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  1. Washington Capitals white uniform with two Helmet options..
  2. Thanks charger77 , I'll try to make designs for all the teams...
  3. Thanks K84 for your comments.. I'm a huge fan of badges on the chest, I'll try to make some more clean designs for the next teams (Lol)... You're correct in Sleeve numbers.. I'll try to put the numbers on the shoulders.. Thanks man.
  4. Washington Capitals Reverse Retro NFL concept
  5. LOS ANGELES KINGS 4 CONCEPTS... ================================xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx===================================== ===============================xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx===================================== ===============================xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=====================================
  6. MORE FOR THE BLUE JACKETS ==========================================XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX=================================================
  7. Great suggestion, I'll try to find some time to make the black uniform with the actual logo, thanks
  8. Boston Bruins Concepts ===================================XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX=================================== ===================================XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX=================================== =================================XXXXXXXXXXXXXX==========================================
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