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  1. Even earlier than that, the Ducks quietly swapped the thirds with the homes around the midpoint of that season. So they were effectively wearing their "home" uniforms for the playoffs. Thanks, Burke.
  2. Didn't think it looked much like a puck myself (although I can see how it was either designed as one or could be seen that way), but I always interpreted it as the eye of the storm. Either way, the Canes logo is fine.
  3. I liked the big helmet logos until watching the highlights. They just end up looking like a random blob of colour that's been thrown on. Also, why only do that on one side?
  4. That's the sort of rubbish I'd expect from a UK semi-pro hockey league (either that or multiple exclamation points), not a league selling itself as an NFL alternative. I'm region locked out of the news article, but this has delusions of grandeur written all over it.
  5. With the promo graphic thing being white I was almost convinced they were going with a white jersey version of the banner. Either way, it looks good up there.
  6. As someone pining for his team to return to their old identity or any improvement over the current look sans that marvelous third, I get the sentiment of wanting the North Stars back. The green, yellow and black uniform is among my all-time favourites despite not being around for that era. And to be fair, it is a better name than Wild. That said, I absolutely love the Wild logo and uniforms, which more than make up for the weirdly abstract name. Speaking of the Stars... This is also a fantastic look, taking the classic North Stars uniform and evolving it to suit their current locale. Yes, it's a bit similar to the Blackhawks, and the logo has some minor issues like the NHL's insistence on using the green outlined version on black backgrounds because yay brand guidelines, and the Texas State patch drives me nuts because the D-Star is uncomfortably off-centre. But that aside they're easily among the Top 10 in the NHL.
  7. I recall a lot of the leaked logos using green in some capacity. I also recall liking them a lot more than the final product. Oh, what could have been I completely agree. Compared to the rest of the league, the busy stripes and garish side panels are embarassing to look at, let alone wear. That said, I appreciate the attempt to inject some life back into the identity.
  8. He basically wanted them to be the West Point Boston Bruins of Anaheim. And he also did just that with the Chilliwack Bruins. When the Ducks rebranded I recall the presser claiming that the gold represents "the passion and excitement the fans bring to the building every night". I'm not sure what beige is supposed to say about your fanbase, but okay. I liked to think it was a play on California being the Golden State, much like their OC orange. But knowing it's only there because of Burke's stupid military fetish has soured me on it somewhat.
  9. My sentiments exactly. Also; thanks for my years of frustration with this team's branding, you berk.
  10. Black, gold and green sounds suspiciously similar to the pre-relocation North Stars.
  11. Just watched the highlights. In game the sleeve effect gets lost, which is pretty much what I expected. They're boring, but "practice jersey" isn't what I'd call them. They almost look like a rec league team that just started out and could only afford basic black equipment.
  12. Looks a bit better in these over-saturated shots. I dunno. It's weird and it's different and it's experimental, and yet the dark monochrome palette doesn't do enough to make it stand out.
  13. Today, we are all disappoint.
  14. Losing the script massively improves that uniform, but I'm half expecting them to come up with something entirely different. Either that or another tweak like laces or something. -- Per the OC Register, the Ducks have already confirmed they'll be switching back to the orange thirds. Glad that those are coming back, so they'll still have at least one good uniform in rotation. But I'm also very fond of the current thirds and am going to miss them :(
  15. I think I said earlier in the thread, but assuming this is what they're going with, it almost feels like a reimagining of that old storm jersey. I'd give props for creativity at least, but that effect is going to be completely lost in action. Hell, you can barely tell it's there as is.