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  1. Ducks wore their orange thirds three games in a row, giving me false hope once again. The Kings also wore their Heritage jerseys in those same three games. Nice to see a good uniform matchup from both teams for a change.
  2. Jake Oettinger got some new pads to go with the Stars third jersey. The green doesn't quite match, but it fits the skyline theme a bit better than the jersey itself.
  3. Nice to finally see the full look on the ice, but any time they wear the old colours is a visual treat. Dark socks instead of white is an odd choice, but somehow it works. In general it feels more restrained than the original Wild Wing despite retaining all of its sillier elements. The name and number font is horrible, but at least it's faithful to the orginal jersey. If they replaced that with a better font and put the normal duck mask crest on the front it would be an OK jersey design. But the mascot illustration makes this jersey what it is and it was fun to see its return. Interestingly, Miller switched to his regular orange mask near the end of the game. The Ducks probably should've switched goalies too, but oh well.
  4. I think the Whalers Reverse Retro jersey is OK on its own, but something about the full on-ice look feels off. Probably not helped by being paired against Chicago's white instead of their red or black jerseys. Or maybe grey and green is a weird combination to begin with.
  5. I like the Jets Reverse Retro more than I expected, even though I never particularly liked the jersey it's based on. Might've look better in Aviator Blue instead of grey. The Ducks and Knights had to reschedule their February 26th game for April 23rd, so we won't be seeing Wild Wing until the April 9th game against the Avs. Also, those are the only times it will be worn this season. Commit, you cowards!
  6. The EIHL's Guildford Flames, a mashup of both Ex-Atlanta NHL teams Also from the EIHL, the Dundee Stars And their old logo:
  7. The yellow river makes me think of the sky being reflected in the water. The Wild have one of my favourite visual identities in the NHL. I don't think they should go with North Stars colours full time (I wouldn't oppose it either!) but they should definitely keep this - or better yet, a green version - as a third or a once-every-so-often heritage jersey.
  8. I like how much the green pops on that Stars jersey, even if it appears somewhat muted and yellowy on camera. Any darker and those numbers would not be readable. Still don't care for that awkward and unbalanced Texas State mark as the crest. But I dislike it a bit less if I pretend the top part is the Bank of America building.
  9. Count me in as a fan of Colorado's blue equipment. A bit weird that the road numbers are still black, but maybe that's a change they make down the line. I'm thinking they're testing the waters with blue gear for now, and if it's really that unpopular with Avs fans they could easily switch back to black without any major changes to the jerseys. I kind of liked the idea of the Golden Knights third when they unveiled it, but seeing it in game it looks mustardy and really not very good - probably not helped by being paired against the Ducks terrible road whites. Now that the Flames have gone full retro, I think them and the Canucks are easily my favourite matchup in the current NHL. But they absolutely should bring back the 2004 red jersey as a third.
  10. Just when we thought the Ducks were safe from helmet sponsors, they've just announced Pacific Premier Bank as theirs. Genuinely surprised it's not UCI Health, considering their logo has been awkwardly shoved into the Ducks' social media icons for some time.
  11. The Ducks even retweeted this list the other day. We like it when you wear the old colours. Take the hint already.
  12. "Featuring some of the greatest looks from hockey's storied past!" -cuts to Wild Wing jersey-
  13. The more I look at this Stars set, the worse it gets. Green or black pants is a marginal improvement, but green more so. Now I'm wondering how it'd look if they reversed the colours on the logo, with all the text and the star outline in green with the middle of the star itself in silver.
  14. The Wild Wing illustration could've been bigger. Jumping out of green ice looks weird, but all the same I like the green hemstripe. Recoloured Eggplant jersey on the mascot would've been neat, but having it white like the background keeps this jersey (relatively) clean looking and is probably cheaper to print. Name and number font sucks, even if it is another staple of that uniform - but it's too bad they didn't go with an arching nameplate like the original. Despite everything I like the overall look more than I was expecting, and it's always nice to see the Ducks in their original colours. I need to get one. Called it, but I'm disappointed. Maybe I'll have to see the full uniform before I can judge it properly, but looking at the jersey by itself they minimised it too much. For a team that made a point of their rebrand and the new third jersey standing out, it's weird that the Stars brought this back only to use hard-to-see elements like the shiny silver logo on a white background - a glaring fault which is evident in the video they posted - and the green and black stripes touching and bleeding into each other. Not to mention the star stripe pattern just looks plain awkward without any colour down there. Tampa Bay is one of my favourites. The blue, white and black scheme always looked great on them, and especially so on their classic uniform. Something like this full time would really help set them apart from the Leafs. Speaking of Toronto, theirs is interesting in that they deliberately did not bring back the Ballard Leaf, except for the textless version on the shoulders. It's a nice look, but for some reason it's reminding me of those retro jersey styled hoodies you can get (probably not helped by the model wearing a hoodie underneath). Chicago's also has that feel to it, despite being a blend of both of their 1940 sweaters. Purple desert Coyotes, Gretzky era Kings in purple and gold, Wild in a North Stars jersey, inverted Canadiens sweater (rouge, blanc et bleu?), green Devils, all look fantastic. Nashville's might well be their best jersey yet. Boston's would probably look better with black cuffs - or even without cuffs - but it's a nice jersey anyhow. The bear on the shoulder still looks like he stuck his finger in a plug socket. I like Buffalo's, except for the arbitrary use of grey in the numbers. Nice to see Lady Liberty and Blasty return (as I recall the Flames were already looking for an excuse to bring him back, so it's a win-win for them), the minimalist treatment of both is an odd choice but still better executed than Dallas. The Islanders jersey feels like what they should have done for their Reebok Edge set, it's nice but also feels like a missed opportunity. Why not the Fisherman, or even an orange version of their Dynasty uniforms? Really, aside from Dallas the only one I don't care for is Detroit. I get what they were going for, but it could really use more, y'know... red.
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