won't be back this year. At least his agent says it's 99% certain he'll be moving on.
  14. Instead, you'd rather have Tanguay and Jokinen. 'Cause, you know, it worked so well the first time. And I wouldn't put too much stock in the 15-yr $80M contract. That's only a $5.33M cap hit. Having said that, if it's true, holy steal, Batman!
  15. Rumblings that the Kovalchuk Missile Crisis may finally be nearing an end. While I've heard that about four or five times already, this one is picking up steam. LA Kings Insider Rich Hammond says it's starting to feel like Kovy and the Kings could settle a deal at any time. He adds people are getting more cryptic with their denials. Elsewhere, Nick Kyrpeos tweets that a source tells him a deal between the Kings and Kovy is close, but not done. And Helene Elliot says Kings and Kovy are close, but a few kinks to work out. As a Kings fan, I'll be happy if it's a good deal. But I'm sure everyone else will just be glad to not hear about it anymore.