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  1. Holy heck, the Wild have forced a Game 7? I've only been halfway paying attention to the playoffs because of life stressors and what not, but man, that'd be hilarious if Minnesota pulled the wool over the eyes of a Cup favorite in the first round no less!
  2. Since I have no horse in the race, I'll just add a bite-sized opinion on the "worth it" topic of a title. Considering this is a time when there are 31 losers, compared to 5 when the league started, having one ring helps vindicate any feelings of ongoing failure and chokery. Any team who ends up winning multiple titles doesn't realize how blessed they are in the moment. It's painfully hard just getting to the final two and any wins, no matter if it's one or ten, should be celebrated and considered a huge blessing.
  3. This comment conjures up an interesting question: In the same MSA with 8 million as I pointed out before, what city is considered second to San Fran? I mean, San Fran isn't even that big, as Fiddy pointed out, from square miles and population, but it's always included in the Top 3 cities when you start talking west coast markets. You'd automatically think Oakland was runner-up because of the sports teams, Berkely, proximity to SF, etc. But in the last 20 years, it really seems like San Jose has leapfrogged them. And on that point, San Jose feels like one of the weirdest cities that has prospered in the last thirty years. Like, despite rooting for their hockey team, their city honestly seems kinda drab, like a bunch of suburbs lumped together and I know it's silly saying that since that's all SoCal is too, but there's just a different feel and impression of that spot, at least to an outsider like me.
  4. Considering the Bay Area is just under 8 million, in the last population estimates, a second team would totally be plausible. Probable? As the old saying goes, winning fixes everything. Though that does beg the question. What would it take for the A's to start becoming the sexy, trendy option compared to the baseball giants across the bridge? With us here in Chicago, geography is a huge part obviously, but I'm not sure if Easy Bay really hates San Fran that much. Maybe Californians are too busy enjoying great weather and a bunch of other amenities, I don't know. You'd think as a Sharks fan, I'd have more of a lead on this, but, eh.
  5. I would say I'm a fan of team old font. Feels like darker colors have a more adult, mature gamer guide than this one that looks more like "Discord: Kids Edition"
  6. I say this as a very casual Everton fan, that the idea of the ESL is kind of intriguing and I wonder had no team decided to fold if soccer fans would've clinched their teeth and tuned in anyways, just to see their favorite teams go toe to toe with the best. Sure, having The Big Four regress into The Big Six is swell, but the more teams that can gain titles, the more intriguing it would seem to a bigger array of fans from various teams. Just a thought.
  7. "Use of racial slurs to defend arguments." Yea, I just don't see that one working out well on a public forum with members of various background. Here's to hoping it gets the message across without further incident. That being said, I would be morbidly curious just to see what was said to furrow my brow and try and understand how they thought that was going to work.
  8. Man, that balance of the new word mark and the old flag just blends together so well. Thanks for mocking that up to let see it together and visualize what could've been. They nailed it and let it slip away. *sigh* You going to start doing other memorabilia mock-ups or was it just the pucks?
  9. Just so you know, the score is wrong for Super Bowl LV. Tampa scored 31, not 39 points. Also, for Super Bowl XXVII, I wished it showed the old Jolly Roger, since that was the one they won that title with. Otherwise, pretty cool concept.
  10. I think we're splitting hairs over whether or not a two possession game at the half makes it significantly harder for the Chiefs to overcome, which I still say it wouldn't. Consider Tampa was able to overcome a 7-point deficit against the Saints and shut out Drew Brees in the second half of the divisional round, winning that game by 10. It was also one drive that the Chiefs were getting penalized heavily on, when they were known to be a heavily penalized team. It wasn't like they were in the bottom five all season long and then suddenly jumped up that high. So even if you took away the Brown TD, Tampa is up 17-6. After Fournette's run it'd be 24-9 in the new timeline, with Mahomes getting picked the next drive. I'm sorry man, I'm just not seeing how that one drive of penalties was a significant handicap for the defending champs. It certainly didn't help them but there's was more to them losing than just that.
  11. This is a narrative that I still feel the need to contest. The score at halftime was 21-6 in favor of Tampa and the Chiefs got the ball back to start the second half, but only scored a field goal when they got it, making it 21-9. The Fournette run right after, coupled with the Winfield pick is what really was the fatal blow for Kansas City. CBS had a graphic at some point talking about how Kansas City erased leads like a Thanos finger snap so you got to believe, from that point on, that the Chiefs were likely to start getting some breaks and score a touchdown somehow and make it a two possession game with a quarter and a half left to play. Let's also remember the Chiefs got shut out on probably their best second half drive early in the fourth too. So yes, I agree it was harder to come back for Chiefs Kingdom, but let's not pretend that one drive with four penalties decided a game that was only halfway over. It just seems like fans use the reasoning of "overcoming the refs and the opposing team" to cover up shotty play-calling or a lack of on field adjustments.
  12. I'm still amazed at what happened yesterday and am basking in the nice afterglow of having a team I like win a title. I remember having folks mention to me Brady signed with Tampa and I went in with a total "see what happens" attitude. When they went 6-2, I was like, "Wow, they're pretty solid. Maybe they can get to the NFC Title Game." But in no way or form was I remotely confident against the Packers or Chiefs. I know some fans will want to argue about the four penalties Kansas City had on that drive before the Brown TD, but being held out of the endzone entirely makes me think the Bucs were just a tad bit better than what some football fans would give them credit for. The only thing I can nitpick about at a time like this is I wish they had the old flag instead of the new one. It was vintage, timeless and wonderful and they threw it to the side. For shame.
  13. Tampa Bay > Team State Farm. Two Super Bowls in my lifetime. Crazy. I'll add it more analysis later but for right now, it's time to soak in the moment.
  14. Now if you could just do that for San Jose, then we'd REALLY be cooking with gas! Cheers friend!
  15. Wow. I didn't think it was gonna be done. The ghosts of 2003 have blessed them. :censored:ing hell. Champs again.
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