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  1. Auburn followed through with their promise of adding their social justice patch to every team's uniform this year now that we've seen it on a baseball jersey. Unfortunately, it seems the all white cap is staying, per the other photos from this shoot. Hopefully they don't wear it exclusively like they tried to do last year, where it was worn every game but one prior to the shutdown.
  2. Small tweak to Ole Miss's pinstripes, moving from raglan sleeves to in-set sleeves
  3. I really like this design. It's a nice mixing of modern uniforms with the original set. The original set is absolutely the best the team has worn, but mimicking them 100% on a modern template never seems to sit right with me. Also, slapping the new Jag head logo on the old full body Jag logo is just Frankenstein-like to me, and I can't get behind it. I'd love to share these on my Jaguar Uniform Tracker account if you don't mind!
  4. I've personally not been impacted with the ads as others have, but I did invite some friends to join the boards the other day. They immediately declined to do, stating they were bombarded with ads and couldn't even see the site itself upon loading. So it's now affecting the ability to recruit new members, which is also a problem.
  5. Talk about small changes. Auburn made a few minor tweaks to the helmet for yesterday's Citrus Bowl. Few people have approached me asking about going all in with a white facemask, and I really hope that doesn't happen.
  6. Do the yellow Oregon pants fade to white at the bottom? Hope you'll continue these series and hit the SEC soon!
  7. The Iron Bowl will have a new logo this year Yea, it's not great. Very bland, especially when compared to previous design. None are great by any means, but better than this one? Yes, I think so.
  8. 2020 is unlike any year we've ever seen. The delayed production timelines on the marketing side as well as the uniform fulfillment side have been entirely disrupted. Auburn did their entire football marketing photoshoot wearing the previous jersey template, despite only using the new template for the 2019 season. Most of the jerseys didn't even include the SEC patch. But once the Tigers hit the field for game one, they were back to wearing the newest template. As much as we all want to use the same tricks and methods of dissecting every move a program makes, it simply isn't going to work at the same level this year.
  9. Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment and completing this insane feet! Have truly enjoyed seeing all your concepts over this last few years and look forward to the epilogue!
  10. Love playing into the unique stripe pattern ECU has now!
  11. Via Uni-Watch's coverage yesterday:
  12. Mississippi State also revealed/teased some black uniforms last night along the other adidas programs. No photos as of yet, but it looks to be devoid of all maroon, going black and white throughout.
  13. commenting solely to get the star of the topics feed
  14. It's embedded towards the bottom of the article, underneath the "Continue Reading" button. I wanted to embed it here, but it wouldn't allow that. The article refers to it as a "five-note mnemonic melody."
  15. CBS has apparently set their "first ever brand refresh" across the entire company. Here's the AdWeek article: Logo set: (kinda sad to see the CBS Sports box removed) And they made some jingle, I guess to finally compete with NBC's historic chimes?