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  1. West Side Story on Ice was a fun one to watch last night and I expected that fourth goal to get past Dell, who looked to be having a pretty off night for his sake. What I didn't expect however, was the beautiful c-c-c-c-combo breaker by Vlasic setting up Meier's delicious feed to Pavelski for the win. I don't want to be a negative Nancy in the end, mainly because that isn't my name, but I get nervous when the Sharks are on top of the conference because they don't have a great track record of not tripping over their own shoes when they do. A six or seven game series versus the Stars, Avs or god forbid the Hawks scares me more than it should.
  2. I don’t mind end of game celebrations for the fans as long as it doesn’t get long winded and take more time to set up than execute. Like the Iceland hand clapping thing is fine, but if it takes more than like 30 seconds of setup, it’s probably too long. Also how did the West wild card teams get so bad? Somehow the Hawks have resurrected themselves in a month and the freakin’ Blues discovered life is better post-Yeo. Unreal.
  3. I admit I’m getting tired of Boston sports in general but I’ll always have a soft spot for Brady and the rest of the Pats stopping the Steelers from being the ones to tout six championships a few times these past two decades.
  4. Honestly, game could’ve went either way until midway through the fourth. If you’re still hurting because you wanted a track meet between the Chiefs and Saints, then you might just hate the Pats more than you hate low scoring football.
  5. This is gonna be won on that controversial OT rule where the TD wins it on the first drive, isn’t it?
  6. Looks like the Bears are legit Super Bowl contenders after all. Someone say Chiefs/Bears in February?
  7. Eh, I'm just tired of Boston sports at this point. That city needs to learn how to suffer again. As much as I've appreciated the Opposition to the Yanks and Steeler-killer Tom Brady, I'd rather see LA pull this off. I'll glance in periodically cause I still like the sports and all, but man I wanted that Astros/Brewers WS. Oh well, life's a bitch, blah, blah, blah.
  8. I know I have no horse in the race but I have been pulling slightly more for the Brewers, what with the whole 'Midwest is best' thing I should support. I'll tell you though, reading Milwaukee fans get pissed off on social media is so interesting to see from a more neutral perspective. Kind of makes you realize how silly and pessimistic I sound when April comes around in hockey season and the Sharks find a new way to let me down. I mean, really, "Come on guys! Play like you mean it! Like you want it!" is supposed to do something for
  9. That surprises me considering he's like one of the Top 10 most iconic TV characters in the last 50 years. Like if you had to try and name a character that would be widely known to most people, Fonzi would've been one of my Top 5 guesses. Additionally, you're totally right on the dad joke/nerd joke angle, but you have to own it, yknow? Maybe this is just the way I see as a nerd and eventual dad, but I'm becoming more comfortable with embracing my awkwardness. "I'm not cool?" Good. I never was and I don't intend to be now. Now going back to the topic at hand, it's really crazy that the Brewers were walking a tightrope and nearly blew another great pitching performance because Blackmon's hit was juuuuuuust a bit outside in the Top of the 9th. If the Cinderellas north of the border want to make a serious run at whoever emerges from the AL thunderdome, they have got to get that bullpen on lockdown.
  10. I assumed when I went to bed, I'd wake up to a 3-2 Sharks win, be it in OT or in the shootout. Ohhhh man, was I in for a nice surprise this morning.
  11. I thought this randomly while tuning in for an inning last night: I'm surprised Oakland, or some Oakland based artist, has never tried to produce shirts with Fonzi on a motorcycle, decked out in A's gear. Sure, it's a little conceptual and on the nose, but if I was an A's fan, I'd definitely get one.
  12. Dude, this umpire is seriously giving the outside corner to the Cubs all game long. Lester has benefited from like four or five strike calls that should've been balls. Also who is this younger Marlins man ripoff and why is he sitting next to a guy in a Red Sox jersey? I've also seen a Mariners jersey in the crowd. The hell is going on in Lakeview tonight?
  13. Ah yes, you're right. I have seen KDub and Section/Row/Seat posting things Wisconsin-centric before. That was also surprisingly thorough, so kudos to you for having the CCSLC rolodex on hand so readily.
  14. Man, Brewers fans are going to be so pissed when the Cubs soundly beat the Rockies tonight and then come back to win a tough 5 game series versus them in the NLDS. But hey, they got their tiebreaker moment at Wrigley so that's something. Do we even have any Brewer fans here on the boards? I can't think of anyone who considers themselves a fan who posts here regularly. On a second note, this NL playoff situation is kind of tough to read. I was thinking the Dodgers were going to come out of the weaker league again, but with the tightness between the two Central teams, I got a feeling whoever comes out of that series is going to take the series. Don't know why, cause I have limited knowledge on the Dodgers and their lineup, but it's just the feeling I get. Eh. Go Astros I guess.
  15. I got to say, I'm kind of amazed Milwaukee is the team that's leveling up and trying to topple the Cubs in the division. Granted, St. Louis didn't have a bad season either by any means, but I'm surprised to see them take this big step forward. I feel since they're 2011 run, they kind of petered back into unknown baseball mediocrity, somehow one emerging as a dangerous threat with the signing of Yelich and Cain. Dodgers and Rockies should be a fun one too. I got no horse in that race, so it'll be some good baseball watching at work.