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  1. My biggest gripe about the current system is that it's trying to compromise between the divisional format of the 80s and the conference-based setup of the 90s and 00s, and like hybrid icing trying to compromise between no-touch and touch, it doesn't really replace either very well in my opinion: it's locked by divisions except for the wildcard team that usually crosses over, which basically defeats the entire purpose - teams can't even hang a Division Champions banner if they make the conference finals because of that, the way they could in the 80s - and even though you still get the top 8 in each conference making the playoffs, their matchups are often wildly different from who they quote-unquote "should" be facing in a conference-based format. I'm not even getting into how divisional & conference standings are relatively simpler to read as a fan and nicer looking as well, but having to account for wild cards is an extra complication that makes it tougher than it has to be. If they wanted the divisional playoffs back, they should've just made them so, instead of going to this half-and-half system that pleases nobody. (And I'll just head this off now: a league-wide 1-16 format would be a travelling nightmare that'd be even worse, just in a different way: imagine a situation where an Eastern team has to face the Canucks in the first round, and then the Kings in the second. Nuff said.)
  2. Why would he even bringing up the design of all things of a declassified report anyways, except as an attempted excuse to talk politics?
  3. Because that's what the edgy, exciting new league needs: a coach who's style bored two separate teams into relocations.
  4. I'm so tired of the Flames just the bed every single time they make the playoffs, assuming they even get that far.
  5. The Penguins are lucky in a way They also got swept today But all the focus is on Tampa Bay
  6. I can't say I expected to see a Philadelphia/Adirondack/Lehigh Valley Phantoms sweater in a Calgary Goodwill...
  7. I bring this up again because I think I've stumbled upon something interesting about this uniform. Consider this: for the 1999-00 season there were five different NHL games on the market: EA's NHL 2000, Sony/989's NHL Faceoff 2000, Fox Interactive's NHL Championship 2000, Konami's NHL Blades of Steel 2000, and Sega's NHL 2K. EA & Sony's offerings came out before the season started (with Faceoff hitting stores on an incredibly early August 31), Fox's released right as the season was beginning, and Konami & Sega's games came out in early-2000 when the season was already half-over. I bring this up because as I've discovered, the other two games that released on or ahead of time, Faceoff and Championship, have more-or-less the exact same away jersey for the Thrashers as NHL 2000 did, with minor differences like number fonts and sock designs. Faceoff: Championship: (Not the best photos so I apologise, these old games' replay systems are a bit janky. ) So what to make of this? Either: -3 competing game studios didn't know what the jersey was going to look like, and they all made the exact same wrong guess, essentially; or my new theory: -This was actually planned to be the Thrashers' away jersey, and it was shelved before the season started but after the games were finalised.
  8. Frankly if Columbus pulls off the sweep it'd be almost as big as winning the Cup anyways; they could even raise a banner - "2018-19: UPSET THE STRONGEST TEAM IN 23 YEARS"
  9. There's no logical, rational reason that I like whites/lights at home, I admit - it's just what I grew up with and what I got used to, so I prefer it. Maybe also being a huge NBA fan, who themselves wore white at home until they went off the deep end with their jerseys a couple years back, contributed to that.
  10. Bit of an odd case here, of a fictional team being used as a legal stand-in for a real team in a video game: in 2005 EA Sports released NHL 06, the PlayStation 2 version of which featured a port of the Genesis version of NHL '94, and because some non-NHL entity (either the city of Hartford or the state of Connecticut IIRC) held onto the trademarks for the Hartford Whalers after their 1997 relocation until ~2009, EA had to replace them in-game with a new team; and thus were born the Hartford Canes: Everything else about the team in-game is the same (navy & green uniforms, Brass Bonanza playing at faceoffs, etc.), they just have a different name and Hurricanes-esque (and Canadiens-esque TBH) logo.
  11. Contraction was, and is, never going to happen. Frankly MLB was stupid for even bringing it up as a suggestion in the first place - there was no way the PA was ever gonna agree to cutting 50 full-time jobs and 30 part-time jobs (in fact I'm surprised they're apparently agreeing to do the latter now) - much less that one of the teams on the chopping block was an Original Sixteen franchise.
  12. I don't think I could be less enthused about the idea of a black Wild jersey, to be honest. It's not a team colour so it's just for the sake of being trendy, and the team colours they do have are too dark to really work with it that well - the green in particular won't show up on black at all. This just overall sounds like a really bad idea.
  13. Personally I'm on Team Johnny Canuck, for the simple reason that maybe the team named after him should actually feature him somewhere. If they do make him their primary logo, it only took 'em 50 years!