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  1. Though I think it should be grey face masks, oddly enough.
  2. For me, the logo rates somewhere between "Dumpster Fire" and "Kill it with Fire".
  3. As weird as this sounds, these jerseys should also feature the Sens original Copperplate number font. It matches the logo perfectly.
  4. Dear Calgary Flames: This is how you update your look.
  5. All sports: Players must wear suits to and from the stadium. Less of this: More of this:
  6. I could see them pulling a Winnipeg and going to Calgary. The Hitmen drew 7363 last year, while Stockton drew 3690. The Flames already own the Hitmen, and could do with them as they pleased.
  7. The Hamilton Bulldogs wore their Tiger-Cats jerseys today, and I'd say it's the best crossover jersey ever.
  8. It's gonna be Sea Unicorns. Narwhals is too generic (as if) for Brandiose, and they enjoy controversial names like Baby Cakes. Unicorns are trendy right now, so look for rainbows, glitter, and narwhals.
  9. The Kingston Frontenacs went to a solid back to their jersey with the switch to Quicklite. The white and bottom yellow stripes on the yoke are no longer, and the letters are white on black. and the sleeve numbers have switched to black. BEFORE: AFTER:
  10. Please, Argonauts, use contrasting facemasks
  11. I'm not a huge fan of it either. Honestly, recolour Jason and call it a day.
  12. OHL Bulldogs unveiled their Tiger-Cats jerseys today. Will be worn October 14. It's not the first time a team has done Ticats jerseys. Guelph did them in 2013 for the Grey Cup
  13. No talking during the anthem.
  14. This is so much better! Know what would be even better?
  15. EDIT: After going to their site, it is obvious that the one major change is that all previous gold is now yellow. I'm thinking we will see an updated version of the North Stars jerseys.
  16. And I imagine it being the nickname of a Caps' division rival didn't help.
  17. Did they not have to switch because the Capitals had beef with them using it?
  18. You also have to remember the "WOW" factor of "I got an authentic (lol) jersey for $39! It even has a fight strap! These normally retail for $200+!"
  19. This matchup is beautiful. The best these teams have looked against each other in years.
  20. Am I missing something? (not a huge NBA guy), but the Warriors won 73 games WITHOUT KD. What makes this different?
  21. Sorry, I wasn't sure if it was a Rochester Knighthawks situation where the team moved and another immediately replaced it.
  22. What blows my mind in all of this, is that in 23 years, the only market that has ever lost an MLS team for good is Tampa. KC, Dallas, New York, San Jose, Miami, and LA have all gotten teams back.