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  1. I wanted to think this game was going to be different and yet when the leading team is the one surging in the second period, I'm pretty much done for today. I'm sure the Blues will wrap this up Tuesday. Goddamn Sharks got me to believe again. I hate it when that happens.
  2. When did I say it was cheating, get your spectacles on, you aint seeing right. What a great summary encapsulating the beauty of online message boards. "It's fine if you disagree with me because you're wrong." Sure, it'd be nice if every franchise got a Cup at least once every 30 years, but unfortunately that's not how this works. Life's a bitch and so forth. Need more proof? No matter who moves on from this series, they'll likely lose to a Boston team that is blazing right now. So all of this does nothing more than fuel the "chokers and cheaters" narrative.
  3. So all you’re saying is the cheating was just so rampant and so obvious and so in-your-face that the weakest of the Big 4 has become an even larger disgrace in your eyes? Because the Sharks got calls that were just so egregious, no other team even comes close? You sure do have a flair for the melodramatic kid, I’ll give you that. But honestly even bringing up Vegas and Colorado is such a tired partisan talking point at this junction that I’m sure you’d rather spend your efforts thumbing through Twitter and circle-jerking on how San Jose doesn’t deserve anything cause they’re conspiring with all the suits in Toronto. Man if the Blues end up winning the series, that’s really gonna take the wind out of your SabresRule sails you got going on. Bummer.
  4. Man what is the Knights social media guy gonna do when they lose another close series due to officiating? Also funny thing Dilbert. When the refs make calls that work in your teams favor, all of a sudden it’s “you got to play through bad calls man.” But when they don’t, it’s all “Bettman and his dastardly henchmen are at it again.” Continue watching sports, any of them really, and the trope becomes WAY more apparent.
  5. In all seriousness, it was a bad call and I expect the Blues to come out blazing and tie this series on Friday.
  6. Well this is surely going to end the narrative of the refs handing the Sharks victories now won’t it?
  7. Damn was really hoping the Sharks could pull this one and get at least one extra day of rest before another tough series but of course life doesn’t work that way. Always got to make things just a little bit more difficult. Will have thoughts in the morning but for now, I’m cautiously optimistic about Game 7.
  8. I don't know the rules in depth like most fans, but you got to ding him on something. Look again at the hit. Eakin starts the ball rolling, however when you watch it in real time it's a plausible argument that Pavelski falls and either drops to a knee or takes a less severe bump to the back and traps. However, Stasny gives an extra push for good measure, making the angle much worse, giving Pavelski no room to protect himself. If anything, I'd consider it akin to the defenseless player rules you see when it comes to hits from behind against the boards.
  9. Graphic shot of Pavelski bleeding from the helmet As a sports fan, ask yourself this: If this happened to a player on your team, would be so inclined to think it's the wrong call? Which by the way, it was the wrong call made. The issue with the hit isn't Eakin's initial cross-check, but how it left Pavelski defenseless for the secondary soft one coming from Stasny. He's the one who should've gotten the penalty.
  10. I'm still in shock of what happened. Ordinarily, I try to be a sensible sports fans, with a healthy dose of pessimism in my cheering diet because the Avalanche could easily come in and beat an old team like San Jose in 6 games. Once again, this is only one game, in one series. However. It's worthwhile to get excited at the first time one of my teams was able to come back from a 3-1 deficit, especially considering the dramatic way the won the last two. Vegas should've won Game 6 and even though you hate to see officiating used as the excuse for a defeat, the ample opportunities several people in this thread have pointed out are going to win once the emotional response subsides. As of now, I'm just enjoying an amazing comeback, which reminded me of The Flop on Figueroa and now turning my attention to hoping Pavelski isn't too hurt so we can give the Avs a good run for their money. Also, why the heck is a St. Bernard the Avalanche's mascot, despite the fact their shoulder logo was a freaking yeti's foot?
  11. I will give Vegas this, at home they are a fast and compelling team to watch. And even if they are all bandwagoners, the T-Mobile crowd has put San Jose to shame. I really don't buy The Tank being this top-tier home ice advantage it may have been a decade ago. Will it be rocking tomorrow night, sure that's not the question. But compared to Calgary, Vegas, heck even the Islanders, the seventh man is severely lacking right now in Northern California. All those niceities out of the way, welcome to Thunderdome Knights fans. Your asses are long overdue to pay back some of those receipts.
  12. I like Bucfan, I truly do, but this schtick is getting stale and then some. For a guy who claims he doesn't waste his time following San Jose, he sure comments an awful lot about their shortcomings in this thread. I appreciate the Sharks making a series out of this and was excited to see Hertl write a check that his ass could actually cash, but they can't continue to get outshot 2-1 on the shots on goal. Especially against an up and coming squad in Colorado who already slayed one giant, the Sharks will need to prove they're more of the team in January that went on a seven game winning streak and not the team that limp-dicked into the playoffs and barely got home ice.
  13. Outside of my usual partisanship, it’s going to be so irritating how the most talented roster San Jose has had so far is going to be done by the end of the week. Yes, I could take the expected digs at Vegas and their fans, justifiably so, but sports are a great reminder that life isn’t fair and then you die.