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  1. For what it's worth, I kinda have an "anti-sunbelt" reputation myself, especially amongst my off-board friends, and admittedly I am on the "relocate the Panthers & Coyotes" bandwagons a bit so that rep is probably deserved; yet I also realise it's not as simple as them just being (irrelevant) Sunbelt teams. IMO the biggest things that would fix their problems is the same solution: get them out of the suburbs. If they actually played in downtown Miami & Phoenix respectively, I think their situations would improve immensely, and moreso when they start winning again as well. (Heck, I'd even wager that most of the Senators problems with attendance can be summed up with "nobody wants to drive all the way out to Kanata to see a miserable team owned by a curmudgeon".) I think the biggest mistake the Panthers made was not getting in on AA Arena with the Heat, because it's doomed them to forever play out in the swamp in front of half-full crowds at best every single night. The Coyotes of course are a bit more complicated, since Phoenix's downtown arena doesn't work for hockey, and we know because they tried to make it work for 7 years. But their time in Glendale has been an abject failure, to the point I actually start to wonder which situation was actually better for them...
  2. I mean, they did in fact pick the name because a bunch of people spammed the reference over and over again online until it got back to the team and they decided to roll with it, right? I'm sure that's not the official story but frankly I don't think I could be convinced otherwise. Hence why I call them a meme team, because that's what the name is, whether anyone else wants to admit it or not.
  3. Well, while I'm on the subject of obscure video game references, I think the logo looks most like this fictional football team from Saints Row 2:
  4. The only caveat I could really give to Brian's post is that I do remember a Kraken sighting in the time between the two CotT films, but it was the '95 SNES RPG EarthBound ...which of course means my caveat itself has a caveat, because this game didn't really get any pop culture recognition until after the CotT remake came out anyways. (although, one good way to win me over, Seattle Kraken? use Kraken Of The Sea, its boss music in that game, as part of your presentation somewhere. )
  5. Then why did they pick it? For a regional tie-in that doesn't actually exist? Because frankly I think "Seattle Squids" would have fit as a regional tie-in better anyways.
  6. Also I apologise for the double post, but re: the Charlotte Hornets talk, it's worth noting that a minor league baseball team in the city used that name for over 70 years at various levels, from 1901 all the way up until 1972; so even before the NBA the name had a considerable history there.
  7. Count me on Team Negative I guess, because I think the name absolutely sucks. The logo's merely passable IMO and I love the jerseys and colour scheme they picked, but the name's awful. On the bright side I guess we'll really find out how much of a shelf life a meme name has; personally I give it 5 years, tops, before even their own fanbase gets tired of the name and the jokes surrounding it and wants something new instead.
  8. Figures they pick the worst possible option based on a meme from a mediocre 10-year old movie.
  9. Pretty good juxtaposition of eras here - Craig MacTavish, the last of the helmetless players, on the Blues in their wild late-90s jerseys.
  10. To my knowledge Teemu Selanne played precisely one game in the Jets' classic 80s uniforms (which they switched from in 1990, two full years before his Jets debut), and it was at the 2016 Heritage Classic Alumni Game. Ordinarly I probably wouldn't even consider a post-retirement exhibition game to count for something like this, except... ...A shot of him from that of all games is what wound up on the cover of his 2019 biography, My Life.
  11. No, you're absolutely right; I've even joked before that Tropicana Field worked better as a hockey arena than it does as a baseball stadium because of exactly what you described. The drab dinginess doesn't show up as much when the house lights are turned down, and obviously the catwalks can't possibly affect play either.
  12. Ok, this is a good argument. I do still think a new team could still make it work in the hands of competent management and not, say, Don Waddell, but that's not gonna happen for the forseeable future, at least until we start talking about replacing State Farm Arena; if even then. Even before Kokusai Green crumbled the Lightning were a solid draw - yeah, they had help playing out of a baseball stadium with a larger capacity than most for 3 seasons, but they don't set pre-Heritage/Winter Classic/Stadium Series regular season & playoff attendance records if people aren't interested in the team and the game. In fact, I've never gone over this here, but one of my favourite stats about the Bolts' time at the ThunderDome: In their 3 seasons playing at what is now called Tropicana Field... ...the Lightning had higher average numbers than the Rays get, generally. In fact in their 22 seasons of play the Rays have had a higher average attendance than the Bolts' worst-attended season at the same stadium just 7* times. (off-topic sidenote but this is why I don't think it's just bad park location causing the Rays' woes: 25 years ago more people had no problem coming to the same dingy, far-away stadium to watch some hockey! Why don't they wanna come watch baseball?) * - 6 seasons, actually, but I'll be nice and give 2011 to them; they were off by 1 average fan per game!
  13. I mean, they also say Quebec can't work "because they lost the Nordiques", which is itself a pretty flimsy argument that ignores most of why the Nordiques moved in the first place. Yeah, two is more than one in Atlanta's case, but that argument for Atlanta convinces me about as much as it does for the other cities. Past results don't guarantee future results. But I do get it, absolutely; I've been here a long while, I remember most of what you're talking about* - I'm just saying that one can indeed support small markets like Quebec & Hartford and bigger markets like Atlanta getting teams back, because I do. * - I'm a bit sad BigMac12 got himself banned before the Jets returned, because the meltdown he would've probably had at that news would have been amazing. Goldmine worthy, maybe.
  14. Then Patrick Roy would've been a St. Louis Blue?