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  1. From about the halfway mark on, honestly. That was a wild game... Tampa was dominant the first period and a half but couldn't finish and then it was all Islanders.
  2. I'm not nearly as pessimistic as you, though, as you said, the scoring has been lacking if either Point and Kuch are off along with Stamkos. Cirelli's been terrible in the bubble and I miss back when Tyler Johnson was any good. That said, if Point plays either game three or game five, this series is more-than-likely wrapped up already. Even without Point it felt like the Lightning controlled that game and I think the Islanders need to play substantially better to win two more. Just sucks that when Point is in the depth feels like such a strength and when he's out, nobody can get anything done.
  3. I think the vertical ticker is fine as-is... the real problem is that NBC likes to use the scrolling ticker for god knows what reason. One thing I'd like is for them to show the intervals between drivers, and not distance behind the leader, like F1 mostly does. It makes it a little easier to get a snapshot of what's going on at a glance.
  4. What a crappy way to lose a game.
  5. That was inexcusable game management by Fangio.
  6. Gostkowski is having a bad night. 0/3 on FGs, 1/2 on XPs. The NFL product really suffers from the lack of crowd. The fake crowd noise is both not loud enough and doesn't feel at all authentic.
  7. I don't know how much it matters since Cooper has maintained he's not ready to come back but Stamkos was skating at the Lightning practice today. I wonder if Tampa would consider sitting the Schenn just to have Stamkos in on power plays.
  8. Florida State fans did the same when the SEC put the kibosh on playing OOC rivalries. And today, of course, Florida State lost to a Georgia Tech team that was picked to finish last in the ACC. Beaten by a true freshman QB that was committed to FSU until they fired Taggart.
  9. Is that... a microwave behind the trashcan?
  10. Tampa's won 15 of their last 18 against Boston, so I think they're just a matchup nightmare for the Bruins like how Columbus was for the Lightning last year (and to a lesser extent, this year).
  11. Yeah, the Flyers don't seem all that impressive now that Carter Hart's come back down to earth from his early-bubble form. I'm hoping the Flyers push it to seven just for Tampa Bay's sake but don't have much preference on who the Lightning play beyond that, though I'm not crazy about the prospect of another Columbus-like series against the Islanders. edit: So the Islanders got kind of screwed there with no delay of game call on Hart. And with the "trip" earlier in OT.
  12. I don't want to make light of what he said because it's disgusting, but him calling a home run mid-apology and then just going right on with the apology is pretty hilarious. Good riddance to him.
  13. 2016 was the year LSU fired Les Miles and Orgeron took over and I don't know where the accusations fall in that timeline, nor whether the accusations ever even made it to the football staff, so I don't know if it affects him, but for Orgeron's part, there is this...
  14. This Xfinity Daytona Road course race is kind of a mess. I was really looking forward to the Cup race tomorrow but not so much anymore.
  15. I don't watch a lot of NFL Network but the one thing I know Deion's time there for is that time he thought Kevin Byard was just some random fan when he was, in fact, an All-Pro safety in the sport Deion covered. So as far as actual analysis, I can't imagine NFL Network is losing much.
  16. Meanwhile in the SEC... So while the Pac-12 and Big 10 have cancelled, the SEC is considering bring other schools that want to play in. If the SEC moves forward with this, I can't imagine schools like OSU or Michigan would just take a season off while other top programs play college football and make a boatload of money, despite their voting against the Big 10 playing.
  17. And the rest will probably follow...
  18. I could do without covid being used as a marketing tool as well. I will say, though, Nike's new ad that references the pandemic and social movements going on right now is a pretty brilliant example of editing.
  19. I'm enjoying bubble basketball as well. This Mavs/Rockets game is a fun one -- 160 combined points at the half!
  20. I prefer hockey, but whatever.
  21. Guy who likes hockey more than basketball preferred watching hockey over basketball. That's shocking.
  22. Both. Manfred stated the MLBPA would only let players cooperate if given blanket immunity. The MLBPA refuted this saying Manfred told them right away the MLB was not going to punish the players. The MLBPA also said in their statement that the rules didn't allow the MLB to punish the players anyway and it was their legal obligation to protect them. He still should have stripped their World Series win, though. edit: This mistakenly said "The MLB also said in their statement the rules didn't allow... blah blah" but was meant to say the MLBPA. I've corrected it.
  23. Has Adam Silver done anything all that bad? I'd have him as #1 by a large margin but there might be something that I don't remember.
  24. I hope so. I'm not crazy about the Gators in orange but that's a nice looking jersey.
  25. Underglow seemed like a fun idea but using the different colors to differentiate manufacturers rather than tying the color into the paint scheme is dumb. People don't care that much about manufacturers and seeing red underneath the FedEx car while the McDonalds car had orange was a little annoying. The numbers were poorly executed but they weren't awful in the few cases where it was done right. In most cases it was dependent on the logo/wordmark since teams really just half-assed it. WorldWide Technology logo on Bubba Wallace's car looked great. But Cottonelle on Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s car looked awful. I actually prefer how they do it on the rear quarter panel for the eNascar Heat series to what they did last night, but it's better on some schemes (Interstate, TRD, Hendrick) than others (CAT, Dow), where the schemes are a bit lazy.