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  1. A bit disappointing that the modern 2D Sen head is going to waste, but all the same it's nice to see the classic look returning - if this leak is legit.
  2. Eggplant and jade with an orange accent could work, if done right. Last year I made a concept with that idea in mind. That's mostly been based on conjecture and - admittedly - wishful thinking. For as much as they've been throwing us a bone with Mighty Ducks stuff in recent years, the orange third's Reebok incarnation wasn't introduced with any fanfare, was never worn in the playoffs, was quietly removed with the switch to Adidas, and was then casually reintroduced to replace the 25th Anniverary third - which, in retrospect, was given much more of a special treatment. And hey, I guess you can't wear that special anniversary third jersey in the playoffs if you don't make the playoffs! If I recall correctly - and someone here pointed this out, but I don't remember who (EDIT: monkeypower) - one of the reasons the orange third has yet to see the postseason (at least aside from the Ducks being crap) is because the the players prefer the black jerseys, because of course they do. Also I vaguely recall Bob Murray mentioning Edmonton going with orange home uniforms, and maybe that's factored into why the Ducks haven't switched. Yes.
  3. I'll admit I cracked up at the name with it being the obvious predictable choice, but it's growing on me. They've absolutely nailed it with the visual identity, and I really like the uniforms even if they are very reminscent of their quackin' Pacific Division rivals.
  4. This graphic only further reminds me of how poorly thought out the current Ducks brand is - but it arguably looks much worse in 2D applications than on the uniforms where it's been a mixed bag. As a fan it's been a tough pill to swallow, but no matter how I look at it; orange and beige do not work together. I still like the third jersey though. I like the Mighty Ducks look as much as anyone and it was the very reason I was drawn to the team in the first place. The logo being brought back as an alternate mark has kept me happy, but the 25th Anniversary third was truly a breath of fresh air and it was nice to see the Ducks look like the Ducks again. I want those colours back - but then I never wanted them gone to begin with! As much as I'd be perfectly content with the old uniforms being reinstated, I'd really like to see a real evolution of those. Some variation of the eggplant and jade scheme, even if the jade elements are minimalised somewhat. Get rid of the silver/grey. No more swooshes. No more diagonal hem stripes - but keep the diagonal sleeves because that's always been their thing. Throw in an orange accent as a nod to their home and the Cup era. Don't even bother bringing back yellow for the logo hockey sticks because orange is a perfectly good substitute there. What I'd like most of all is a modernised or reimagined Mighty Ducks logo. Something that manages to retain the spirit of the original without looking like a Disney product. But keep the old one around for the occasional throwback night or whathaveyou - that way they'll give us something fresh and new, and they can continue milking our nostalgia for all its worth
  5. A couple of years ago, UK retailer Primark started selling these t-shirts modelled after jerseys. The Kings have never worn stripes like that. The Ducks one is a bit closer to something they actually wore (even if the logo doesn't match the era of that uniform), but because of this using the third jersey's recoloured Mighty Ducks crest and what appears to be a case of weirdly insistent brand guidelines, there's no orange anywhere and it's been swapped out with yellow.
  6. I'll admit that I don't follow basketball, but even I did a double take when I saw his name trending this evening. Not only him, but one of his daughters too. Can't imagine what the surviving family's going through right now.
  7. And here's me thinking it was a reference to the Angels' Rally Monkey
  8. Wild Wing playing goalie in the Wild Wing jersey. That is all.
  9. The Los Angeles Tin Foil Hats.
  10. The colour schemes aren't identical, but with the Ducks in particular they're similar enough where it's easy to see why comparisons could be made. The original version of this Canucks sweater actually used orange before swapping it out for red, so there's that too. -- The Winter Classic looked great, but I'll admit I'm not sure if I liked the Stars bringing back gold for the gloves and Bishop's goalie pads. Between that and the beige pants it felt like there was just a bit too much going on.
  11. Angled sleeve stripes, an angled hem stripe, and angled letters for the crest? I'm not sure why the Kings would want to pay homage to their crosstown rivals, but more power to them I guess. Oh, and the jersey looks terrible. As for the Avs, maybe an Unpopular Opinion here but I like the idea behind it. It's a bit weird and unconventional, but it's also creative and easily the better of the two. The Bruins third is alright, I guess.
  12. Looks fantastic. Not much else to say here, but the Texas patch is much better than the regular version.
  13. Black is the new Canucks. -- I'm basically on the fence. I like the Flames with black, especially their 2004-07 set. Or that third jersey they used a few years ago, which would have made a good starting point for a new uniform minus the wordmark. Both colour schemes are befitting of a team named the Flames for similar reasons. But I also think ditching black would set them apart from the abundance of red and black teams we already have in the NHL. I'm too lazy to dig it up, but a while back I did a concept replacing the black of the 2004-07 set with maroon. If I have the time I might do another one with that idea in mind. The Preds jersey is nice. Pretty much what we all expected save for it being white instead of yellow.
  14. Ducks-Flames usually makes for a horrible matchup, so I'm definitely looking forward to this one where they'll both look good for a change. Speaking of the Flames; this Heritage Classic looked fantastic and is up there as one of my favourite outdoor matchups. I kind of want one of those Jets jerseys.