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  1. I'm late to this, but I see no reason why you can't both be right.
  2. update: it appears cooler heads have, apparently, prevailed:
  3. This could probably go in the anti-thread but I don't feel like digging it up, so... Typical NHL attitude - "Something neat happened that got us a bunch of mainstream attention? KILL IT!"
  4. I'm absolutely not opposed to more teams in the postseason; I'm opposed to this nonsensical, overly-complicated gimmick of a proposal that will do nothing but confuse fans right out of the sport. We've already got players blasting the idea, with Trevor Bauer straight-up calling Manfred a joke in the process. When it comes to MLB's postseason I'm very much an all-or-nothing guy: Either open it up to a 16-team, 16-win tournament like the NHL & NBA do, or close it off entirely to only each league's top teams; none of this half-and-half garbage.
  5. thanks, great report
  6. Love to name my professional sports team after a meme that came from a 9-year old movie that nobody really remembers anymore.
  7. Had to go look up the date of that trainwreck of an unveiling ceremony they held; it was on November 22, 2016 - almost a full year before their first game.
  8. So, lost in all this "is the ASG even worth doing anymore" talk (my take: it is, because it's for the kids & not us, but the gimmicks they keep introducing do more to kill interest in it than anything else), wasn't Seattle supposed to reveal their name this past weekend?
  9. I wanted to really like this, but there's just something about it that's "off" to me. The navy hat w/light blue brim I don't think looks very good, and I really don't like the matte helmet - in that lighting it just looks black to me. I'd probably ditch the powder blue pants too & just pair it with the regular white or grey. Why're they using navy for this, anyways? Royal blue worked just fine back in the day, and I dare say it would've worked better now. The jersey itself is fine though; there's just a lot of supplemental parts I feel they didn't do a very good job on. Also the teaser that the mothership posted had me terrified that it was gonna be a navy jersey with a monochrome powder-blue logo & lettering, so I'm really glad that's not the case. 6.5/10
  10. Honestly who cares if Dallas rips off the Rangers or not? They look fantastic regardless.
  11. Oh hey, an update already: It's not happening in 2021 either! EDIT: wait a minute, something just occurred to me about this: In February, interrupting the NHL season, aka the other big reason why the NHL pulled out of the Olympics This -ing league, man
  12. I'm revisiting this because I stumbled upon a news story today from January that seems to've passed with nary a mention; but amidst the news today that Russia was given a 4-year ban on all international sporting events, I went to see if they would also be prevented from participating in the upcoming, NHL-run World Cup of Hockey... only to find out that there won't be a 2020 World Cup of Hockey; they cancelled it this past January due to the CBA dispute. (You know, the CBA that was extended 7 months later?) They're apparently going to try for 2021, but we'll see how that holds up. So yes, they pulled out of the Olympics so they could host their own international tournament, which then proceeded to be cancelled due to labour disputes. Good job as usual, NHL.
  13. This mid-season tournament proposal reminds me so much of the gimmicks that NASCAR has introduced in the past decade-and-a-half to drive interest, and I fear that this is gonna go the same way: not will it fail to bring in new fans, it will actually drive away some of their existing fanbase.
  14. The same reason the Flames went from being the best in the West to likewise being shaky and inconsistent: either they overachieved hard last year, got exposed in the playoffs in a big way, or both.
  15. Over in Japan the Orix Buffaloes split their season between the Osaka Dome and the Sports Park in Kobe, with the Hanshin Tigers also occasionally borrowing one of those parks when their regular home of Koshien Stadium is hosting the national high-school baseball tournament every August.