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  1. Now that I've seen it in action, I think the Oilers third is far too plain. The sleeve stripes are too thin and they kind of bleed in with the numbers. If they had mimicked the striping of the regular uniforms, it'd be a bit more interesting. As is, it doesn't feel like an Oilers jersey.
  3. That third period was frustrating to watch. So many opportunities but a couple too many screwups. They practically handed Pastrnak's third goal to him on a platter. The one game I get to watch, too. F***'s sake
  4. Boat floater: Tonight's Ducks-Bruins game is on at 6pm UK time! And it's listed as a free game on the NHL website, so with any luck I might get home in time to watch it.
  5. My thoughts exactly. It looks alright in photos - save for the collar treatment - but on TV it just doesn't work. I like the updated stick-in-rink, but that's about it.
  6. Another close one for the Ducks. 5 games in and they're scoreless on 10 Power Plays, but I'm happy with the start so far.
  7. A couple of goof-ups with Dennis Kearns' jersey; it has the blue version of the retro stick-in-rink on the front and the modern era Johnny Canuck V shoulder patch.
  8. Speaking of the Canucks; them VS the Throwback Flames has to be up there as one of the best uniform matchups.
  9. I only get to watch the highlights nowadays, but I like what I'm seeing from them so far. Ducks Twitter seems cautiously optimistic going into this year, but part of me wonders if that's based on the last time we got a new head coach with a more exciting playstyle than Carlyle.
  10. Per ColorWerx, turns out the right facing sabretooth is incorrect and the Preds have been violating their own style guide.
  11. Apparently the Knights third jersey has been delayed. Later in the thread (or rather, in their interview with Foley) they cited the main issue as being with the fabric. That and Foley dodging questions about colours seems to suggest a gold jersey is coming.
  12. It's a bit weird that they reveal it facing one way and then; "By the way, we flipped it around on all the merch". Okay. -- Ducks third jersey is officially official. They stuck with the black numbers after all.
  13. I'm a bit late to this, but I've just spotted it on the NHL International shop. Don't know if the link will work or if you can even import it, but for some reason it's on sale for £98 (down from the normal price of £155) unlike the red version.
  14. I like it. They refer to it as the shoulder patch, so a Dixie Flyers inspired look seems likely.
  15. Found some fake Ducks jerseys, on Amazon of all places. They've got the current home and the 25th Anniversary third, which is laughably bad. The green's too bright (they even label it as blue!) the purple is completely different, the laces are too long, and the duck mask is oddly mishapen. But at least it's got that little Adidas logo on the hem, unlike the real one.