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  1. Yea, I stayed up late for nothing, seeing the lousy ass Oil let me down yet again. First Mike Smith forgets to stop hockey pucks, then Driasaital and McDavid have been dragging the rest of Edmonton along, not getting help when they need it. I mean, I didn't think the Hawks were as bad as their record showed, but I did think the Oilers would've had a 2-1 edge moving forward. We're another round upset away from "LOLHAWKSWIN" coming back into effect.
  2. Not trying to derail this much more into a concept thread about the Bucks, but while I do have some things with the current set I really don't like, the fact that they didn't go with a modern rendition of Bango from the classic 70s look feels like such a missed opportunity. Also, the creme jerseys are fine, but I do wish that tan-ish orange that Bango is colored in the logo was a trim color on the jerseys and in the branding somewhere, mixed in with the shade of green and that creme color. I think that's a solid palette.
  3. I think going cut-out style would be pretty tacky and unnecessary in normal times. However, would they tarp off already undesirable seats to organizations willing to pay for a promotional visual or say help out local charities? That could be a less harsh way to recoup the losses.
  4. I made a comment to a friend of mine who's a fan of basketball that I miss the days of actual defense. I got into the habit of watching old playoff sports videos on YouTube while in quarantine during my workouts and watching older defensive battles like the 05 Finals was such a different taste by today's All-Star Game scoring lines. It wasn't that long ago that two teams didn't even crack 70 heading into the fourth quarter and it was refreshing to watch!
  5. The visual of the teams playing in their own stadiums is nice and the experimentation with the crowd visuals, be it cutouts, tarp or the weird and cringey Fox virtual fans, has been interesting to see. But with the travel and so many players involved in a non-bubble situation, I did wonder like many of us how this show was going to go on once positive tests started coming in. It also sort of sucks since I was excited to see how the White Sox were gonna develop after a summer of buzz and high hopes. Sure, it's a small sample size, but man that starting pitching got off on the wrong foot and then some.
  6. So tonight starts the 10-part documentary of the Bulls 97-98 seasons on ESPN and naturally, it's helped spark more pointless debates on sports social media. Shaq has said the Lakers could've taken the Bulls in their prime and even some Pistons fans say Jordan couldn't out-do them, even though they finally beat Detroit in 1991 to get the first ring. While these discussions are entertaining, it's more of a debate about metrics and how we determine which athletes are better and why. Perhaps the best way is to see which championship is the closest to the midpoint of an athlete's prime and see what the advanced stats are there. Otherwise, I always have to chuckle at these sports nerds who are just surefire that this team would be beat this team, based on some sole hot take without any kind of numbers to back that up. Anyways, I think ESPN does high quality documentary work and I'm super interested to see more of the nuances behind one of the greatest, if not the greatest dynasty, in basketball history.
  7. As a resident and employee of this fair city, I don't know if I really grasp the point of the new branding. I mean, sure, the flag is iconic and expected to be used on many City institutions, cause we just can't resist those stars, but is this just for advertising? Either way, it would be nice to update those outdated street signs downtown. Think those are from 2001.
  8. Yknow when I first saw this quote, I was annoyed and was thinking, "yea, I'm gonna give this jerk a piece of my mind." And then I got to the post and saw who it was and just had to roll my eyes and smile. I get some disdain for players like Thornton (good ol' Admiral comes to mind) but Marleau and Thornton did put in many years of solid performance in San Jose to make them a competitive team during the late '00s and 2010s. It's a shame the choker label will likely follow them because if you told any sports fan that your franchise would make the final four in the sport four times in a decade span, they would take that every day and thrice on Sunday. Fortunately, Wilson seems to be leaning more into youth at this point and with Goodrow and Dillon gone, hopefully the Sharks can start to rebuild developmental a bit so they can come back into the fold around 2022 or 2023.
  9. True, it looked like they half committed to doing a comic book theme or motif. If it was smaller like the size of the ticker during play, I think it could be better, but that would be just the font, minus the illustration.
  10. This will be one of those Super Bowls where I don't mind whoever wins. I think this is Kansas City's year, which honestly should've been last year, but this time it seems like they can rebound from any deficit they find themselves in. Either way, should be an entertaining matchup.
  11. I was going to type something snarkier and long-winded, but quoting Brass will do just fine. Also, the hell with Baltimore and the Ray Lewis apologists. Lose everytime you can and then once more after that.
  12. The proposal for a longer season does make me wonder why the NFL doesn't do Friday night, instead of Thursday night games. If anyone can make Friday night a prime TV watching time, you'd think the NFL wouldn't have as much as an issue with it and high-school football can't be that much of a draw to siphon off fans. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm surprised that hasn't changed up to this point.
  13. This is some delicious hot garbage. I think I have a more heated opinion about this primarily because going to Sox and Fire games were the two sports teams I was reliably able to see in the late 90s, early 2000s. I can still rattle off a surprising amount of the '98 team without cheating and reflecting back on that nostalgia makes me miss those Saturday summer nights watching the first generation of Fire players battle under humid skies with the skyline twinkling behind a pre-spaceship Soldier Field. It's one of the earlier memories I have with bonding with my dad and despite this abomination, I'll always have that to reflect on. I've only been out to see them once at Toyota Park since those days and while I have several grievances with MLS and why I've lost interest over the years, the colors chosen is the most egregious offense for me. Chicago has one of the Top 5 rated flags in the world and you go against baby blue and white, making the Red Stars be the better branded soccer team in the city? God, I sincerely hope some people in that initial meeting broke up the groupthink and had the courage to say Chicago didn't need a "FC" rebranding. Sure, change the font and freshen up the fire emblem, but goddamn folks, how do you mess up this badly?
  14. Pshhh, this implies the Sharks have some kind of glory day and past Championship moments. I think Canucks of baseball would be more apt.
  15. New England Carolina Washington Kansas City Cleveland Baltimore New Orleans Philadelphia LA Rams Atlanta Denver Dallas Pittsburgh Green Bay