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  1. For sure there's an obvious benefit to these sponsorships in a league made up of rural communities. Agriculture is big business. There's got to be something in it for the companies. But I think it's as much PR ("look at us supporting the community!") as it is advertising.
  2. I think you have to dive down to Junior A hockey to find something this crass. In my neck of the woods, the SJHL has divisions named after Viterra, Global Ag Risk Solutions, and Sherwood, and the teams play for the Canalta Cup. It's a necessary evil because this is Saskatchewan and most of the markets have populations of about 5,000. Those sponsorships are more about giving back to the community and keeping the league afloat. For the NHL, it's about greed and profits.
  3. Somehow they've found a way to make an already convoluted identity even more muddled.
  4. It doesn't help that everything was so damn baggy back then. Like guys wearing technicolor fitted sheets.
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