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  1. IMO all of you are wrong, none of the jerseys any of you have posted are the worst ever, for the simple reason that all of them at least have something happening in them, be they odd colour choices, weird striping patterns, or what have you. Even ironically, they can be enjoyed or appreciated for the attempt that was made at something different or unique, even if most of them failed miserably. It's why my pick for the worst NHL jersey of all time is the Tampa Bay Lightning's current alternate: No colour. No striping. Numbers that are hard to read. Shoulder patches you can barely even make out. Just black from head-to-toe, with a tiny, barely-visible grey gradient accenting the limbs; a barren, empty, boring void. Say what you will about the old barberpoles or the Fisherman jersey, but those at least were loud and obnoxious; they demand your attention. Even the Isles' old black alternate has splashes of blue and orange to keep things interesting; the wordmark is bad and it doesn't fit the Islanders, but the rest of it is serviceable in a vacuum. At least the Avs' Stadium Series sweater from last year is at least trying something different, even if it fails at it. At least the Oilers' Edge jerseys featured some kind of colour, and half-an-arm stripe; it's very little but it's something. The Bolts' alternates do none of that, for they feature, and represent, nothing. Minimalism at its very worst, taken to its natural conclusion: dull, lifeless nihilism.
  2. Just pull a 1983 Blues - fold the team outright and reestablish it under a new owner, giving them all of the old team's players and IP in the process
  3. Ok, former Flyers goalie's now running things across the state, that's kinda funny and ironic; plus he's pretty decent at drafting so maybe this'll go pretty good in a few years- ...oh; welp, so much for that lol
  4. Speak for yourself, I actually liked the Rangers' dark jersey more back when its stripes matched those on the light
  5. oh hey, look, at least one team's doing this the right way
  6. They're the Foot Club and one of their colours is "sacre bleu". I love this, it's so stupid and it's the right kind of stupid too; like an April Fools' joke that accidentally got made 2 1/2 months early. I think I have a new favourite MLS team...
  7. A couple of things: -As has been noted already, of course they're small and minor now, starting small is how they - or anything else "weird" or "unusual" for that matter - gets normalised; -I've heard a couple of times elsewhere that this program was not a way for the league to get extra revenue but instead was a free make-good for the sponsors themselves. Maybe that's not accurate, but if it is then no, in fact, helmet ads weren't "what it took to even have this season", they're just the league apologising to their corporate partners for lost exposure - something the league didn't necessarily have to do to survive, but did anyways to keep them happy. (I think that would actually explain why the vast majority of them have just been each team's arena's sponsor - that company isn't actually paying extra for the privilege!) I guess the latter point would also answer the question I was gonna ask to those still Devil's Advocating for uniform ads: if they're really that necessary for the season to even operate, then why are teams like the Ducks, Kings & Islanders (at time of writing) still holding out? And furthermore why's it those teams in particular holding out, and not teams like the Habs, Leafs & Rangers; those most capable of weathering the storm? (Yeah, the Islanders' president is a staunch traditionalist, but if the extra revenue from helmet ads was the difference between the team/league playing the year and folding, you think ownership wouldn't overrule him?)
  8. Don't get my hopes up please, that pic's from a 3 1/2 year old tweet.
  9. The bubbleless 2020-21 NHL season didn't even make it to the starting line.
  10. or, as us normies call it, "greed"
  11. They better be, I'll say that much right now. If they made ads blend in, there wouldn't be any point in having them. The problem is that they're supposed to get your attention, that's the entire point of advertising.
  12. Based on the fact that most of these are just the arena's sponsor, if y'all think this looks bad wait until you see what Boston's will probably be...
  13. Since I missed the Avalanche talk due to the holidays and getting my laptop re-setup, I'll say that I think the blue gear looks great with the home but awful with the away. Something about the colour balance on the road, I guess because the white jersey had and still has basically no blue at all, just does not work for me.
  14. Also despite a few of us explaining, while trying to avoid seeping into direct political talk as much as possible, that this is exactly the problem in the first place.