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  1. Today was worse than any loss I've ever experienced as a lifelong Cubs fan. The core of players who brought us fans so much joy in 2016, completely ripped apart in a matter of hours. Ugh. Sports aren't supposed to hurt THIS much.
  2. Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees. The core is no more.
  3. Oh shyte! I had that card when i was a kid And still, 'DC SuperPros' >>>>> WTF's former nickname
  4. It does. Don't be shocked when WFT drops 'Washington Avengers' on us all.
  5. The extreme font "killing" made it seem like we had another Dany Heatley situation on our hands Also. The Detroit lions 'win' the draft every other year. So ya.
  6. Lucky for those Wahoo hanger-oners (losers), New Era has introduced a line of sideways logo hats
  7. One thing that WAS NOT going to happen was a color change. Maybe Cleveland could've integrated BFBS or 'Guardian Grey', but the navy and red were 100% going nowhere
  8. To anyone complaining about the name 'Guardians', please take a step back and remind yourself 🗣 ANY NICKNAME IS BETTER THAN INDIANS
  9. Did they draft someone accused of murder or something?
  10. To be fair, the bar was very low. Next to the '05 White Sox, probably the worst "big 4" title ring this century
  11. "The single diamond on the stadium field is where the Buccaneers ran of the tunnel"
  12. I don't know how legit these guys are.. But I translate this as "We did the Nets '97 rebrand and we've been tasked to do it again" followed by pics of their previous prototypes
  13. Forgive me for not scrolling thru all 397 pages -- We've confirmed there will be new Brooklyn Nets logo/unis, right?
  14. Taking a closer look at the Coyotes cap -- Difficult to tell, but looks like they might've done away with green
  15. Clippers off to Cancun -- or Aspen.
  16. The Cubs championship window has officially been slammed shut. Bring on the rebuild. And the pain.
  17. Okay, so even *if* these were hand-me-downs from the cancelled All-Star Game in Atlanta 🗣🗣 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT DOES A HAWAIIAN FLORAL PATTERN HAVE TO DO WITH THE BRAVES OR CITY OF ATLANTA???
  18. May Colorado never get the All Star Game again Yikes. Big yikes.
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