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  1. Thanks for the replies.. Throwback uniforms usually are very different from the home and away uniforms, it´s based on classic uniforms, and usually are very different.
  2. I made 4 uniforms, Home, away, Color Rush and Throwback with two helmet options,
  3. Thanks Bench, I spent 32 days to create this set..
  4. Que legal ver brazuca por aqui, mano!!! Vou te add no insta. Me add tbm: @BenchOnaQUEST no insta, tamo junto!!

  5. A very fun project to design. NFL teams playing in the Major League Soccer. AFC complete today, anda tomorroy I'll post the NFC. AFC EAST
  6. Wow this series will be epic.. I'm loving all the mascots.. amazi ng work..