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  1. Are you f-ing kidding me? This is an idiotic move, "the added weight of the masks negatively affects the structure of the helmet, can cause neck fatigue" - really? Its a matter of ounces here. Simply over protection for the NFL, who is now absolutely terrified of head injuries. As stupid as the "same helmet all season rule".
  2. ..and here is a 1996 match of the pats in their old unis and the ravens with their shield helmets. The only match. Though the 96 season was filled with unique uni matches I guess since it was a one year uniform.
  3. Also here is the Oilers Jaguars - Happened 6 times though before the renaming. Only 4 times when Oilers were in Houston though.
  4. The outlined stripe looks the most "powerful" and the best. Could use some tweaking - maybe a point at the back?A splinter? I'm not sure. I agree the hooves should have detail like the face.
  5. I say don't make a stripe from the eye but maybe a smoke-ish stripe from the nostrils?? Keep at it! make the stripes more uniform
  6. I have actually come around a bit on the actual jersey design. Ive always liked the helmet. Looks much better in the sun. Well except the numbers which cannot be salvaged. Ruins the unis just like Jacksonville's helmets ruin theirs.
  7. The Houston Oilers only played the "newly formed" Carolina panthers once before they became the Titans! Can't seem to find a picture though.... happened on November 24, 1996. Help me find it!!!
  8. I agree. Great uniform design, but the numbers are too round compared to the sharp angles and edges of the design. I agree. Sharpen em. other than that a great look! Panthers desperately need work.
  9. I say remove the orange and add chrome. Then maybe add a bit of green to the helmet. Would like to see more thunder bolts for sure! but its great so far!
  10. Ok the criticism here is pretty harsh. I agree you need to add some depth to your designs. And take your time. play with striping patterns etc. I really like fauxback unis. They dont need to be complicated but they must have some sort of depth.
  11. I'd hit the pants with some gold too, Some more I guess. A little thicker on the pants. Actually missed it at first look.
  12. Please just use the photo link. Its much easier.