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  1. Better than any Nordiques/Avalanche jersey everrrrrr
  2. #11 Phoenix Coyotes #12 Montreal Canadiens #12 Chicago Black Hawks K, now I'm interested.
  3. I didn't think it was possible to dislike those bastards more, but
  4. Looking forward to Doc Emerick's call of "FromtheashesriseaneleventhseedPhoenixArizonaCoyotes Stanley Cup Championnnnns"
  5. Oof. Bonus: Same logo even appears on the helmet
  6. Exclusive footage of Rob Manfred catching Cardinals players in the act
  7. Truth. Not a big "movie guy" -- but has Rock even had a major box office flop?
  9. It's been real, STL. ✌
  10. My guy.. I don't care. Enough.
  11. First and foremost, l always keep on-topic with my posts. If the SaRcAsM font triggers you, that's kind of on you. I'm actually floored we've now got folks faux-moderating over the "style" members choose contribute. Again, if you dislike, please press ignore. Kudos to the North side!
  12. **Your Isn't there an 'ignore user' function somewhere on here so you don't have to see my posts? We should look into that for you. By October, MLB will be dwindled down to like four healthy teams -- so perhaps a traditional, 1980s ALCS/NLCS/WS playoffs by then?
  13. If ThE 2020 pLaYoFfS sTaRtEd ToDaY (based off winning %) American League 1New York Yankees vs 8Tampa Bay Rays 4Cleveland Indians vs 5Baltimore Orioles 3Houston Astros vs 6Minnesota Twins 2Minnesota Twins vs 7Detroit Tigers National League 1San Diego Padres vs 8San Francisco Giants 4Colorado Rockies vs 5Miami Marlins 3Atlanta Braves vs 6Milwaukee Brewers 2Chicago Cubs vs 7Los Angeles Dodgers
  14. ItZ nOt MaNfReDs fAuLt!!!!!
  15. Above NOB or below NOB -- Make up your mind plz, NBA.
  16. Same people who enjoy the Blue Jays light blue throwbacks.
  17. And here I thought Rob Manfred was the one who gave immunity to 2017 Astros players and called the Commissioner's Trophy a "piece of metal" -- My bad. #RetainManfred!
  18. I'm sorry.. Are my Manfred takes coming off as too edgy? #FreeJoeKelly
  19. Dave Freaking Roberts is serving a longer suspension than any 2017 Astros players
  20. He is and I hope he takes the mound again tonight. Fxck MLB
  21. Joe Kelly suspended 8 games when PLAYERS ON THE 2017 ASTROS WERE SUSPENDED ZERO GAMES FOR CHEATING THE ENTIRE SPORT. Manfred gotta go.
  22. If ThE 2020 pLaYoFfS sTaRtEd ToDaY: American League 1Houston Astros vs 8Kansas City Royals 4Oakland Athletics vs 5Baltimore Orioles 3Cleveland Indians vs 6Minnesota Twins 2Tampa Bay Rays vs 7New York Yankees National League 1Chicago Cubs vs 8Milwaukee Brewers 4St. Louis Cardinals vs 5Colorado Rockies 3Miami Marlins vs 6Atlanta Braves 2San Diego Padres vs 7San Francisco Giants