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  1. Nothing about this says "sports". Would work great for a pharmaceutical drug or hearing aid company tho #HardPass
  2. Because they forget it's been a decade since Roethlisberger has done sh1t and likely believe he can play another 20 seasons.
  3. Shoe? I see a crocodile.
  4. It's time we add this one to the collection
  5. I would imagine the Angels will modify their patch to the team font and add an outfield memorial for Skaggs when they get back to LA, as they did when they lost Adenhart.
  6. Damn bro, Skaggs was our boy when we'd catch games in Arizona. Would also go back and forth on Twitter about him with @Gary. as well. Gone wayyyy too soon. RIP Pencil Stache.
  7. The Grand Junction Rockies go on the record regarding Humpback Chubs petition: And for anyone else wanting to sign ➡
  8. Hard to believe this "iconic" logo is going on two decades.
  9. Obvious fake. But nonetheless, I'm good with the city of Boston getting denied a title. PS these ice hockey refs are brutallllllllllll
  10. If the 70s Braves mated with the Cincinnati Reds
  11. I think you meant 2015. And yes, because both will end up on the losing side of things.
  12. Warriors in 5, even if Klay and KD sit the rest of the way. And spolier: Kwahi signing with Golden State this offseason.
  13. @Conrad. Warriors Lakers Suns Nuggets Mavericks Rockets Pelicans Bulls Hornets Hawks Magic 76ers Nets Knicks