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  1. It's alright. Perfectly adequate for its purpose, for now.
  2. I always liked their green and red look so I'm disappointed that's going away, but at least the logo works well in both colour schemes (assuming they're keeping it) They're never getting the North Stars name so looking more like them is the next best thing.
  3. Another photo was tweeted before the account got deleted. I think we're looking at the bottom right of the mask, with a shaded area in gold instead of silver.
  4. My first thought when we heard about orange pants for the RR 2 was "oh no" but I ended up liking how it looked. So I'm cautiously optimistic about this new set.
  5. So I guess the Ducks were using Reverse Retro 2 to experiment with orange gear after all. The EIHL's Sheffield Steelers use all orange gear so this may give an idea of how it could look (albeit without all the ads)
  6. Is that a scarf or is the yeti on fire?
  7. As I understand it, the D was always meant to be the main logo but they chose the wordmark to literally spell out and establish the removal of "Mighty" before later switching to the D. The Samuelis were even made aware of how badly the wordmark would scale against other team logos but went with it anyway - probably influenced by the black and purple Anaheim script jersey as it was popular at the time. 'Course it didn't stop Snoop Dogg calling them the Mighty Ducks on that one FSN interview.
  8. I haven't voted for any of the Utah names, but Mammoth(s) was the only one I really liked and I'm glad to see it's still in the running - despite the insistence on going without the plural s. I feel like Yeti will be the inevitable winner since it's got the alliteration going for it. I don't hate it and won't mind if that's what they end up picking.
  9. Apparently a new version of the Ducks webfoot logo is coming too.
  10. And here I was trying to not get my hopes up. I can accept sticking with the modern colours as long as the jerseys look good - and I guess eggplant and jade will either be a third at some point or remain an every-five-years thing. I assumed they'd just promote the orange third but Chris at Icethetics says "not quite" to that logo. So I'm looking forward to seeing what this modernised version looks like.
  11. I'm a Ducks fan (albeit not from the area, or even the same continent) and the jerseys make me miserable. All three of their recent thirds have been much better designs, which makes it all the more frustrating that they won't replace or at least tidy up the uniforms already. I'd still take these over the wordmark jerseys but that's neither here nor there. The armyfication of the Panthers identity is corny, but they still look better than the Ducks - who are guilty of the same thing, thanks Brian Burke. -- Without meaning to Duckjack the thread... I'm mostly rooting for the Oilers to see Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick get a Cup, and the last Mighty Duck Corey Perry get one more. Nothing against the Panthers, but them winning their first Cup would be neat too.
  12. Before I get to work on the next team, let’s party like it’s 2007. EX2: Stadium Series (Convoy @ Spiders) Following the success of the Winter Classic comes another outdoor game in the form of the Stadium Series! This time the New York Spiders host the Motor City Convoy, as both participants use the event as an excuse to experiment with their brands. Much like a number of third jerseys in the league, tradition is eschewed in favour of bold, unexpected, and controversial design choices; notably, neither of these red and blue teams are wearing their signature colours in this game. Spiders New York introduces this black uniform with a more aggressive redesign of their world famous spider silhouette, which is also enlarged on the front of the jersey. Additionally, a new NY monogram logo is introduced, and is featured on the shoulders and pants. The uniform draws ire for not using any red or blue whatsoever, or even the Spiders’ unique web stripes; instead, a design mimicking the legs of the new logo wraps around the sleeves at an angle, cutting off part way around the back - fortunately, the jersey supplier showed some restraint as they resisted the urge to remove one pair of the spider leg stripes. Convoy With renewed interest in the Convoy following some deep playoff runs and at least one Stan Lee Cup, Motor City generates more buzz by introducing a new colour not worn by the franchise before, with this gold and black uniform with stripes seemingly inspired by sports cars. This one appears to be deliberately designed to appeal to younger and casual fans, much to the annoyance of a vocal portion of the fanbase which declared the franchise “ruined forever” upon its reveal. A few rumours going around suggest that this jersey design is the result of some kind of sponsorship with a certain car manufacturer. I know I said I wasn't planning more outdoor games yet, but thought I may as well roll out this one while in the swing of things. coco1997 wanted to see an alternate jersey based on Spider-man's symbiote suit; after making up the Winter Classic I thought back to this and how it might work for something like the Stadium Series. The enlarged spider emblem on that suit reminded me of the Washington Capitals’ 2023 jersey with the giant Weagle; I took this a step (or eight?) further by basing the sleeve stripes on the spider’s legs and having them wrap around partway, much like how the stripes on most of the 2014 Stadium Series jerseys abruptly stop. I chose the Convoy as their opponents only because I had an unfinished Bumblebee-themed concept sitting around, and this seemed like a good opportunity to bring it back. The stripes are based on both the recoloured Convoy logo and, of course, the yellow and black Chevrolet Camaro as prominently featured in the live action Transformers films.
  13. Great stuff so far! The Ducks returning to their original crest and colours alleviates my OCD makes me happy and I like this take on their jerseys, and as with your other series it's easy to see the anniversary jersey influence. I also really like the Blackhawks with all(?) of their crest colours worked into the striping, and that snowcap detail on the Avs is brilliant. At first I wasn't sure on Dallas, but after taking a moment to get used to the unslanted Stars logo it's definitely better suited for that jersey design.
  14. The colour scheme is a bit too similar to the Kraken (despite being a good fit for this identity) but your logo designs are excellent.
  15. Thanks! Yeah I did think it was a tad too dark myself. I've edited the original post to include this tweak. Original version below, for anyone curious: To be honest I only became aware of its existence after that one scene from the cartoon went viral ("Think, Mark!") Not one I plan on watching as I'm not keen on gory stuff, but thought it'd be fun to include in this series anyway
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