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  1. I keep looking and trying to reproduce some pieces. The transparency, the kerning and the sizing are kind of strange in some moments, but it's lightyears better than all olympic graphics used before.
  2. \ Someone has information on the Olympic TV Graphics font?
  3. As I stated on the direct message, this is quite nice. I really like how your embellishment made my simple tracing get an entirely new life. I'll give it some testing ASAP.
  4. I'm still not sure about why would you open a raster image (not a vector) with a vector editor. Placing a raster image inside an SVG file doesn't make it automatically vector, so you can't edit its colour. What can be done in this case (for a low-quality result) is to create a new colour layer and trace the outline of the shirt, then put this layer behind the jersey texture and change the blending mode of the texture accordingly. https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/raster-vs-vector-file-formats Still, to work with images like that, I recommend Photoshop or another editor that works with raster instead of vector. Mind to share this file via DM for me to give a look?
  5. I'm quite surely convinced this is lettering and not exactly a font.
  6. That is sacrilege. But I liked it, keep it coming please. I wonder what you would do with more "not red and blue" colour combinations like Marlins, Orioles and Astros.
  7. I don't know how should I feel about it. For comparation this is their last one.
  8. SVG is a vector format, and this one looks like a photo for me. If you want to use this in Inkscape, Illustrator or any vector software, you'll need to trace it first.
  9. That's a pretty solid concept. Liked the alternate third, even if it's not the most usual association football logo placement. Otherwise than that, I'd give some attention to the striping in the white one, as well as in the socks. All of those stripes could fit better the curves of the fabric.
  10. New olympic threads for the hosts. I don't know, but I don't feel the Brave Blossoms the same without the stripes:
  11. Loved how teal was added, but not digging the striped look itself. I wonder if it's because Nike is about to lose Argentina to Canterbury, so they're recycling refused designs.
  12. I really loved how your crests developed since my last comment, months ago. CSL2 is maybe more realistic than CSL1 right now. Congratulations!
  13. Very solid until now, can't wait to see next teams. Also, I watched both Austus videos I could find, and I wondered a bit: - If Austus is more similar to Australian Rules Football, why helmets? - Do you plan to have some evolution on the construction of uniforms, maybe considering the 1980's advent of polyester, and then the appearance of the more fitted uniforms at the beginning of this century?
  14. Maybe this is me being just detail-oriented and simplistic at the same time, but I miss the "FC". I also believe that the name font would work better (for all logo applications), if it was similar to the font used in the "1892" part. Otherwise, brilliant. I loved how you simplified the magpie, yet focusing on the important features. Mind to show us some applications of the branding?
  15. Apart from the Front Sponsors and NOBs being unnecessarily big (what if Vennegoor of Hesselink joins the league?), and the team logos being unnecessarily small, I'm seriously digging into it. Team logos are quite nice. I'd only correct that empty space in Giants' logo with something, maybe the year of foundation. My favourite jersey up to now is the last one. I'm loving the Brookhattan away jersey (they have an Umbro logo inside the collar instead of the New Balance one, you might want to correct it).
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