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  1. Indiana, Washington, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Chicago, Orlando, Phoenix and Portland all getting new Statements? Shame for the Pacers, Magic and Hornets who all had a perfect inverse.
  2. Teams should never have logos on the sleeves, that room should always be reserved for TV numbers.
  3. I wish there was at least a two-year window for uniforms, so teams can't change so rapidly. I thought OKC had a perfect set last year.
  4. At least the Warriors got rid of those inside lane lines. Much cleaner.
  5. Burn it down and start from scratch. If they can do it their roster, they can do it to their uniforms and logos.
  6. There's no black on the current Atlanta Hawks white set, despite it featuring on their red and black uniforms. Likewise, there's no gold/yellow on the new Memphis Grizzlies white uniforms but it features on their navy and powder blues. The Edmonton Oilers wear orange at home now but their road uniforms still primarily feature blue. The trim on the Colorado Avalanche burgundy jerseys is blue, but there's very little to no blue on their road whites (the numbers and names are in black). Same thing with the Vegas Golden Knights - black trim on the home unis, no black on the road. The 2000s Philadelphia Flyers wore one black jersey but had orange trim and numbers on their white set.
  7. There are three all-blue toned teams - Dallas, Minnesota and Memphis - and they're all boring. But now Dallas has taken boring to an extreme. Have been dying to see them rebrand for years though and this is such a disappointment. And a huge downgrade. Their current royal blue jersey really pops, but this is such a step back.
  8. #14 Indiana Pacers Something like this? No sponsors. Like to pretend they don't exist where I can. I might do alternates but in the old fashioned sense, styled like the home and road. Like this.
  9. Bumping this for a moment. I sort of lost track nearly a year ago when I got the flu and I was stuck on the Phoenix Suns and killed all inspiration for me. Anyway, I have a few more concepts and I thought I'd share them. These are extremely inspired by 2019 Earned/City uniforms. #12 Milwaukee Bucks #13 Cleveland Cavaliers
  10. Look like the 2015 New York all-star jerseys.
  11. Bump for new entries. Arizona Coyotes Trying to mesh together their inaugural jerseys with the colour and style of their contemporary jerseys. I am not fond of their current jerseys but I do like re-addition of black and attempt to make them livelier. But like a lot of people (based on the concepts I see) I'd wish the Coyotes would embrace the elements that are strictly unique to them instead of opting for generic stripes. Pittsburgh Penguins I like the Lemieux era angled sleeve striping but I don't like the narrow yellow outlines on the road white jerseys they've maintained even today after reverting back to this classic look. Just straighten those out and I think Pittsburgh pop. Philadelphia Flyers Lindros era Flyers > Giroux era. Two other updates. One to Buffalo, switching the yokes and replace the shoulder patch. And optional Calgary design, replacing the cream with gold on the home and white on the road so they clash less with Arizona.
  12. Updating with three entries. Detroit Red Wings Toronto Maple Leafs Tampa Bay Lightning
  13. I originally had it blue but I do think Colorado have it right in real life, silver borders maroon cleaner than navy does (a revelation I've had with this series is that some odd real life choices do work better than I used to think the did). But for prosperity's sake, here's Colorado with a blue stripe. Here is an updated Calgary design too (sleeve stripes more prominent, designing this with '80s rugby polo top' in mind). And five new entries; Los Angeles Kings Added a shoulder patch. Maintained the sleeve piping because I think it adds depth to what would otherwise be a very bare black, white and silver look. Meeting the Kings halfway too as far as the hem stripes go too, half a stripe cut off at the waist for home and road so at least both jerseys match. Minnesota Wild Matching the home to the road while keeping the same striping. This what I mean when some teams get it right even if it's off-putting for a concept - I just don't think a red stripe fits anywhere on the Wild's white jersey, but the red numbers ensure there's at least some balance of red between the home and road set. St. Louis Blues Just changing the numbers and logo colours. I had a wilder design in mind but maybe I'll tweak for an alternate. I think this is classic modern era Blues. Ottawa Senators Originally this was a Team Canada jersey but Ottawa need some gold and the design evolved a little from there. I think Ottawa are a black team at heart too, it accentuates the red and gold (plus there are enough red teams). Washington Capitals Just want to see Washington remove the sleeve piping.
  14. Three new updates. Calgary Flames True to the unofficial theme of this series, I am very drawn to the idea of Calgary in maroon (and cream), I suppose because when I think of Calgary I think of western motifs. New Jersey Devils This stripe pattern came to me in a dream (otherwise I just would have added back the old hem stripes. I also think angled sleeve stripes look more devilish. Colorado Avalanche The Avs look good in real life, although I think the mountain sleeve stripes don't lend themselves to modern templates, so combining them with another one-off jersey look makes the best of both worlds, in my opinion.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Here is an edit of Anaheim ft. an orange hem: And an update of Columbus with a round logo and squarer numbers: And two new entries. Winnipeg Jets I kinda just want Columbus and Winnipeg to switch colour schemes. Las Vegas Golden Knights Since the Knights are an expansion team, coming up with ideas from scratch always makes them look like a fantasy team to my eyes, so this is basically just what they're wearing now plus but with some extra black on the road sleeves to add a little more balance.
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