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  1. They hyped it up as something special but then it fell flat with just a helmet decal swap. It may not be half-assed, but it surely isn't very inspired. Texas has a great look this week with the throwback 100 logo helmets modified for the 150 numerals. That would've been much more interesting here.
  2. One more (hopefully final - for now) note on Auburn's logo change: The University is now saying the change is "temporarily postponed" and that it hasn't been officially canned. My goodness I don't think they could've handled this any worse Story:
  3. One more thing - Auburn didn't announce the logo change. It was "leaked," then reported, then Auburn confirmed it with their horrendous "not a logo but a new visual identity system" quote. The idea was bad, the reveal wasn't ideal, and Auburn's handling of the reports was laughable. Some Auburn officials were reportedly mad that the news was ever announced, yet they provided a reporter with the new images. They did it to themselves.
  4. So it's pretty multi-layered in fact. Auburn people are notoriously against change. They hate the new buildings in town, the construction, the new uniforms, the idea of new uniforms for football. It's very tough to have a discussion on "What ifs" or throw out concepts for the sake of it without being bombarded with "NO CHANGE EVER!" responses from a large majority of people. The proposed logo fell into that category also. The existing AU has been around since 1966 and seen tweaks many times, mostly with the University trying to settle into a consistent brand. There's a ton of different versions of the AU floating around and from Auburn's history, but those could easily be swiped away as "unofficial." The design itself wasn't great either. For such a small but drastic change, it felt like a waste of money and time to a lot of people. For the sake of changing the logo, every placement of the existing AU would have to be changed also. Was told that a student intern was sent through the Auburn Arena to count the number of logos visible. They quit after hitting 1,000 placements, and that doesn't even include the 9,000+ seats that have the logo on the back of the chair and the sides of the armrests. The amount of time and money it would've taken to replace all the logos across campus would have been absolutely absurd and totally not worth it - especially for the "minor changes" that people claim. Jordan-Hare Stadium has two massive AU logos on it that would have to be replaced. Auburn's baseball field just got new turf two years ago with the existing AU logo. The grounds crew would have to replace all their logo templates - those aren't cheap. Yea, these changes are made for all sorts of changes at schools across the country, but most of those are more drastic logo changes. Finally, the belief is that the logo change was facilitated by the now-former University President, Steven Leath. His tenure was short and entirely rocky. He as advised to do certain things by the Board, and he went other ways. The belief is that once he was canned as President, the school "let leak" the logo change, even though it had been rumored for a few months prior. But that was probably the first step in the motion to kill any logo change. Even the employees they added to the logo task-force committee (whatever they called it) were not a fan of the idea of change. Athletics was rumored to be fighting the change the entire time, as well. tl;dr - Former President sucks, logo change never had a promising outlook.
  5. Auburn has finally revealed their new uniforms. Some interesting things here: TIGERS is on the orange jerseys - only 2nd uniform ever to have that moniker While the jerseys are rather plain, the shorts have an abundance of stripes Orange uniforms have different striping pattern, most evident on the waistband Eagle-silhouette logo appears on the belt buckle - making it's debut on uniforms this year here and on the WBB uniforms And my mockups.
  6. It's simply the bear logo, no modifications.
  7. Told a friend that I've always felt like Florida's field simply felt empty. Maybe it was the orange walls, but it was missing something. The orange endzones helped, but the blue boarders are such a great choice here.
  8. Directly from the team
  9. With the roo head on the shoulders, it almost feels a bit repetitive to have the full body logo on the chest. That alone would make my choice be the script
  10. Albeit the dreaded monochrome look, I really like how Baltimore's purple pops. Would love to see them utilize the purple pants much more, regardless of this style or the gold-infused Color Rush pants.
  11. Kentucky's chrome lids are so bad when they don't add any blue details. It sticks out so badly against the white jerseys and pants
  12. In regards to the DUI discussion, sometimes toxicology reports don't come back until long after the team would have memorialized a player. Tyler Skaggs' autopsy just recently was released. Should a team not wear a memorial and wait until the reports are released? What about Jose Fernandez? I understand the sentiment when stating this rule, but it doesn't really work. Grief is grief, regardless how a person died. No person deserves to die based on their life choices or circumstances. (Disclosure: I work at a non-profit that deals with unsolved homicides)
  13. Your presentation is spectacular and I love the new logos created. It's also nice to see some areas I'm familiar with get some love, especially my hometown Huntsville.
  14. Auburn Women have showcased their new uniforms. The stripes make a really odd, sharp turn towards the front of the jersey. The silhouette eagle logo appears on the "belt buckle," its first appearance on an Auburn uniform. My mockup
  15. Rather than forfeiting draft picks, the NFL should drop the hammer on guilty teams (of what, who cares) by forcing them to change jerseys for a season with no opportunity to sell retail versions. "Here's your new uniforms! But HA! You can't profit off it this time! Try again next year"