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  1. I preferred Cheshire's original court with the yellow. The contrast between white and yellow wouldn't matter as long as it looks fine because touching the white is out-of-bounds just as the yellow is. These are all fantastic! I don't know why since there's not much to there logos, but I'm really drawn to the Manchester one.
  2. Fining a team for speaking out against the league's failure to protect the safety of its players is going to look great the next time the league gets sued for failing to protect the safety of its players. Please release another statement, Dolan!
  3. The Rangers will probably get fined more than Wilson. Either that or the league let's an Original Six team call them out like that. Doesn't look good either way.
  4. Best situation he could have ended up in. Doesn't get thrown into anything too soon and gets to sit behind the GOAT who had a very similar draft profile.
  5. I'd rather have Fields -- was hoping Denver would pull the trigger on him, actually -- but I think it's a lot more likely Mac Jones has the better career. I'm not that high on Mac since he got a lot of mileage throwing to WRs that are five yards behind the coverage or routinely take bubble screens for 70 yard TDs but he seems to be a really good fit in New England. Giants fans seemed pretty disappointed with Toney but (and I'm biased) it's a good pick. He plays like Tyreek Hill without the top end speed. He has insane acceleration and is shifty. Although compared to Devonta Smith, who they may have been eyeing before Philadelphia moved up, it is a disappointing pick I'll admit. I get what the Bengals were going for but they should've taken Sewell.
  6. Dallas is the one place I didn't want Pitts to go to. I don't watch the Falcons enough to know how much Ryan has left but Pitts is going to be great, so I don't think you can go wrong taking him.
  7. Too bad Tebow was too stubborn to play tight end earlier in his career because he could have carved out a Taysom Hill-type role for himself.
  8. Broncos made out well here, I guess. Solid backup QB for $3m and a 6th round pick -- and if he's a better option than Lock? So be it. Doesn't prevent them from taking a QB in the draft if they have the chance either.
  9. Eh, I can't say much. That's about how much I care to do my job today.
  10. I agree. What will actually happen, though? Nothing. NCAA has no teeth after the Penn State thing.
  11. Alright... LSU football needs to be burned to the ground.
  12. I've had online versus games in NHL 21 like this.
  13. That's probably what I'd go with too. I'd go back and forth on some Nuggets players but English seems like the best choice.
  14. Kind of torn on whether Brady should get the nod for Tampa. I'd say the same for Peyton in Denver. I feel like the contribution should need to be longer than just a few seasons. I'd do, like, Evan Longoria or someone to rep the Rays.
  15. You can't be serious at this point. Bell had 2 attempts for 6 carries in the postseason for the Chiefs and didn't play in the AFC Championship game or Super Bowl. Brown was a fourth or fifth option for Tampa. Does he have to prove he can win a Super Bowl after he... you know... won a Super Bowl?
  16. Alright, that's laughable. Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas and they've been stacked with defensive talent too. He had Ingram and Kamara at one point. I'm still not sure how you can use Le'Veon Bell to argue against Tomlin when he missed the playoffs two out of four years and was injured after five carries in the AFC Championship game in another year.
  17. It's like a real live version of the gold car that Goodyear gives the Cup Series champion every year. I kind of like it. I'll have to see some pictures of what it looks like on track. I will say, I think F1's halo looks way better than IndyCar's enclosed cockpit.
  18. I don't remember saying that. You can't possible be arguing in good faith at this point. I'm saying Ben Roethlisberger is a worse playoff QB than he is in the regular season. This is argued by practically every single statistic of his being worse in the postseason than it is in the regular season. This isn't debatable. What I'm saying is that maybe your most important player not being a very good postseason player makes it more difficult to win in the postseason? Bortles was no worse against New England when -- again I'll remind you -- the Jaguars would have won if not for a blown call. I'm a Broncos fan. That was a flukey game. That whole season was flukey. Not for nothing but the Mendenhall was out that game as was Ryan Clark, whose replacement gave up the TD to Demaryius Thomas. Did Tomlin turn the ball over five times? Or was that Big Ben?
  19. Okay. So you think Ben's a great player? His TD/Int ratio goes from 2:1 in the regular season to 1:1 in the playoffs, his Completion % drops, his TD% drops, his INT% doubles, his yards per attempt drops, and his QB rating takes a significant drop. That doesn't make him not a great player? More importantly, you don't see how the franchise QB being objectively worse in the postseason than in the regular season makes it a bit difficult for Tomlin to win in the postseason? Speaking of Bell, he didn't play in the 2014 or 2015 playoffs and left the 2016 AFC Championship game in the first quarter with a groin injury.
  20. By what metric are they that much more talented than other teams? Is your perception that they're more talented because they win more than other teams? I genuinely don't understand your argument. You're arguing these coaches won a Super Bowl so they're better than Tomlin who... won a Super Bowl? You think these Chiefs teams are the first talented teams Andy Reid ever coached? How young were you when he coached for the Eagles?
  21. Okay... lets do this. Who's been better? It took Andy Reid getting a generational QB to get over the hump, and he has his own notable playoff failures. John Harbaugh has a slightly better record, but his own postseason failures and the same number of rings. Sean Payton? Mike McCarthy? Pete Carroll? Again, your perspective has been warped the Patriots success. You don't understand how depressing NFL head coaching searches are. Seahawks and Chiefs also had elite QB's on rookie deals during those runs while the Broncos had Peyton Manning. How is what Carroll has done in Seattle since Russell Wilson got paid that much different from Tomlin?
  22. Unfortunately it will be the players and people that had nothing to do with the decision-making that will bear the brunt of the fans frustration.
  23. Yes. It's difficult to win in the NFL, particularly when the buzzsaw in New England was active and in their conference. Without looking, I'd guess only the Patriots have won more than one Super Bowl in that time depending on whether the Giants first Super Bowl over New England falls in that window. No he didn't. He won 55 games over a four year span with those two, won his division three times, and played in a conference championship game. Being a Patriots fan has completely warped your viewpoint here. Not every other team plays in the Super Bowl every single year. And you act like Pittsburgh was the only team with good skill position players in that time. Wouldn't that same Jacksonville team have beaten the Patriots in the AFC Championship game if not for a blown call that erased a Jacksonville TD? Weird... so does everybody but Belichick. Come on, guy. So every championship where a guy made a great play gets disregarded as luck? You understand that's ridiculous, right? edit to add my team's had Vance Joseph and Vic Fangio the last four years as head coaches. I would love Tomlin in Denver.
  24. This a dumb take. Particularly the part about Santonio Holmes. Hasn't had a losing record in 14 seasons, has won two-thirds of his games, and two Super Bowl appearances with a ring but yeah, the only thing he's been successful at is underachieving. "The guy hasn't even won six super bowls like Belichick. He's trash!"
  25. But they resigned a coach who has won them a Super Bowl. I don't really get the criticism. Sure they underachieve on occasion but he's won two-thirds of his games and has never had a losing record. If I was a Steelers fan, I'd be pretty happy with how the last 15 or so years have gone. No way I'd move on from a coach who has gone 145-78-1 and just won 12 games for the crapshoot that is hiring a coach in the NFL.