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  1. Ice_Cap - just verifying "officially" the Scouts win 6-2 to earn the Orr Cup.

    Down 6-3 yesterday, my goalie pitched a shut out (NYI G-Robin Lehner wins 3-0) for the win

    and Crosby scores one goal and assists on another.    

    Please verify -  2nd Orr Cup for Kansas City (oh yes I am excited)

  2. TP49 - sorry I missed the draft, daughter in the hospital most of the week and start of track season.

    Been really busy - I see that I was probably on Autodraft.    KCScout76

  3. tp49

    Kansas City Cattle will return for the 2019 Season in the Continental League.



  4. 1. Move the faceoff stat  - N

    2. Scrap the faceoff stat - N

    3. Require a three year - N

    4. Create an expansion draft for ULL franchises - Y

    5. Expansion Draft format - Y

    6. Allow for multiple teams in same market -N

    7. Expand rosters to 12 - Y


    St Joseph has voted

  5. Welcome to the Continental League  CRichardson !!!

    Looking forward to the Huskies barking up a storm this season.



  6. I really like this series - very good work. Looking forward to the rest of the Cities/States.
  7. KCScout76

    Ottawa Senators

    Really nice looking concept
  8. Sorry IceCap about the vote - we moved at the end of June and I just got my computer up and running.  

    Just got internet today.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KCScout76


      right on - how's your Summer going??


    3. Ice_Cap


      Enjoying my first summer in Florida. Man, I've been missing out on great weather in Canada all of these years :D

    4. Ice_Cap


      How about yours?


  9. Congratulations on winning the ULL Gait Cup 2017 - by my calculations, you won the game 17-14.


    All Hail the Kings of Lacrosse !

  10. Great Series you have going IceCap - I am looking forward to more.
  11. VCU and Providence concepts are solid - very good work. I like your project!
  12. Wonderful concepts - great ideas. I like it!!! Really like how you used the state of California for the ducks logo! IMO - I'd mix New Jersey with Boston. Wheels were turning in my head ...